One day the Doctor turns up. There is nothing earth-shattering going on. Her just turns up for a cup of tea and Sarah Jane could slap him for never doing this in the thirty or so years in which she was horrible lonely but instead waiting till she had a life and a family of her own. A lover of her own.

"Sarah Jane! So how've you been?"

He settles himself into her settee with a mug of tea that's at least half sugar and a rather large plateful of biscuits and she wonders vaguely if excessive food consumption is a feature of all aliens.

"I've been very well actually. I have a son, but you've seen him and, erm…"

"What?" He stares at her uncomprehendingly for a few moments before his grin widens. "Is there someone else in your life?"

She nervously fiddled with her hands as the Doctor looked at her expectantly.

"Well yes. I've told you about where Luke came from of course…you see the woman that made him, I mean the alien that made him…she's moved in too."

Before the Doctor could respond Mrs Wormwood came into the room with a grim callousness in her face that Sarah Jane had not seen in the other woman since she had moved in. She sighed dejectedly.

"I thought I knew you better than this Doctor, I never expected you to come back. You usually don't."


The shock on the Doctor's face was palpable but to Sarah Jane the fact that her lover looked on the verge of tears for only the second time she had ever known her was more concerning. Neither of the aliens seemed to notice her look of confusion.

"It's been so long. I didn't even know you'd survived the war."

"Yes, I've been staying here, with Sarah Jane. It has nothing to do with you," she added hastily. "It's just a coincidence."

"You used to say there was no such thing."

"Well I was very, very young wasn't I? We both were."

She sat down next to Sarah Jane and looked into her eyes, smiling faintly. Sarah Jane recognized the bittersweet expression and desperately didn't want to make things worse but couldn't control her curiosity.

"So you two obviously know each other…?"

"After I left you in Croyden-"

"Aberdeen!" The two women supplied at the same time.

"Yeah...sorry about that but anyway on my way back to Gallifrey I stopped in the nebula that used to contain the Bane planet and she managed to stow away in the TARDIS, just like you did actually. Except she tried to steal it."

Sarah Jane turned her shocked look to Mrs Wormwood.

"Well, obviously I didn't succeed."

"You picked her up right after me?"

"I only take the best Sarah, you know that."

She smiled at him fondly. When she looked in the direction of the other alien she tried to conjure up some indignation for the secrecy but found she couldn't. Instead she took Mrs Wormwood's hand in her own.

"You were involved in the war?"

"Briefly. I was amongst the fleet at the Gates of Elysium. I've already told you what the Daleks under Davros' control did to my planet…I won't pretend it wasn't satisfying."

"You flew ships?"

"Yes," off Sarah Jane's immediately worried look she carried on, "I won't tell Luke or Clyde."

"It's not that. All this time…I bet some of the things we do seem pathetic to you?"

"Not one thing. You do more worthwhile things in a day than most of us do in a lifetime."

The Doctor tried to stand and leave but with their free hands the two women pulled him back down.

"You're not going anywhere."

"You owe us at least one afternoon."

He looked back and forth between the two women, suddenly struck with the notion that allowing the two of them to gang up on him was not necessarily one of his wisest moments