All characters © Toboso Yana

S is for Sadist

The only reason Ciel Phantomhive had business at the museum in Freiburg, Germany, was because their sponsors owed him money. In fact, their debt was so substantial that a simple letter just wouldn't do. So Ciel had braved filthy trains, stale bread, and vagabonds for a week in order to impose on them just who it was they were dealing with.

Thankfully that little mishap had been cleared up before it could turn into something more troublesome. With a sigh, Ciel closed his good eye. Finally, he could return to England and enjoy some Ceylon tea...

Ah, but that would have to wait. The young earl now found himself faced with a far more unsettling issue-- a scene which would have been amusing if it hadn't been so disturbing.

He couldn't get his pet demon to leave.

Sebastian touched the exhibits softly with a gloved hand. Silky fingers traced rusted fetters, blunt teeth, and ramshackle yet sturdy wood. His crimson eyes glowed with a kind of feral absorption, which suggested that he found the museum's displays far from jejune.

The Judas Chair.

The Rack.

Scold's Bridal. To hold your tongue.

The Heretic's Fork.

The Spider. Sebastian was rather partial to that one.

Ciel sighed and tapped his servant curtly with the end of his cane. "Sebastian, let's go. That's an order."

"Yes, My Lord," Sebastian sighed, sparing one last look at the Maiden before departing with his young master.

They brought back memories of his glory days, those old torture devices. He missed them. Now they were all locked up in museums, where they couldn't be used by anybody anymore.

Author's note: I was given the prompt 'Sadist' and the characters 'Sebastian' to write about, and this was the result. One symptom of sadism that caught my attention was "a fascination with objects of torture," thus spurring this ficlet. I practically made myself nauseous researching the different torture instruments (the things people did to one Enjoy!