Drabble word count: 200

Spoilers for Season 4.10: Heaven and Hell

Down, down, down

I told you I'd see you, he said. I promised I'd kill you.

You deserve it, he said. Why shouldn't I do it?

If it's not me it'll be someone else, he said. It's par for the course.

We belong here, he said. I'll make it quick.

It was never quick.

He tore into Bela and she was crying. She cried.

Dean twisted and then he was falling. For a moment he felt like he was dropping from purgatory's web again, down, down, down into the pit, but in a second he hit the dirty floor of the motel room instead.

He gasped and gagged once, clenching his teeth to keep the contents of his stomach in its place. From the other bed he could hear Sam moving as he woke.

"Dean?" came his little brother's hesitant voice, blankets rustling as he sat up. Sam's eyes moved over the bed, found him missing, then caught him on the floor. "Hey!" He made as if to jump out of bed.

"Never mind me, Sammy," said Dean with a weak grin, waving away his brother's concern. "Just took a little fall." He dropped his head to the floor. "Go back to sleep."