Decisions of the Chained

(A Prince of Tennis Fan fiction)

Summary: Part one of the two part Chained Saga. Nanjiro questions Ryoma about what would happen to him and himself. Asking Ryoma if he can withstand what would happen next. Breaking the chains that held him back, Ryoma leaves.

Author's note: just some random drabble I transformed into a semi-angst story once again. Sorry to be a disappointment.

Disclaimer: not mine, if it were, Ryoma would be head over heels for Atobe.

"Ryoma, listen to your father."

A pause, defiant golden eyes turned to similar ones.

"If you leave me, to live with your mother—I will die. Will it not hit your conscience boy?"

A month later, 14 year old Echizen Ryoma became Takuechi Ryoma. Three months after the alteration of his name, Echizen Nanjiro died.

He died of heart failure.

His son didn't shed a tear.

"Can you live your life without being reminded of what you did to me?" a commanding yet insulting voice asked.

'Takuechi Ryoma quits tennis!' was the headline of every newspaper in the sports department. This happens 2 months after his father's death.

The news baffles everyone in the tennis world including Ryoma's former teammates and rivals.

The said teen in question didn't comment or correct what was said in the news.

"Will you be able to walk firmly without once falling because it was you who caused my death?" a mocking voice asked the boy in front of him.

An ambulance rushes off to towards the said scene where a young boy suddenly fell off the sky bridge. There was blood everywhere as the boy fell to the street below. Making people wonder if the child were to survive the ideal he just had.

"Well? Can you leave me, even if all these things will happen to you, boy?"

The same defiant golden eyes turn glowed fiercer at his maker.


The man the child once called father, smirked and walked back into the house. "Good. Now go, brat. Your mother's waiting."

The child frowned and left running to the gate. Both father and son not once turned around to say good-bye or be reminded of the bond they severed then and there.

Golden orbs softened as the door was shut tightly from the scene where his son and wife left him.

"Good-bye Ryoma…Rinko…may we never meet again."

The man slid to the floor, and quietly, a tear fell from his face unto a small photo on his hand.

A photo of his wife, him and a small boy with the same defiant, large, round, golden eyes of the grown up son he has now.

"Fly, fly away. Fly from the chains that bind you to me, Ryoma."

Golden orbs stare out the cab he was sitting in.

He whispered to himself, "Your chains will not bind me forever, oyaji."

Pulling out something from his pocket, he looked at it.

A silver chained bracelet, whose lock charm was cut in half. Quickly stuffing it back in his jacket as they arrived at their new home.

This was his new beginning.

Me: well… what can I say? I was bored.

The Other Me: very…bored.

Me: feel free to express.

The Other Me: what she said.

Me: Later.

The Other Me: not that much later though.

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