"Okay, on the count of three…..Three." Angel said to the guy stood across from him before bending down to grab an end of the couch.

Once the guy had done the same they began to move the heavy object towards the van, their steps slow and careful as they covered the distance before Angel climbed into the vehicle to pull the couch towards the back while the other guy pushed it forward.

Taking a deep needed breath Angel reached up to wipe at his slightly damp forehead while he jumped down from the van, glad for the slightly cool breeze that blew across him.

"Here you go," the man said while handing over a hand full of bills.

Reaching out Angel took them from him with a small smile, his eyes quickly looking over the folded money, making a quick calculation of how much would be there, happy that it would add up he looked up, "Thanks for picking it up." He said, lifting his head towards the large van where all his furniture was located.

"No problem, I couldn't miss out on a deal like that." He told Angel before shaking his hand and closing the doors to the van, making sure it was locked before climbing into the front of the van and starting it up.

Moving from the road Angel came to stand on the side street outside of his apartment, his eyes on the van as it drove away.

Angel waited until it was gone out of sight before entering the building and making his way to his apartment, noticing how big it looked now that all his stuff was gone, he had sold it all to get some money, knowing he wouldn't get as much as he paid for it but still happy he had gotten something.

Taking a deep breath he took one last look around the large room before sitting on the floor his back against one of the walls.

This was the last day he had to move out and it had came faster then he realized it would, Buffy was expecting him to come over in a little while to move his stuff in and yet sitting here and looking around still didn't help make any of it feel real, in a way it all seemed like one big nightmare he was wishing he would wake up from.

Closing his eyes he lent his head back and against the wall, the coldness from it cooling his heated skin, as much as he wanted it to be a dream Angel knew it wasn't, he really was being kicked out of his apartment, had really broken up with Darla, lost his job and gotten Buffy Summers pregnant.

It seemed he couldn't catch a break, it was one thing after another.

Forcing his eyes to open he looked out over the empty room, trying to remember where everything had been, from the corner of his eye he caught the stain on the wall from where Darla had thrown the bottle at it.

He stared at it a moment longer before smiling, he hadn't bothered to spend too much time cleaning it up since he was moving out anyway.

Shaking his head slightly he looked down at his watch, he knew he better get moving but instead he spent a few more minutes just simply sat there while his mind replayed all the memories he could think about since living here, all the good times and the bad.

He just hoped that sooner rather than later some good luck would come his way, he knew some of it had came in the disguise of Buffy, she had been a real life saver at the moment, always trying to help everyone out.

And Angel knew if he had gotten someone else pregnant they wouldn't have helped him out like she was doing…she really was amazing.

Slowly a small smile crossed his face as he thought more about her.


"I still don't see why he has to live here." Xander said while coming into the front room, his eyes landing on Buffy who was sat in one of the arm chairs.

Rolling her eyes Buffy sighed while leaning back into the soft cushions, "Xander we've been through this."

Holding up one of his hands in surrender Xander took a seat on the couch, "I know, I'm just saying is all."

"Angel doesn't have any place to go, I can't just let him live in some motel." She told him, knowing he wouldn't be letting this subject go without a fight.

Leaning back Xander took a breath before letting it out slowly, he really did want to be a good friend to Buffy and he knew to do that he needed to shut up and let her make her own choices, but dam it was hard.

"It's just weird, I mean you hardly know Angel and now he's going to be living with you." He said, trying to keep from saying anything that would set her off.

Buffy had to admit he had a point, it was true she didn't know Angel all that well, they hadn't spoken or seen each other for years not that they were close in high school they had been more like acquaintances.

"I know but it's not like it's going to be forever, he's just staying here until he gets himself back on his feet." She finally said, not sure if she was trying to comfort Xander or herself about the situation she had gotten herself into.

Xander waited until she was finished before asking a question that had been bugging him for the past couple of days, "And then what?"

Looking towards him a small frown appeared on Buffy's face with the fact she didn't understand the question.

Seeing she hadn't understood he lent forward, so his elbows were resting on his knees, "What happens once the baby is born, is Angel going to be here every day. Once a week. Once a month…what?"

Again Xander had bought up a good point, she hadn't had the chance to talk to Angel about the future considering the problems going on and the fact he had only just found out he was going to be a father.

"I think it's a little too soon to be thinking about that stuff." She told him truthfully, "I mean Angel only found out a couple of weeks ago, it's still a shock for the both of us."

Nodding to show he understood what she was saying he took a moment to take a breath before looking towards her, his eyes on her face. "Do you want him to be a part of your kid's life?"

Slowly Buffy looked up from the floor, her mind thinking through the answers, "I'm willing to let him but at the end of the day it's down to him…I can't make him want to be there."

"Sounds fair to me." Xander said with a little smile to show he wasn't going to say anything else that would cause them to have an argument, sighing he looked towards the clock on the wall, "What time is he getting here anyway?"

Following his line of sight she said, "Shouldn't be too much longer, he said he had a couple of things to tie up then he would come over."

"Do you want me to stay with you?" he asked, turning to look at her for the answer.

Giving it a quick thought Buffy shrugged while getting to her feet, "It's up to you." She told him, not minding if he wasn't here, she trusted Angel enough not to feel threatened when on her own with him.

Xander was about to speak when a knock sounded throughout the room.

Lifting her eyebrows at the timing Buffy quickly threw a glance over her shoulder at Xander hoping he would get the message to behave himself while she walked over to the door.


Taking a deep breath Angel looked around the hallway he was stood in, slightly nervous about what was to happen.

The sounds coming from inside the apartment caught his attention causing him to look back towards the door as it came open.

"Hi." He forced himself to say when she came into sight, his heart thumping a little harder with the fact this was really happening.

"Hey," she replied just above a whisper at lost what to say to him now he was stood there.

Feeling self conscious Angel shifted from one foot to the other so he had something else to do other then stare at her.

The small action caused Buffy to snap out of her thoughts, pulling the door open wider as an invite to come in she said, "Do you want some help with your stuff?"

Looking towards his feet at the couple of bags and boxes he had he shook his head slightly, "Nah, I don't have that much stuff with me." He replied thankful she was making small talk.

"Okay." She said softly, her eyes traveling down to the objects at his feet, noticing he hadn't been lying.

Bending down slightly Angel slung a couple of the bags over his shoulders before picking up the boxes, then moving towards the door, the weight of the stuff making him move slower so he wouldn't drop them.

Seeing that Buffy reached up and took the heavy box from his hands, catching his eyes as she did, he had denied her help but she wasn't going to just stand there and watch as he struggled with his belongings.

Smiling at her quickly Angel used one of his free hands to adjust the straps on his shoulder removing the discomfort as much as he could.

Smiling back at him Buffy moved further away from the door, waiting for him to come into the apartment before turning and heading into the living room where Xander was stood, leaning against one of the walls.

Lifting his foot Angel used it to close the front door not wanting to leave it open so people could look in, once that was done he followed where she had gone, surprised to find Xander there when he rounded the corner.

Remembering how their last encounter had gone Angel simply moved his head as a greeting to which Xander ignored.

Not surprised Angel headed further into the room, watching as Buffy returned into the room and walked closer to him, her hand lifting up towards his shoulder.

"Let me take one of those." She said, seeing how the bags were pulling his shoulders down with the weight of them.

Shaking his head Angel stepped back a little, "It's okay," he said while smiling politely at her, not wanting to offend her but also not wanting her to carry one of the heavy bags.

Finding his behaviour funny Buffy shook her head, "Angel give me one of the bags, I can handle it." She told him while lifting a hand out towards him, her voice soft.

Watching from his position Xander folded his arms, debating whether to help Angel or not, he hated the guy so he didn't want to be nice and offer to carry the bags, he didn't want him here and he wasn't going to lie about the fact.

"She won't let the subject go until you give her the bag." He decided to say to Angel instead.

Turning his head in Xander's direction Angel gave him a quick glance before looking back at Buffy, her expression letting him know Xander wasn't joking.

Sighing he decided to let her win this one, lifting his hand he pulled the lightest bag from his shoulder and handed it over to her, surprised with the fact she didn't seem to be struggling with the weight as she lead him into the same bedroom he had slept in the other day.

With that thought came ones of what he had tried to do that same night, lowering his head at his past behaviour Angel instead moved to drop the bags onto the bed, with the box Buffy had bought in moments before.

Buffy did the same before turning to look at him, "Is this all of it?"

Looking away from the bed Angel nodded, "Yeah the stuff I couldn't bring I sold."

Slightly surprised with the fact he had sold his other belongings for money she said, "Angel, you didn't have to do that, I don't aspect you to pay for anything until you get a job."

Turning to look at his bags Angel shook his head before turning to lock eyes with her, "I told you I would split everything fifty. Fifty. I don't aspect you to do any others favors for me Buffy, you've done enough by offering me a place to stay."

"I can't take money from…"

Knowing what she was going to say Angel stepped closer to her so she would pause, "Buffy I'm splitting everything with you, you're not going to say anything that's going to change that."

Seeing she had lost this battle she simply let her head fall while sighing, "Anyone ever tell you you're stubborn?"

Lifting the side of his mouth Angel spoke softly, "They never seem to say anything different." Glad she was letting the subject go.

Angel knew he wouldn't let her change his decision about paying to live here, she had done way too much for him and this was one thing he could help out on, he hated feeling useless and stuck but at least this way he could buy things for them and the baby and feel like he was doing something helpful.

Laughing slightly at his response Buffy lifted her head to look up at him about to say something when Xander appeared at the doorway, his shoulder leaning up against the frame, "I'm going to make a move." He told her once she was looking at him.

"Call me if you need me…" he added his eyes moving towards Angel the meaning clear before he turned and left them alone, the front door closing moments later.

Turning towards the blonde Angel smiled quickly, "He doesn't like me." He said as a matter of fact, not bothered in the least but wanting to make the situation between him and Buffy as pleasant as possible.

Nodding her head in agreement she through a glance at him over her shoulder as she walked towards the door, "He really doesn't." she said with a teasing smile before leaving him alone to unpack his things.