May 5 2002 Friday Night Smack Down

I Walked Around the halls to find me and Adam's lockeroom,my brothers didn't help me look for it they were too 'bUSY' with there girlfriends,Oh yeah you're probably wondering who I am?Well my Name is:Skylar Hardy.I really don't deserve to be a Hardy..You Might be thinking You are a Hardy You're extreme Aren't you?.Well to tell you the truth I'm Not,I Been in this industry for 1 year and on my was not what I thought it was. ANYWAY I'm going to tell you a story well it's my story ok so here we go...


.First Off my brothers didn't help me teach me some moves they didn't do anything for me,Matt simply said "Skylar you could find it and in the mean time I'm going to stay with Lita." Jeff said "I would help you but I can't right now maybe later".It was never later after I lost my debut match's girlfriend Lita. That night Jeff was fucking Trish, and Matt was fucking Lita and I listen to them and after they were done Matt simply said "You did good baby..I thought Skylar could beat you but you came by beating Slayer ."She replied by saying"If she can't fight why is she still here?"I broke down crying running to my room. Next day after that Matt and Jeff came to teach me some moves but I turned them down by saying "I don't need your moves" and I walked off,they didn't try to run after to catch up with me .So on that Rainy Saturday afternoon,I was sitting on a bench in a park ,it was raining and the only thing I had was a jacket Jeff brought me for my birthday and some baggy blue jeans on with some Jordan's was raining hard that my jacket was getting soaked.

"You need an umbrella?"

I looked up to find both of my brother's best friend holding a purple umbrella.

"No thanks Adam."I managed to get out.

"OK well...can I sit with you?"He asked in a quiet manner.


"Well just wanted to"

"OK"I replied and scooted over he put the umbrella over us for the rain to be blocked off.

"So..... I saw your debut."He said after a 5 minute silence.

"Yea..It sucked."I said with a smirk.

"No but I thought you did good."


"Yeah I could Teach you some of my moves and I could help you create a finisher."He smiled.

"Okay"I smiled back.

I knew It My Job was going to be good just by Adam's help.