Characters: Danny Quinn, Connor, Abby, Claudia, Nick and introducing Rayne.
Disclaimer: I am definitely not affiliated with the show in any way nor do I make a profit from this. Also, the characters Rayne, Tigbo, and the Captain are mine and any names of people that resemble anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.
P/L: When a trio of guanlongs follow their prey through an anomaly it is up to the anomaly team to try and collect the creatures before they are able to escape the park.

Chapter 1 - Spying

"London? What the hell are you doing in London?"


"Rayne, we went over this! Nobody was supposed to go after Tigbo, not until the mess got sorted out here!"

"Captain you know I can't stay there and wait for this person to go back to Largos!" The American female soldier gazed out the front windshield of her rental car, her posture rigid and her eyes alert. "He's bound to know that we'd catch him the moment he stepped foot back into the country."

"And it is precisely why he went to London," insisted the male voice on the mobile.

"Yes because London happens to be one of the many bigger places where one can sell illegal diamonds," Rayne said with a slight rolling of her eyes. "You know I already know this Captain so why--"

"He also chose London because he knows that your expertise at weapons is virtually useless in a city where guns are prohibited even by the police." There came a cold silence and as the man over the phone let the words sink in, Rayne's glare deepened. The voice continued, "Don't continue this without us Rayne, you need the whole team to help."

A slow smirk came across Rayne's face. Her quarry, a loathsome man by the name of Tigbo, had just entered the park. As Rayne's instincts set in her thoughts focused entirely on the pursuit. "Sorry Captain but he has just arrived."

"Don't do this alone Rayne, we're a team, remember?"

"I'll have to call you back." Without a final word, Rayne flipped her mobile shut and exited the car. As she stepped from the pavement onto the lush green grass her attention was briefly drawn to another vehicle that had just pulled up. By the expressions they wore, a leisurely stroll did not seem the order of the day. Perhaps they were Tigbo's contacts. No person in their right mind went to confer about buying blood diamonds on their own.

With only a backwards glance at the four, Rayne pressed into the lightly wooded park, crossing through the chainlink fence and continuing her pursuit.

"There seems to be quite a few people in the park for a weekday," Connor remarked to Claudia as he kept up with the fast-paced woman.

Without giving the surrounding area a second glance, Claudia spoke, "Families come to the park whenever they can, especially on nice days like this. Come on, let's focus on why we're here."

Leading the four, Danny Quinn kept a constant vigilance on the area. Using all his experience as a police officer Danny listened for anything that sounded out of the ordinary. There was no movement that went unchecked by his careful gaze. The tranquilizer gun resting in his hands gave him only minimal comfort. The left side of his neck still bore the signs of an earlier attack from a prehistoric creature and quite often if Danny ever forgot the marks, the pain would often serve as a hefty reminder.

Keeping his state of being as relaxed as possible, Danny continued forward, leading the team deeper into the park. Just off to his right he could hear Connor remarking:

"All right it's just near here... almost..."

Danny stopped abruptly and drew in a sharp breath. The rest of the team fell in place beside him. Nestled directly in a bush was an anomaly that rose six feet into the air. As Danny trained his gun on the anomaly, Connor and Abby began to circle to the front of it, Abby keeping her weapon focused on the portal as she ushered Connor to the other side.

"Do you think anything got through yet?" Abby inquired, standing with her back almost against Connor's side. Like Danny, she couldn't forget the prehistoric creatures that had caused them so much grief the last time an anomaly opened.

"Well..." Connor mused, "Nobody has run screaming out of the park yet..."

Abby shot Connor a brief glare to which Connor threw his hands up in mock defeat.

"Sorry, just having a bit of fun."

Claudia took her gaze off the anomaly and looked behind her at the rest of the park. "Right well it is best to play it safe and clear the area." She pulled out her mobile and soon heard Nick's voice. "Nick, about how long will it be until you arrive? We found the anomaly and so far there are no signs that any creature got through."

She briefly looked over at Danny and saw that he hadn't relinquished his position back to nature and half-wondered if it was caution that kept him there or fear. When Nick's question drew Claudia back to the matter at hand, she quickly responded, "Yes, Danny and Abby are keeping a strong watch over this--"

The bush began to tremble and a low grumbling was heard from the other side of the anomaly. Abby pushed against Connor, forcing him backwards meanwhile Danny took a step forward, his protective instinct taking over. He drew in a slow breath, forcing his emotions to steady as his heart began to beat louder. The growling grew louder until finally a small creature burst forth from the bush. But it stopped suddenly and regarded the four humans with a look of apprehension.

Danny aimed his gun at the four-foot long creature but hesitated as the little bipedal dinosaur backed away and growled at him. There was a pair of teeth exposed from the front part of the creature's mouth and with the little creature constantly bobbing its head and growling defiantly at the man, Danny could not see whether or not that this was a friendly creature or not. Meanwhile Connor came around Abby and peered at the creature. A soft laugh escaped his lips.

"Well I don't believe it... it's a yinlong!"

"Friendly or deadly?" Danny inquired, his gun still focused on the waist-high creature.

"Friendly...!" Connor exclaimed. "It's a herbivore from the late Jurassic period I believe... central Asia."

Abby immediately lowered her weapon and came to the other side of her colleague, her expression immediately relaxing at the relief of the creature being friendly. With the danger gone, Abby let her head to the side. "It's kind of cute! He looks so scared."

"Well I would be too if I stumbled into a strange world with different smells and a strange mammal pointing a thing of death at me." Both Connor and Abby lifted their gaze to Danny who, seeing that his companions were less reserved about making friends with an herbivore than he was, lowered the gun to his side.

Claudia took a step to the creature and knelt down. With a smile growing across her face, she remarked, "Nick is going to absolutely love this! I just hope he gets here soon because we have to get him back through."

"Can't he stay here for a little while?" Abby inquired with a slight smile of hope.

"He might be missing his mates," said Connor as he moved towards the anomaly and began picking at the bush. "We could lure him back through with this."

Once he had collected enough of the greens, Connor turned back to the yinlong and held the branches out to it. "Come on little bugger, time to go home... come and taste the nice bush..."

The yinglong crept forward on its two feet, sniffing the air curiously. It hesitated as it stood in front of the anomaly, eyeing it with wary eyes. Seeing this, Danny began to lift his weapon once more. He may not have known animal behavior that well but something about the creature's nervousness was beginning to paint a picture of a predator lurking nearby. And it was at this moment that a series of sharp growls were heard from the other side of the anomaly.