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A little note: since the POV is of Snape and not Harry please assume that Harry's had a life a little worse than what the book tells.

Also, I plan to go through all the 7 years (or what ever it turns out to be) of Hogwarts.

Why Snape? I chose Snape's POV because he's an analytical person and he notices more things than others. Also, I do plan to send Potter into the Slytherin house.

This is NOT a Snarry story. They have no relationship, besides hatred, possibly, between each other. Snape will NOT save Harry, they are not lovers or anything. I use Snape as a narrators simply, because I believe him to be able to realise Harry's future when it gets closer before anyone else. He's more realistic, his eyes are more open than others'.

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Chapter 1 – pre-start

I enter the staffroom just behind Trelawney. Both of us sits in the back, as usual, neither of us interested in the front, though the reasons are entirely different. She likes to keep her inner eye clear. I just dislike the people. Immensely. As they do me.

The room is humming with speculations and I briefly wonder of what, until I remember that it's because of him; Harry Bloody Potter.

Which house will he be sorted into? The questions are thrown into the midst of the staff, each of them remembering qualities his parents had, which, surely, he must have inherited. I hold my tongue, knowing that this topic is unwise of me to comment. They know my dislike of James Potter and if the boy so much as inherited one strand of hair from James I shall dislike him just as much.

In fact, knowing he most likely was brought up being smothered as the little boy-hero he is makes me hate him prematurely. He will hold no regards to the rules, probably, and flaunt them as he sees fit; a pompous little boy, just like his father.

I keep it to myself though, being the only one, next to Quirinus Quirrel, The new DADA Professor.

Where did Dumbledore find such an imbecile anyway? I wonder at this briefly. I know it's hard to fill the position every year. I am uncertain whether or not the Dark Lord really placed a curse upon the position or if it's just a rumour. People tend to work themselves up, so it's quite probable just an idea they thought of after a few years of inconstant Professors. They need something to blame.

I sneer at them, but I have no real way of knowing the truth, as I have never been in favour of taking up the position; even when finding a professor has proved near-impossible.

I am uncertain whether it's because Albus believe in the Curse or if he is uncertain of what will happen if he unleashes me as a DADA teacher.

I'd like to think of myself more capable than anyone of those idiots who's taught here since I started to teach as well. But it's not my place to decide and I am forced to succumb to Dumbledore's wishes. Going against him only gives me a headache. His reasoning is beyond logic and you're left with a feeling of uncertainty in regards to your own mental capacity.

And should you manage to get through his logic and persist you'll make him one pissed off wizard and he'll latch onto the guilt you're already feeling towards, my case, my past and how saved me.

No, it's not something I am interested in pursuing again. Instead I make little remarks, here and there, to prove my point when the people he hires fails miserably.

We've had some idiots through the years, but this, I believe, is the first time we have a DADA professor who seems to be actually afraid of the subject itself.

Briefly I pity the students for not getting to learn something properly. I damn Albus for not teaching the children something they will have to use eventually. The Dark Lord isn't dead. He will return.

The thought makes me shudder, but I cannot deny the truth of it. Albus knows it well enough and I do too. And so does a lot of ex-Death Eaters.

I remark, mentally and with heavy sarcasm, that the future hangs in threads of people who won't have been taught how to actually defend anything properly. The standards fall as they take over the Ministry as the new generation. To make sure Aurors are actually recruited the standard must've been lowered there too. Otherwise none would get through.

It's the arrival of Albus that forces me out of my silent reproach and disgust of the society. He's all cheery, as always, and smells strongly of lemon. Curiously I realise the contrast is the new DADA professor, who seems to smell of excessive garlic. It seems to come from the scarf around his head

I meet said Professor's gaze and I glare at him to make sure he knows he is unwanted. He squirms and looks away.

It's a basic fact that all Non-humans are restricted and kept a close watch of. Centaurs, werewolves, Vampires and whatnot have a department at the Ministry to themselves. There is really no need to run around with garlic and needlessly upset those people who are unaware of the regulations. Unless you're unaware yourself of said regulations and as such you would have no place as a DADA Professor.

My dislike towards the man intensifies; and towards Albus.

Albus closes the meeting and the prattle continues about the Golden Boy and his upcoming house. The boy is unlikely to land in my house and as such I have no place to discuss him. Not that my remarks would have been welcome, anyway.

I spend the rest of the day in my lab, creating safety-stocks for the infirmary and cleaning up in my ingredients. I want to have a drink, but I know I won't stop at just one and I know that it's a pain to have hangovers on the first day of teaching. It's not something I am willing to try again. But, on the other hand, I have to admit it really gave a big notch up to my reputation as a bastard. The first-years, that year, were never the same again.

I smirk at the memory and realise it's almost time for the students to arrive.

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