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YOU MUST READ THIS! SPOILER ALERT!!! Through out the story I'm going to hint at the big secret at the end of the sixth book in the third series, and at the end the character is going to come out and say it. I'll let you know when that will happen. But in the meantime, I'm not going to come out and say it, I'm just going to drop some clues for you. But, if you figure it out, please don't kill me!!!

Teens live in a big, T shaped tower. Dead cats live in the stars. I don't own either of them.

Of Cats and Titans


It was a cool summer's night, just the right temperature, and every warrior in Silverpelt was shining brightly. The stone walls of the camp seemed to frame the sky, a brilliant picture of midnight blue sky and shining stars. On such a night, it was Leafpool's practice to stay up a little late and look at the stars. It made her feel more connected with Starclan, and helped her forget her own problems. She never felt more at peace than on these nights. True peace, thought Leafpool, must lie in the stars. How else can our warrior ancestors know so much? It must be that peace is the greatest bringer of knowledge. She sighed. Our world has never known true peace, she mused, almost wistfully. Always fighting with the other clans, and if not that, then it border patrols and training sessions, just in case. What would happen, she wondered, if everyone just stopped fighting? We would lead much peacefuller lives. But that would never happen. The nature of the world didn't work that way. "Maybe someday, in Starclan." She sighed out loud.

A slight breeze stirred the air, kicking up a little dust. This Greenleaf has been a bit of dry one, Leafpool thought. She purred, remembering the time when Birchfall, with his thick, furry coat, had stumbled into the medicine cat den, complaining that he was certainly going to collapse of heatstroke. Jaypaw had dryly asked that "Since when did you become a medicine cat? I don't recall taking on an apprentice." Birchfall then stopped complaining and let her examine him. Leafpool sighed heavily, the pain of her deepest secret rearing up as she thought about her time as a medicine cat. So many secrets, she thought sadly, and no way for me to ever tell them. When will the truth ever come out?

She looked up at the sky once more, realizing that she had had her head bowed in misery. Why does everything have to be so complicated? She wondered as she looked up at the sky above. But that wouldn't help anything. Mistakes of the past could not be changed, no matter how hard she wished them otherwise. But did she really regret what she did? Leafpool pondered this for a moment. No, she thought to herself. I don't regret what I did, but I do regret what happened and what will happen because of it. What I think won't change anything, though. The future, Leafpool thought as she gazed at the stars, is in the paws of Starclan.

As soon as she thought this, a wave of darkness spreads across Leafpool's vision. She leapt to her paws in astonishment, every hair on her pelt standing straight up." What is going on?" Leafpool cried. And then, she saw.

She saw the territories around the lake, but far away, as if she were sitting on a cloud. But there was something wrong. Even from this far away, she could see a tremendous fight going on at the Gathering Place. What seemed like cats from all clans were fighting to the death. Suddenly, it was as if Leafpool's paws had dropped from under her, and she was hovering right above the battle. The medicine cat's soul wept as she saw all the red life-blood staining the ground. Many cats lay dead, locked in twisted poses of defiance, slain for some unknown reason. "What is the cause of this?" Leafpool cried up to the sky. "Tell me how to stop this Starclan, please, I beg you!" But the starry sky was suddenly covered, the soothing light from Starclan blocked by the silhouettes of three cats.

A menacing voice hissed in her ear," One rules four, but four shall fall to the power of three. And when this comes to pass, even the stars shall fail."

"NOOO!" Leafpool yowled, but a tide of blood rose from the lake and swallowed the fighting cats. Suddenly, it reached up and swept her away, too. She was drowning, drowning in a sea of blood…

Leafpool jumped into the air, landing with all four paws firmly on the ground, eyes wide, and every hair bristling. As she gasped for air, she looked around. The camp was peaceful, the cool night air tracing a path through Leafpool's fur. The usual night sounds could be heard, along with the gentle breathing of Jaypaw in the medicine cat den behind her. Still breathing hard, Leafpool sat heavily on the ground in front of the medicine cat den. What was that?! Leafpool thought. A vision? Or just a dream? Leafpool wished was just a dream, but she could still taste the blood in her mouth, salty and foul. That was no dream, Leafpool thought. That was a warning sent by Starclan. And I have to let Firestar know right now.

Leafpool ran across the camp to Highstones as fast as she could. Father will know, what to do, she thought desperately, and so will mother. Firestar and Sandstorm were two of the two most respected cats in Thunderclan. Surely they could help her figure out what this means.

As she reached the entrance to the leader's den, she called in, a note of panic still in her voice. "Firestar!" she said, just quiet enough that she wouldn't wake anyone else up. "Firestar, I need to speak with you right now!"

"Leafpool?" she heard a sleepy voice say. "What are you doing? By the judge of things, it's about moonhigh."

"I need to speak with you right away," she said, letting the fear in her voice tell him how serious this was.

"What's happening?" he asked sharply, alarmed. "Are we under attack?" From inside the den, Leafpool could hear Sandstorm beginning to stir.

"No," Leafpool said, her voice still quivering a little," But I think there may be trouble. I just had a vision."

"Then come in, Leafpool," Firestar said," This sounds like something I need to hear right away." Leafpool stepped past the entrance and entered the den. Inside, Firestar was waiting for her, sitting with his tail wrapped around his paws. Sandstorm was blinking sleepily at Leafpool.

"What's happening?" she murmured, trying to stay awake.

"Its okay, Sandstorm. Go back to sleep. I'll tell you in the morning," Firestar said gently.

"Fine," she yawned, curling back up in her nest. In moments, she was fast asleep.

"Now," said Firestar,"Tell me what you saw." So Leafpool told him. After she was done talking, Firestar got up and began to pace. "Four shall fall to the power of three…" he muttered.

"What does this mean?" Leafpool asked. She was slowly regaining her composure, and was ashamed of herself for acting like a helpless kit. If her father could be brave in the face of danger, then she could at least not panic over one vision.

"Well…" Firestar began. "Since you saw all four clans fighting, then "four" could mean for the clans. But could "one rules four" mean. No one clan rules out of the four of us."

Leafpool jolted to her feet. "But one does!" she exclaimed. As Firestar opened his mouth to argue, she continued. "What clan watches over all of us?"

"Starclan," Firestar said, "Of course! "

"So," Leafpool said, "Starclan watches over the four clan, but what is the "three" mentioned?"

"I don't know…" Firestar said softly. For a moment, some flashed in Firestar's eyes, but it was gone too fast for Leafpool to tell what it was. "What worries me the most, though, is the last part," he said gravely.

"What," said Leafpool worriedly, "Could have the power to challenge Starclan?"

"I don't know, and I wish we wouldn't have to find out." Said Firestar solemnly. "But at least we have been warned. All we can do is watch and wait." There was silence for a moment.

"Does it always seem this hopeless?" asked Leafpool softly. "You've been part of a prophecy. Did you feel like this sometimes?"

"To tell you the truth, it felt like this a lot for me," Firestar admitted. "It feels like trying to climb an endless mountain. You take one paw step and the mountain grows two. But Thunderclan has endured everything, and it will endure this, too. I have faith." Firestar's eyes were blazing with a determination that, if need, would let him sprout wings and fly for his clan. It was a leader's faith.

"And your faith shall guide you on," said a new voice. Both cats whirled around. Sitting at the cave was a blue-gray furred cat with the sparkle of stars in its pelt.

"Bluestar," Firestar said, respect and awe in his voice. Leafpool was stunned into silence.

"Greetings, Firestar and Leafpool. I have another message from Starclan. But unlike the first message, this is a message of hope." Bluestar blinked warmly at both of them. But then her eyes hardened into two chips of blue ice. "Dark times lie ahead, for all of the clans. A great power will be misused, and a dark secret will be revealed." Leafpool's breath caught in her throat. Bluestar paused for a second, and Leafpool could have sworn she looked at her with pity in her eyes. Then, she continued," In this dark time, five heroes will come, Peacegivers, to be a guiding light to the clans. These cats have power, much power, and they come from a realm that lies even beyond Starclan."

Leafpool gasped. "What do you mean, beyond Starclan?"

Bluestar looked pained. "I wish I could tell you, but it is unclear, even to us. This is all we know."

"How will we know when these Peacegivers arrive, or what they look like?" Firestar asked.

"Two birds, a beast, a star, and machine shall be the ones." Said Bluestar. She looked towards the east. The night was lightening, the sun just about to rise. "You must have faith in each other, but be careful who you tell. Farewell, and Starclan light your path." And with that she vanished.

For a while, the two cats just sat in silence, contemplating what they had learned. Leafpool was the one to break the silence. "Troubles coming," she said, looking at the rising sun and the dawn patrol getting ready to leave, "And we can do nothing but wait for it to come."

"We must have faith in Starclan," said Firestar calmly, his red pelt blazing in the rising sun, "And in the five cats that are coming. But that is not all we can do. We can fight for our clan and follow the warrior code. If we can do that much, then we can see it through this, I know we can."

"Yes," said Leafpool. "I know we can." She stretched. "I'm going back to my den to get a little sleep. Thank you for listening to me."

But as she turned to go, Firestar said, "Wait." Before she could turn around, she felt a comforting lick on her ear, and all of a sudden she was a kit again. "You made me proud today, my daughter." Firestar said warmly. Leafpool purred. Then, he turned and walked back into the den. As Leafpool made her way back to the medicine cat den, she hoped she could get a little sleep before the patients started trickling in. But all of a sudden she could taste the blood in her mouth, and feel herself drowning all over again, and knew she would get no sleep.

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