Characters: Danny Quinn, Connor, Abby, Claudia, Nick and introducing Rayne.
Disclaimer: I am definitely not affiliated with the show in any way nor do I make a profit from this. Also, the characters Rayne, Tigbo, and the Captain are mine and any names of people that resemble anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.
P/L: When a trio of guanlongs follow their prey through an anomaly it is up to the anomaly team to try and collect the creatures before they are able to escape the park.

III. I Shutter to Think

"Aren't you bored yet?" Rayne demanded exasperatedly. For an answer the prehistoric creature roared angrily at Rayne before resuming its efforts at trying to leap up onto the roof of the lorry. Rayne shook her head, muttering, "No, I didn't think so."

The woman stood her ground, knowing that only if the beast was clever enough to come around the front like she had there wasn't any call for danger. Placing her hands on her hips, Rayne scanned the horizon. At least this creature wasn't harming any innocent civilians. In fact ever since the creature had appeared through the anomaly there wasn't a single person to be found; not even that group that she had seen earlier! Perhaps they had left too. Rayne blew a tired breath, remembering how her superior had warned her of going after Tigbo alone.

The Captain had warned of this. But how could he have known that she was going to be attacked by an insane creature that looked like it belonged in a Land of the Lost episode?What didn't help was the growing pain in her hand from where she had slammed it against the tree. As with most hand wounds, blood had quickly covered her hand, filling Rayne with a mixture of pain and irritation. In her annoyance, Rayne turned her frustration towards the creature that had put her in such a humiliating predicament. She asked it, "Have you ever considered going vegetarian?"

Again the guanlong took her speaking as another encouragement to redouble its efforts. This time it lept far enough to reach its snout over the top of the truck and snap at Rayne's foot. The woman retreated further back, throwing a cautious look behind her to make sure that another hadn't shown up. As her heart continued to beat heavily against her chest, Rayne laughed nervously, "Of course not... how silly of me. Well Jacko I hate to disappoint you with the facts of life but while I am American... I am no Big Mac..."

Movement from afar caught the woman's attention and she jerked her head up. Not too far away and closing the distance rapidly was the man Rayne had earlier seen. This time however the man's weapon could clearly be seen. It was not of normal caliber. What kind of twisted science fiction novel had she landed in? Despite the growling monster trying desperately to get up at Rayne's feet, the woman kept her eyes on the approaching Danny. She watched as he gripped the top of the fence and pulled himself over with ease. A slight smirk crossed Rayne's face.

"You see that you dummy?" Rayne remarked as she looked down at the snarling guanlong. "He went over a lot better than you did. Although, I will admit, watching you crash into the fence would be more hilarious than only hearing you do it. Wish you had his skills? Bet you do... idiot..."

As Danny neared her position across the street, Rayne observed four other people coming towards her and noted that they were the ones from where the anomaly had been. This was a team, something that she had left back in Africa.

"At last," Rayne remarked, a slow smirk coming across her face, "Reinforcements!"

Meanwhile the guanlung was only interested in trying to obtain its prey and failed to notice that already Danny was within biting range. Danny fired the tranquilizer at the creature and quickly prepared for another shot. However the needle couldn't sink through the creature's thick skin and with a slight shake the guanlong rid itself of the brief pain. But now the creature was alert to Danny's presence and it turned its attention on the now nearly helpless rescuer.

From the other side of the fence, Abby's jaw dropped in horror. "Nick! The guanlong has turned on Danny!"

Hauling himself over the fence, Nick closed in on the creature as it turned its wrath on Danny. Nick could see Danny trying to load another dart into the chamber as he backed away. It was impossible for Danny to get reloaded before the creature attacked and Nick was still too far out of range to get an accurate shot on the creature. A whistle was heard and a mobile thudded against the guanlong's head.

"Hey flatfoot! Forget about me?" Rayne smirked a little as the guanlong turned back to Rayne, momentarily forgetting the foolish human to its right. The creature hissed at Rayne before lunging back up at her, its jaws open wide. Having none of this, Rayne brought her foot harshly against the dinosaur's jaw, sending it crashing down to the ground.

"Get stuffed!" Rayne shouted.

For a moment the guanlong lay stunned on the pavement giving Danny a chance to finish cocking the gun. By now Nick had joined him and the pair both shot the sedatives into the guanlong. The creature gave a small roar of pure defiance before letting its head fall against the cement, finally subdued.

Rayne smirked at the two, "Impressive."

Looking up at Rayne as Nick bent down to check on the guanlong, Danny remarked with a slight smirk, "Nice kick."

Rayne laughed shortly before tilting her head to get a better look at the prehistoric creature. "Please tell me that there aren't anymore of those things running about."

For a brief moment nothing was said. Nick looked up to Claudia, asking her with his eyes to resolve the situation. Taking this as her cue, Claudia moved next to the truck. "You won't have anymore problems with this creature. You didn't see what happened here today, this didn't happen."

"Ah, I thought so," came Rayne's response as she now made eye-contact with Claudia. "I figured as much. Nothing like this creature exists except maybe in the novels. But I understand a government operation when I see one. I see we're through here so," Rayne started to move off the van and as she did Danny offered his hand to her. Rayne took hold of his wrist and slid off the truck, "I must get going. Thank you for your help and have a nice day."

"Would you like me to take a look at that hand?" Danny asked as he had noticed the blood the moment Rayne had grabbed his wrist.

Giving her bleeding hand a little scoff, Rayne replied, "It's kind of a little scratch and it's nothing that I am terribly worried about." Her gaze immediately went down the street. Where had that little lizard of a man gone?

"Was it the creature?" Danny asked, peering at the bloodied hand with interest. "Did it bite you? Claw you?"

This man wouldn't give up. Turning a slight scowl to Danny, Rayne stated firmly, "It did neither. When it came out of whatever that thing was I wound up scraping my hand against a tree."

Danny took hold of Rayne's injured hand and peered at the blood across the top of her hand. Certainly there wasn't any indication that she had been bitten by the creature. But now it made sense to why the guanlong had decided to start chasing Rayne. Suddenly Rayne retracted her hand from Danny's.

"It's no wonder it came after you," Danny remarked, obviously undeterred by Rayne's lack of faith. He took hold of Rayne's hand again to further inspect it. This time the woman did not protest yet her eyes remained on the street to the left of her. Why was there never a first aid kit when he needed it? Noticing only her silence, Danny pressed on, "It could smell your blood and so it locked onto you. You must have pretty quick reflexes."

"Something like that," the woman responded with a tired sigh. She winced a little as Danny pressed a napkin to her wound. To distract her mind from the pain, Rayne said, "You also have fairly sharp reflexes,"

"Danny," interjected the man with a small smile.

Letting out a small laugh of amusement, Rayne replied, "Paula Rayne... it's not everyday that one comes face-to-face with," as Danny tilted his head slightly to get a better look at Rayne's hand the woman noticed the long stretch of claw marks along the left side of his neck. Her jaw dropped slightly and she remarked quietly, "Animals must really love you."

Danny smirked slightly, recalling the ferocity that the prehistoric creature had unleashed upon him that day. "Something like that..."

Connor suddenly spoke up, "Guys, I hate to break up the party but we've got to get this creature back through the anomaly before it decides to close."

"What about the other yinlong?" Abby inquired, looking over at Nick. "Did you find it?"

"Yes, Becker did actually," Nick replied with a short laugh. He could vividly recall how Becker had stumbled right into the path of the frightened herbivore and had gotten knocked to the ground. "And don't worry, I have every confidence that they got it back through along with what's left of the guanlong's lunch."

Both Abby and Connor pulled a disgusted face before looking back to the one laying on the ground. As this happened Claudia made her way over to Rayne and said, "Before you go we'll need to have you sign a few things."

"Of course," Rayne replied with a tired sigh. So much for stalking. Leave it to the government to ruin the best of plans. She took her hand from Danny's and began following Claudia as soldiers dressed in black met up with the Professor and the team. Over her shoulder Rayne could hear Nick addressing Danny:

"When this is over, we are going to have a talk. You left your team behind and not only did you put their lives in danger by leaving them in front of the anomaly but you also endangered your own by trying to take on this thing by yourself."

Rayne swallowed hard. Perhaps Nick Cutter and her Captain knew each other for the lectures were of the same caliber, fierce and deadly accurate. A tinge of guilt haunted Rayne as she knew that Danny wouldn't have been in trouble had she listened to her own superior.

"I put you in charge of safety with the team on this mission because I know your past experience as a cop but this, this is inexcusable."

Unable to simply walk away while the would-be hero received his just lecturing, Rayne paused and turned back to him. "Excuse me, Sir," Rayne called to him. When Nick had faced her, Rayne continued, "I do not presume to understand how your team operates but please Mr. Quinn did keep the creature at bay. If he hadn't shown up when he did, that creature would have gotten my foot and I would not have been able to keep up there. Mr. Quinn he, he saved my life."

Nick gave a slow nod before turning a knowing gaze to Danny. "I will remember that, thank you Miss Rayne."

With that Rayne let out a slow breath and followed Claudia back towards the front of the park. There had been no immediate threat on her life from where she had been on the truck. Surely had Danny waited for his team they would have been able to take the guanlong down with only minimal effort instead of exhausting all of them, creature included. However, Rayne knew that she couldn't let someone get in trouble for her own stupidity, risking his life thinking that the other was in danger. It wouldn't have been proper. [Le Fin]