Hello sorry for being away for so long. I have school. I finally got out(Yeah) so here is another Naruto Fanfiction that I wrote. It starts out with just Naruto then goes to Harry Potter. This story is called death. Warning slight charter death.

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Mortals Kyuubi talking

- - Flashback




Chapter 1: Death


An explosion ripped through the valley. Naruto ran faster. Smoke was coming up from the village. (Not Konoha!) Naruto thought. He rushed through the forest. The smell of smoke in the air. (No!) Naruto thought.

Naruto looked at the remains of Konoha. Buildings falling apart. Dead bodies laid in the streets. The acidic smell of blood was in the air. Naruto carefully walked through the village.

He saw a bit of pink.

"Sakura!" Naruto yelled rushing over.

"Na..ru..to.." Sakura said.

"I'll get you some help." Naruto said. Sakura shook her head.

"Na..ru..to.. Yo..u.. ca.. n't.. he..lp.. me… Ts..u..na..de." Sakura said before becoming still.

"Sakura! Sakura! Sakura please don't leave me!" Naruto said crying.

"Naruto." A female voice said. A hand laid on his shoulder.

"Granny Tsunade. Why?" Naruto said still crying.

"I am sorry Naruto." Tsunade said.

" I don't understand why." Naruto said.

"Don't worry Naruto." Tsunade said.

"Why?" Naruto said looking up at her.

"Because the Akuaski won't find you." Tsunade said making several hand signs.

"Wha…?" Naruto asked before his world blurred.

"Good luck Naruto. You're a good ninja." Tsunade said before Naruto disappeared.


Hagrid was walking in the forbidden forest when a surge of light spread through the forest. Hagrid came to a clearing and gasped at what he saw. A pair of foxes. One was blood red with black accents around its eyes up it's ears with nine beautiful tails curling protectively around it's body and the body of the other fox.

The other fox was orange and had the same black accents around it's eyes. It also had nine long tails. There was another flash of light and the foxes became one, then they sifted and merged into a boy with blonde/orange, and red hair with six strange whisker-like marks on his face.

Hagrid scooped up the young boy in his arms.

"Don't ye worry. I'll take ye te Dumbuldor." Hagrid said heading towards the castle with the young half-deamon in his arms.


There you have it my first chapter of Death.

Next chapter Naruto wakes to find himself in a strange castle .

And the fox tells him something intresting. Chapter 2: Hogwarts

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