And I go on with the lameness.

#11: Pillar Pair

"Ah..... Ah..... guh...."

"Ah!!" Ryoma cried as he struggled to lift his head up, sweat dripping down his face in the dim light shining through the window. "...Buchou... I... I can't... anymore..."

"Echizen... " Tezuka muttered, his eyes seemingly tenser than before. Sweat ran down the side of his face as well and he pushed downwards once more. "That's 152 times... already..."

"15...152..." Ryoma wheezed and coughed, his hands curling into fists on the smooth oak floor of the tennis club room. "It hurts... B-Buchou... Ah...!" And he jerked down again as they counted 153. Hot breath. Sticky skin. Moans. Groans... The air was thick and humid...

Ryoma struggled again, doing push-ups with Tezuka beside him.

"Echizen. 154, come on!" Tezuka muttered as he pushed down again. Ryoma collapsed on the ground, panting.

"MY ARMS FRIGGIN HURT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW IT!" Ryoma yelled, staring eyes wide at Tezuka. "I DON'T LIKE PUSH UPS!"

#12: Examination

"Today, we're going to have a tennis examination," Tezuka announced in a classroom, where all the regulars are seated. He had told the Seigaku members to gather in an unused classroom, sitting in examination format.

"What?! An exam?!" Inui said. Then an evil smile spread across his face. "With my data, I'll ace-"

"No, Inui. Referring to notes is not allowed." Tezuka said simply, stretching a hand out. "Give me your notebook."

"Noooo!" Inui cried. "I can't live without it!! Don't take it away! There's... its classified!"

"Take it... Take it.... Take it... Take it...!" Everyone in the room chanted with an evil smile on their faces, banging their tables.

#13: Bad Hair Day

"Usu." Ryoma muttered, walking into the courts. His hair was in a bad mess, and he didn't want to wear his cap as he was afraid it'd make his hair look worse.

"Oh, morning Echizen," Momo said, sighing. His hair seemed to be less spiky, and drooping on his head. "You have a bad hair day too? Everyone does..." Momo said, looking towards the regulars, whose hair all looked horrible. "Wait... where did Oishi go?"

"He isn't here yet, but he called me saying he had a bad hair day too." Eiji said.

Everyone stared at each other. Oiishi with a bad hair day.... what WOULD IT BE LIKE...?!

With the same thought on their minds, everyone stared at each other with wide eyes, fearing the worst...

#14: Favourite Animal

Ryoma: Cat.
Momo: Oh, any!
Kaidoh: Cats...
Oishi: Dogs!
Tezuka: *cough* I guess its terrapins...
Kawamura: Salmon!
Eiji: CATS!! NYA~
Inui: -holds up vegetable juice- Humans. -smiles evilly-

Everyone: RUNNNNNNNN!!!! -runs off in different directions-
Inui: Come here!~~ you Humans! I shall test this new formula of VJuice on you!~~~ -hearts-

#15: Grade Book (Ryoma)

Science: B+
Maths: A
Japanese: A
English: A+
Tennis: A++
Eating: A++
Sleeping: A+++
Humbleness: F

One less story, one less laughter.

Yesyes! I'll do Rikkai, okay ?! And yeppers, its the Musical that all the jokes came from. haha!