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"Oh GOD!" I moaned loudly as I came violently at the feel of Edwards' teeth and tongue on me.

"Mmmm…" Edward moaned, pulling himself up so he was now hovering over me. "You taste divine Angel." He whispered huskily, licking his lips seductively. I couldn't take it anymore. I reached my hand up around his neck and pulled him down so I could crash my lips to his. God this man will be the death of me.

"I love you Edward. So much." I breathed before moving my lips back to his.

"I love you Bella. Now and forever." He murmured against my lips in between kisses.

"I want you Edward. Now." I practically hissed when he moved his lips to suck on my left nipple, pulling it into his mouth and biting down on it gently. He then moved up to my scars where James shot me, placing a soft kiss to each one before pulling back to look at me carefully.

"Are you sure Bella? I mean last time was only eight weeks after the babies and you're surgery. Are you sure you're up to it?" He asked, he was always so careful now. We had only had sex that day we finally came home to the cottage and sure it hurt like a bitch but he had barely touched me since. And that was three weeks ago.

"Edward, I'm sure." I murmured softly as he caressed my scars. "Edward I love you. I need you." I said looking into his eyes as I watched his walls fall down and he gave into me. Finally.

"Bella…" He groaned and kissed me passionately as he slowly entered me, pushing forward inch by inch til he couldn't go any further and I wrapped my legs around his waist allowing him to go deeper. We both moaned at the sensation of finally being connected like this again. "Are you alright love?" He asked concerned. I'll admit it still really hurt but I wanted to keep going so I simply nodded for him to continue.

Slowly he pulled out, almost all the way out, then thrust back in hard. I gasped at the feeling that seemed to shoot through out my whole body, my eyes rolling back into my head as Edward repeated the same movement harder, faster. I could hear Edwards' moans and groans but I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes and look at his face, I was too lost in the bliss I was feeling. I felt Edwards' lips on mine trying to get a response out of me. I twined my arms around his neck and poured everything into the kiss. Edward slipped his tongue in my mouth, caressing my tongue with his.

"Bella, angel, look at me" Edward strained out breathlessly. I opened my eyes to look up at him and he was looking at me with so much love in his eyes. "I want to see your beautiful eyes." He whispered and groaned when I pulled him in even deeper. "Bella" he moaned my name. His thrusts started to pick up pace and I could feel him harden and twitch deep inside me. I lifted my hips to meet his thrusts, which was a bad idea as a jolt of pain shot through my body and I cried out. "Shh… Bella just breathe." Edward soothed me and stopped his thrusts much to both of our displeasure.

"No… Edward… Don't… Stop… Please…" I begged him. He kissed me again passionately as he continued thrusting again. I soon found myself close as I clenched down on Edward, him hardening inside me as I clawed at his back. I turned my head as Edward trailed kisses down my neck, my breathing ragged and all you could hear was my breathless panting, Edwards' groans, and our bodies rubbing against each other.

"Come with me angel. Let go." He breathed in my ear, kissing his way across my jaw to my lips. His left hand wove into my hair while his right cupped my breast, his tongue in my mouth dominating mine.

"Edward…" I whimpered as he thrust harder then before and sent me over the edge. I clenched down on him sending him into his own orgasm while he breathed my name. "Edward…?" I whispered when we both came down and he was silent. When he was still silent I went to move but he stopped me.

"Wait… Just let me hold you Bella… I need to hold you…" He breathed, rolling aside keeping us connected as he pulled me with him so I was now resting on top of him, his arms around my waist as he kissed my neck then finally my lips. "Are you ok love?" He asked me softly in between kisses. I nodded and kissed him hard. "I love you." He murmured as I pulled out of the kiss, resting my head on his chest.

"I love you." I whispered before letting sleep take me over, Edward singing softly as he played with my hair.


"So you think something's up with Jasper?" Edward asked as he finished changing Elizabeth while I fed Coop and Cadence.

"Yeah he was telling me yesterday how he's going to be going away for a bit. Then when I asked him about it he just said not now." I told him, picking up Cadence and nuzzling her face causing her to giggle.

"It might just be something he's doing with Alice or something. Though I would have thought Alice would mention something by now. Maybe he's surprising her with a weekend away." He shrugged putting Elizabeth down in her crib, then turned to me with a wicked grin on his face. "Which reminds me… Our anniversary is this weekend…" He said huskily, taking Cadence and Coop from my arms and putting them in their cribs. He walked back over to me and pulled me up from the rocking chair so I was flat against him.

"Oh really…" I whispered feigning innocent and sounding seductive.

"You little vixen" He whispered then crushed his lips to mine. Just then the doorbell rang and Edward pulled away groaning in frustration. "We're not here go away" Edward whispered and I couldn't help but laugh.

Just when he went to kiss me again the front door opened. "Oi you two come on I want my steak!" Emmett's loud voice echoed through the house. I just laughed while Edward groaned.

"Come on. You get me all to yourself this weekend. And I may have a surprise for you." I whispered in his ear, biting his earlobe earning a moan from him before going over to the cribs, picking up Elizabeth and Coop. I kissed a shocked looking Edward on the cheek before laughing and walking out to where everyone was waiting.

"What are you smirking at missy…" Rosie laughed knowingly and I just cracked up laughing, handing Coop to her. "Hey sweetie." She smiled at me, kissing me on the cheek. "How are you?" She asked.

"Better." Was all I said. "Hey where's Alice?" I asked noticing that she wasn't with Jasper.

"She said she'd meet us there, she had to go meet someone first or something." Emmett answered and I looked to Jasper who had a look of pain on his face.

"Jazz…" I said quietly and he just smiled sadly at me.

"Hey guys we ready to go?" Edward asked coming into the hallway. He noticed Alice was missing but was smart enough not to say anything.

"Yeah let's get going I'm starving." Emmett boomed.

"Ok, ok we'll go. I swear it's like I'm married to a Neanderthal." Rosie laughed as she followed with Coop in her arms.

Edward wrapped an arm around my waist, the baby bag over his shoulder and Cadence in his arms as we walked out to the cars.

We drove to the steak house, the babies, me, Edward and Jasper in our car, Rosie and Em in theirs. We were silent the whole way there and every time I looked back at Jasper, he was looking out the window blankly. I looked at my babies then to Edward who just smiled at me and grabbed hold of my hand, not letting go of it the rest of the way.


"So what's this all about?" I asked after we finished ordering.

"Well…" Emmett started off and took Rosie's hand, both smiling at the other.

"We're going to foster." Rosie beamed proudly.

"Oh my gosh Rosie!" I squealed and she just smiled at me.

"Wow congratulations guys." Edward said.

"Yeah, you two deserve to be happy with a family." Jasper said kind of sadly but still happy for them.

"Thanks guys. Well his name is Seth and he's 4 now but he's such a good kid. He'll be coming home with us in a month. We met him last week and the foster agency just needed to arrange the forms and then we're all set." Emmett told us all proudly.

"Well I think lunch is on us now." Edward said and I agreed.

After some more talk about Seth and Rosie and Em, the waiter brought out our food.

"STEAK!" Emmett shouted and went straight into it. We all laughed, until we heard a voice chirp in.

"So what did we miss?" Alice piped in, she was standing at the end of the table with another man next to her. They both looked a little roughed up and I suddenly felt like I was going to be sick. I looked over at everyone else who all looked like me except for Jasper. Jasper just looked livid and defeated at the same time.

"Who's your friend Alice?" Edward asked, hissing out the word friend.

"Oh this is Alec. He works with me at the paper." She told us.

"You brought him here?" Jasper hissed in anger which quickly turned to pain. "In front of everyone?" He whispered then pulled his chair back and stormed off. Oh my god.

"Alice?" Emmett said looking disgusted.

"What?" She said feigning innocence and then I really did feel like I was going to be sick when I saw Alec place his hand on her ass.

"Excuse me." I whispered before sprinting for the bathroom.

"Bella?" Edward shouted, concerned.

"No Edward you take the babies, I'll make sure she's ok." I heard Rosie say before I made it and slammed the door behind me. I placed my hands over the sink then splashed water over my face. "Bella honey? Are you alright?" Rosie asked from behind me.

"Who is that? That's not my best friend. She's… she's…" I couldn't even say it.

"I know. It's not right. I feel bad for Jasper, he doesn't deserve that." She murmured. Oh my god, Jasper. I took off running again, this time outside the steak house and I found Jasper on the bench in the park across from it. I could hear Rosie and Emmett behind me but I just ran to Jasper and hugged him.

"Bella… You're not supposed to be running silly." He tried to laugh but he just looked so hurt, I didn't believe it. He eventually hugged me back when he couldn't hold it in anymore. "I'm sorry you guys found out like that Bella…" He tried to apologize and I pulled back to give him a stern look.

"Don't you dare apologize. You don't deserve that Jasper. I don't know what's become of her, but that's not the Alice I knew."

"You want to know what she said to me…" He continued without my response. "She said I didn't propose soon enough so she got tired of waiting, but this has been going on since last year." He said sadly and I just hugged him again, not being able to say anything.

"You don't deserve that Jasper. She doesn't deserve you. I promise you Jasper, you'll find someone. You still have all of us, and you have Elizabeth." I told him and he just nodded.

"Jasper?" Edward said and Jasper looked up at him.

"My sister is an idiot and I hope you know that we don't see her as Alice anymore and that she is no longer godmother." He said seriously and I nodded along.

"Thanks Edward, Bella." Jasper murmured looking at the ground. "It's a good thing I got that deal then." He laughed slightly.

"What deal?" I asked him.

"I'm being sent on a job down south for three months and I leave Tuesday." He said smiling sadly.

I couldn't say anything to that really. He would need the time so I wasn't going to say don't go. "That's great Jasper. As long as you're back for the wedding." I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Wouldn't miss it." He smiled then looked over where Emmett and Rosie where standing having a conversation. "Think I might go with Emmett and Rose. I'll catch you guys later ok?" He mumbled then walked over to their car.

"Poor Jasper…" I sighed and could feel the tears brimming my eyes; damn hormones.

"It'll be ok Bella. Come on. I don't want to see my sister right now so lets go home. We need to pack for this weekend. We'll see Jasper later." Edward said taking my hand, pushing the pram with the other, as we headed back to the car.

All I could think was Jasper's heartache but what I really needed was to be home. I needed Edwards' arms around me. I needed to know we would never feel that heartache.

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