Note: Last chapter! In case it isn't obvious, this is Edmund's chapter.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

She promised me power over the lives of others. She told me I would have revenge against those who wronged me. She promised me pleasure, the sweet delight of forbidden candy. She was a queen, a goddess, and she gave her word to me.

Her promises were false jades.

She never meant to give me any of her authority. Instead she sought to take what power I had and pervert it to her own, cold rule. She used me, my traitor's blood, to lay claim to the Deep Magic. And I was helpless.
She never intended to aid me in vengeance, and my thoughts of revenge froze in that cold cell. She entombed my heart in ice, quenching anger's bitter flame and leaving only hollowness.
Her gifts of pleasure turned to dust in my mouth and bile in my stomach. Desire was never sated, but gorging my appetite only fuelled a dark, terrible sickness.

She was no true queen, no benevolent god.
Her promise was death.


He promised me a life of servitude to himself and others. He told me to love my enemies and show mercy. He promised me redemption and joy. He was King, and God, and I trusted his word.

His promises are the purest gold.

He showed me that the highest of sovereigns must be the lowliest of slaves. As he served Narnia with his life, so I strove to do the same. And in being a servant, in kneeling to others, I became a king.
He loved a traitor enough to endure torture, to lay down his very life. Instead of taking his just vengeance for my treachery, he showed me mercy. He opened my heart to love, and so I was able to love and give mercy in my turn.
His gift of redemption saved me, restored me, and gave me a life of the most fulfilling joy. Even in times of trouble, his peace filled me.

He is King above all kings, he is God of all.
His promise is life.

Note: When Edmund says Aslan is God of all, of course that is only in the context of the Chronicles of Narnia series, not in real life. I'm not saying Aslan is God in real life, since he's only a character in a book series.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the series!