Feelings are what makes a person, how they react, how they feel, how they choose to handle a situation, without feeling you would be walking around numb, like a corpse, no joy, no happiness, no sadness causing tears to fall...you would be nothing but an empty shell.

Feelings were what made a person and it's up to you to control your reactions to situations.


The man ran up the flight of steps taking two at a time, his feet hardly touching the stone before bouncing off only to repeat the action.

If you had asked him how many steps he had climbed he wouldn't have an answer for he didn't know, all he knew was his destination was drawing closer with every movement he made.

Reaching the floor he was searching for Liam Angelus continued the search, his brown eyes scanning each door number as if his life deepened on it.

Coming to a holt, he made himself stop for a second, forcing air into his lungs and letting it out through his dry lips.

He was here for a reason and he needed to keep level headed, which was going to be difficult considering the news he had just heard.

Taking another deep breath he raised a hand to knock on the solid wooden door, his knuckles hurting slightly from the force he used.

He waited a moment before continuing the action, this time hearing noise coming from inside the apartment.

He was debating knocking again just for the shill hell of it but managed to restrain himself, glad to hear the lock's being removed from the inside.

Ever so slowly the door opened to reveal the person he had been searching for and by the looks on her face wished he still was.

"We need to talk," was all he said, able to find his voice.

From her position half hidden behind the door Buffy Summers took her time, she was praying he wasn't really here, that she was dreaming but when he placed a hand on the door and pushed against it to enter she knew it was real.

Holding the door where it was she replied, "There's nothing to talk about,"

Liam stepped forward using more force to push the door back, "I think there is," he told her, his voice and stern look letting her know he wasn't going anywhere.

Buffy sighed finally letting him in, she knew he wouldn't give up until they talked and she preferred having a door at the end of it.

Liam watched her turn away from the door leaving it open for him, looking back out into the empty hallway he closed the door behind him with a solid click.

After making sure it was locked so they wouldn't be disturbed Liam walked further into the apartment, his feet taking him into the living room where Buffy was stood, her back to him, her attention on the window looking out into the night.

"Is it true?" he asked after a moment of silence, his eyes firmly on her back, like if he looked away he would miss something important.

But his question went unanswered, instead he watched her look towards the floor before back up at the window, "How did you find out?"

Closing his eyes Liam ran a hand through his spiked hair, he was trying to think of something to say when he finally settled on repeating himself, "Is it true?"

This time Buffy turned to look at him, the little light the lamp offered glowing on her shadowed face, "Who told you,"

Liam retched the hand from his hair in anger, his voice growing louder with frustration at her lack of response, "Dam it Buffy, just tell me!"

Buffy flinched slightly at the tone his voice held, she hadn't wanted him to find out about the situation because she wasn't sure herself what she was going to do.

Seeing red Liam moved from his stop towards her, his strides long and powerful, stopping once he was stood towering over her he spoke, "Please, just tell me," he whispered, in an attempt to control his feelings.

While he waited for her to tell him the truth Liam could swear his heart was going to rip straight through his chest, that the blood rushing around his veins would burst from the pressure, the simple yes or no answer he needed to know so much would change both their lives forever.

Finally after several seconds ticked by on the clock Buffy's lips began to move before stopping, she took a deep breath before finally looking him square in the eyes, "It's true."

She had spoken the words so quietly Liam thought he had imagined them until she walked past him over to the couch where she sat down heavily, her face covered by her hands as she trembled with the effort to keep from crying in front of him.

Even if he wanted to Liam wouldn't have been able to move, the only thing he could do was stare at her while sinking down the wall until he was sat back against it, his legs bent at the knees, his face slack of any emotion.

No matter what happened now his life would never be the same again.

The clock ticked loudly through out the quiet room, its continuous ticking the only sound for minutes on end until finally another noise joined it.

"Were you even going to tell me?" Liam asked, his mouth making the words before his mind could process them.

"I don't know," Buffy whispered, her voice sounding unsure, slowly she pulled her hands away from her face, but kept her head down, "Everything is just so messed up, I just...I...I can't do this,"

Swallowing thickly Liam looked away from her bent over form to his knees, he hadn't even thought about how this would effect her, his mind had just thought about himself and no one else.

Not once did he give her a thought about how this would change her world.

Knowing he had to ask the question his heart was torn between asking Liam forced himself to look back at her, "Are you keeping it?"

Buffy felt like a sledge hammer had been driven into her stomach, she had barley accepted the fact she was pregnant with his child let alone what would happen after that.

Taking in a shaky breath she said, "I haven't thought that far ahead," lifting her head up she locked eyes with his through the mostly dark room, "Do you want me to?"

She knew she had the right to ask since it was half his, but the question had burned her throat, for Liam the answer could destroy everything he had, his relationship with Darla, his job since Darla's father owned the business...Everything.

"I don't know," Liam answered honestly, his head feeling heavy, forcing him to look away from her intense gaze.

Buffy sighed once again hiding her face into her hands, "What are we going to do?" she whispered brokenly through her first tears.

He couldn't answer that for her since he didn't know himself...all he knew was how this had happened.

Darla had just left for her holiday and Liam had agreed to go for a night out with a group of friends, they had met up at the Bronze before moving onto the larger nightclubs where he had bumped into a group of old friends.

They had hang out and drunk way to much in a short amount of time and before he knew what was happening had been pulled up to the dance floor where he flirted with a lot of women, one of them being none other then Buffy.

They had known each other from school and had kept in contact over the years, but had eventually talked less and less, so to see her out and about had been great.

And by midnight they had been inseparable, each happy to be around the other, it began to get blurry at that time until he had walked her home and if he remembered right had kissed her first, which had led into a heated make out session before climbing the steps heading for her apartment...And well anyone could guess the rest.

He had woken up the next day to a splitting headache and sore muscles, he had turned expecting to find Darla there but instead found Buffy, feeling guilty he had threw on his clothes and with his tail tucked between his legs left her apartment without a second thought, instead worried that someone would spot him and tell Darla.

Liam wasn't proud of what he did, but at the time he was freaked out and scared and had done what he thought was best, but he knew if he could redo that morning he would have talked things through with the blonde and not ran away like a coward.

Shaking those thoughts away Liam looked up towards the silently crying blonde, the only indication she was by the way her shoulder were jerking in small movements.

It had been his fault she was in this mess, if only he had handled his drink better, if only he hadn't gone out that night, if only...there were too many if only and he couldn't do a thing about them now.

But what he could do was be the man he was and talk through things with her and not tuck tail and run like he had done before.

With new found determination Liam pushed himself up to his feet and with slow movements made his way over to the crying blonde, stopping in front of her he lowered himself onto his knees, so he was at her height level.

Swallowing through the lump in his throat Liam spoke, "Buffy, I know I haven't been very grown up about this..." he watched her collect herself and look up at him through glassy eyes before continuing, his voice holding promise to his words, "But I promise you, what ever you decide to do I will stand by you...whether you decide to keep the baby or not, I'll be there no matter what."

Buffy watched him closely, she could see he was just as scared as she was, but to hear him say those words like he meant them lifted some of the coldness around her, with the facet she wasn't going to go through this alone whatever her decision turned out to be.


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