Title: Commandments
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Finally finished this! I've only been writing this since last autumn. Basically, each chapter deals with one of the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus of the Hebrew Bible. It starts with number ten and goes backwards to one. Unfortunately, ten and nine are probably my least favorite ones, so if you can get through those, it gets better, promise. Anyway, I tried to do something a little different in style for each section.

I hope you enjoy!

Thou shalt not covet

Prince Rabadash always knew what he wanted. As long as he could remember, his eyes were fixed on the throne of his father. That was his goal: as the eldest son, he would be Tisroc when his father (may he live forever) died. For Rabadash, this day could not come soon enough; there was certainly no love lost between him and his father. The crown prince was a patient man, however, and he would use his time wisely to solidify his power.

So Rabadash took what he wanted: he bought the loyalty of many, ensured the loyalty of others with force. If he wanted a jewel or a ship or a warhorse, it was his. All his actions, everything he took, added to his ambition. The jewels bought loyalty, the ships and horses furnished his power. Everything he did aided him in his highest quest: to be the greatest Tisroc Calormen ever saw, to have poets sing of his reign as the Golden Age of the land. Rabadash sacrificed countless gifts to Tash, to persuade the great god to give him his greatest desire.

Over the years, Rabadash collected the material goods he needed to solidify his power, performed the services and heroics that gave him a great name. Now, to complete his set of possessions, he needed the perfect wife. Oh, he would have plenty of concubines and secondary wives to fill his pleasure, but he needed a queen of the utmost beauty and poise, a flawless image of womanly virtues.

He found her in that barbaric northern land of Narnia. Queen Susan possessed every aspect of feminine perfection: beauty, gentleness, grace. She had a few barbarisms, such as practicing archery and speaking, but Rabadash was sure that he would soon be able to wipe out those imperfections with time - and a little forceful persuasion. So he wooed the Narnian queen, desperate to acquire her for his own.

Rabadash was delighted when Queen Susan agreed to visit Tashbaan to accommodate his suite. He even allowed the irksome intrusion of her brother, King Edmund, to wash over him; the barbarian king would be no match for him, after all. No, soon Rabadash would have his perfect, northern wife. She would complete his set, and with her at his side, he would be the image of a great Tisroc, indeed the greatest Tisroc.

Unfortunately, Queen Susan and King Edmund did not seem to agree with him. After only a few days, they and their entourage slipped away from Calormen, heading back north. Rabadash's eyes grew dark with fury: how dare those barbarians treat him in such a way! This insult was not to be born. He would have Susan for his wife, he would be the greatest of all Tisrocs! It was his right! Surely Tash would give him his desire.

In later years, Rabadash would look back on his actions and realize that he should have been a bit more careful about demanding that Tash fulfill his wishes; for Rabadash did become a great Tisroc, one that led Calormen into an era of peace and prosperity. Oh, he did not have his northern wife, though the one he ended up with was a good second choice (one who was much less barbaric). But with the curse laid upon him by the demon Lion, Rabadash did not dare leave Tashbaan, dared not lead his army or allow any other to have victory in battle. So Rabadash focused his attention on the care and maintenance of his country, and in later years was known as Rabadash the Peacemaker.

Gaining his wish to be a great Tisroc, though, never fully pleased Rabadash. For, despite his title of Peacemaker, despite his long and calm rule, he could never be sure when people were calling him "Ridiculous" behind closed doors; and that galled Rabadash to no end. He was the Tisroc of the great Empire of Calormen! But he was also an ass, and one who learned the hard way to beware the fulfillment of desires.

I'll try to upload a new chapter each day.