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3 Years Latter

Trent's POV

It was a sunny day, the birds were chirping, the flowers blooming, and it smelled beautiful. I stood in front of my window looking at all my guests are arriving for the ceremony. "Daddy!!!!!" my little angel cries. I turn around and she runs into my arms with her white dress following her. "I just wanted to know when I can see mommy?" she asked in the hug. I sighed.

"I told you. You'll see her when we are done ok?" I asked looking into her green eyes. Now 3, she has long black curly hair, heart shaped face, pale skin, and a personality mixed of me and Gwen. She giggled. "Go and get ready ok?" I said.

"Ok, love you daddy." She said in one more hug. I watched as she ran away from Bridgett.

"Roxana get back here." She yelled chasseing the 3 year old. I laughed, if only Gwen were here to see this.


I waited with my friends, all of us dressed up but not too formal. I waited and soon it began.

The bridal party wasn't big, only 3 brides maids. Roxana was the flour girl and she looked so cute. Little white dress, matching shoes, and her hair let down with daisy's in it.

Then everyone stood up and watched as Gwen walked down the aisle.

Gwen's POV

I was breathless taking these steps. Everyone staring at me, snapping pictures, it felt like I was walking on a tight rope. But all that mattered was today is the day we celebrate our internal bond.

It's been 3 years since Roxana was born but I missed her first 3 months. I was in a coma but I came out in time to watch her first steps, first word, first everything. Now she legally becomes Trent's daughter and we become married.

Ever since I woke up, I felt like I was missing something, like I could be the happiest person alive, but something is missing. I know what that something is.

"And do you, take Gwen Mathews to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the preacher asked.

"I do." Trent responded looking deep into my eyes.

"And do you, take Trent Austin to be your lawfully wedded husband?" he asked me.

"I do." I said. At that moment I was sure my heart stopped. I felt more breathless than ever.

"Then by the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife." He said. Trent and I leaned in and shared our first kiss as…..

"Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Austin" the preacher said loud and proud as everyone cheered.


During the reception Roxana was around us all the time. We took single shots and family shots as well. I don't think I have ever been this happy ever before in my life.


Honey Moon

I hated to leave Roxana with my parents for 3 weeks, but we did need time away. We went to Hawaii and enjoyed 3 wonderful weeks. After the coma I never wanted to miss a second of her life. I am dreading first day of school.

It was our last night there that I decide to tell Trent the news. I have kept this from him long enough, he needs to know. He was kissing my neck when I spoke up. "Trent I need to tell you something." He stopped and looked at me.

"Yes Mrs. Austin?" he said with a smile. I loved to hear that, my new name.

"Trent, I'm pregnant again." I said as a big smile came on his face and he hugged me tight. After I woke up the doctor said that any following pregnancies should be fine. And I know I will be. I have a daughter and a husband now.

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