The Bane had been vanquished once more and had returned to the skies thinking that their prey was dead, without realising that the prey in question was quite safely hiding where they were least likely to find her.

In his home at 13 Bannerman Road Luke Smith was hiding in the attic, trying desperately to overhear the increasingly heated conversation between his mother and his, well, other mother he supposed. His feelings towards Mrs Wormwood were decidedly mixed. Although she had been their enemy, she'd created him and in the same vein had saved them all from attempts on their lives – from her fellow Bane. There'd been a fight and a fair number of Bane had advanced on them but Mrs Wormwood had stepped in, stopping them with her ring - after that everybody had been on the floor. Luke didn't know exactly what had happened but the Bane had vanished and Mrs Wormwood was still here. Without too much thought Sarah Jane had bundled everybody into her car and shakily began to drive home, dropping off Clyde along the way. Both he and Rani had been less than eager to go but she had promised them they could visit the following day. He had been banished upstairs and when he was halfway up he'd hear them start discussing the new living arrangements.

"Where am I to sleep?"

"I have another room spare. Junk room really, you'll have to make do with the settee until I can get you a bed. I suppose I might as well, I feel as though I'm running a boarding house for ex-aliens."

"Ex-aliens. Don't be absurd! The archetype--"

"His name is Luke."

"Fine. Luke is and always has been a human. And I am a higher species, I just…"



"If you're going to stay here Mrs Wormwood I need to know what happened back there. Only in case they try something else."

Luke recognised that tone of voice; it was the one his mother used when there was to be no argument. He had an inkling that Mrs Wormwood might be able to withstand the stern voice with more success than he himself did, but as much as he tried to strain his ears he could hear nothing. He silently padded down the stairs, stopping on the second floor to glance into the other spare room. There was nothing but junk to his eyes, he was sure some of it must mean a lot to Sarah Jane, and he anticipated a weekend spent boxing up the old stuff. His eyes focussed upon a yellow tracksuit-looking-thing and his mouth quirked into a smile when he imagined Sarah Jane's embarrassment when everybody else saw it. He found her very endearing when she was embarrassed.

After what seemed like hours of silence his mother called for him to come downstairs. When he arrived it was to find Sarah Jane Smith quite calmly stirring a pot of tea, whilst adding a generous measure of the whiskey she thought he didn't know about, and Mrs Wormwood lying flat on the settee, apparently testing out how comfortable it was. Both were silent but there was no tension in the room.

"What's going on?"

"She's staying here with us."


Mrs Wormwood twisted her head to look at Sarah Jane before she responded in what seemed to Luke an entirely alien manoeuvre; he tried not to look at her too much although he did consider whether he could do it too.

"Because I said so. Now go and fetch some linen from the cupboard upstairs please."

Without questioning her Luke ran back up the stairs. If his mother thought Mrs Wormwood was safe to live with them then he would trust her, despite thinking she always went slightly odd whenever the redhead was around. He made sure that all the sheets he got were purple.