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Jacobs POV:

I looked at her and couldn't help but smile. Every day for the past 30 years I have thought of her. And now I am finally with her again.

"So what happened, you know, all those years back? Why did you leave Jacob?" Suddenly she was serious and I could see the hurt behind her eyes.

"I'm just going to tell it to you straight Bella. It was Sam…" I paused and though of how to put it.

"Sam what?" she asked, her eyes looked at me in anticipation.

"Well, I'll start from the beginning. One night Sam heard something that made him extremely angry, too angry. Emily was in the same room, at the same time…"
"He didn't…"

"Yeah, he lashed out. It was awful Bella, Emily ended up in hospital." Bella gasped.

"Oh poor Emily."

"Yes, poor Emily. But also poor Sam, imagine how he was feeling? After we had calmed him down and he had realized what he had done, he…well, he broke down. I mean properly broke down. There was nothing we could do, he wouldn't say or do anything. He was convinced that Emily hated him and that he didn't deserve to live. It was a hundred times worse than last time."

"Then, what happened? I still don't understand why all of you left."

"About a week after the incident he was gone. We couldn't find him anywhere, he had run away. We had to find him Bella; we couldn't give up on him. We all knew what he had run away to do."

"No, he couldn't…Sam would never…" I looked at her and she trailed off.

"So, we all decided to leave, he would have done the same for any one of us. I wanted to say goodbye Bella but I knew that it would be too hard for both of us. I knew you couldn't do that again and I knew that I would never have the strength to do it. So I left Bella. I have thought of you every day, and I have missed you every day…"

"But Jacob, you knew how broken I was when they left, you saw it for yourself. And that was when I knew why they had gone and they had actually said goodbye. Imagine how I would have been if they just disappeared. I would never have been able to recover, but with you I was starting to bit by bit. When you left I couldn't take it Jacob. I know that you don't want to hear this, but what do you think I did when you left? How do you think I became a vampire? And how do you think that my dad didn't even know where I was?"

I looked at her and I felt a wave of nausea, I don't know if I want to hear this.

"When I realized that you had gone, that all of you had gone, I.... there was no one left for me Jacob. There was no one to talk to about my secret, your secret. I was so alone. So, I ran. I had no idea where at the time, but I came to a cliff and…"

"No, Bella. You…" I was on my feet, red in the face. "Please tell me you didn't…jump…"

She just looked at the floor.

"Did you not think about the pain you were causing? What about Charlie? Did it not even cross your mind what it would do to him?" Bella looked at me with her wide eyes.

"No, I didn't think Jacob; I was in no position to think. I was in despair. You have no idea what I felt like. Because of you my human life ended…how does that feel?" she yelled. I felt like I had been stabbed, she was right, it was all my fault. I sank onto the sofa my head in my hands.

"Jacob…I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have…" she whispered

"No, you're right. I will never forgive myself. I am even worse than those leeches out there." Bella got out of her bed and came to sit next to me,

"No, Jacob. You are already forgiven, I forgave you long ago. I was stupid, and you're right, I wasn't thinking. It was my fault, not yours."

"But" I started,

"No. You just saved not only my life but my family's lives as well. You are more than forgiven. You're still my best friend."
I looked at her and I smiled,

"Alright, best friends again. And all past forgiven and forgotten?"

"Of course, Love you Jacob."

"Love you too Bells." I whispered and we sat there with each other for a bit.

Edward's POV:

I looked at her gorgeous face and I had never felt happier. We were all still alive and I had my Bella back. Everything is going to be ok, because we love each other and that much I am certain of. Suddenly she looked at me and her whole face lit up with a smile. I pulled her gently into a hug.

It has been a week since the fight and Bella is now up and about. We have all pretty much recovered from that awful day a week back, but we still have a lot of things to discuss.

"What's the time?" Bella asked me.

"They'll be here any minute now honey." I replied laughing at her eager face. Leila and Callum are almost here. I am looking forward to seeing them, I want to know what they are like Bella has spoken so much about them.

Bella's POV:

I am still on shock after everything. Jacob and I talked again a bit later and he told me that Sam is dead. It's hard to believe really, he was the organized leader of the group and now… well, it just doesn't seem real. I don't suppose any of this does though.

Still, I am so excited about seeing Leila and Callum. It feels like it has been years. Have they been hurt? Oh, I hope not, they don't deserve to be hurt. They are the best friends ever. Infact, I have only just realized that, Leila was right all along. I did need to sort things out with them so that I could get on with my life. She is such a friend… They both are.

Well, we have talked about pretty much everything. They have met the Cullens properly and it went really well.

Everything is turning out all right, everything will be ok.

I know of it, I love Edward dearly and I am ready to start my life properly with him. I don't know what is going to happen, or how it's going to happen. But, I guess I'll find out…


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