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"Titans, GO!"

I sprang forward, changing into an small mouse, darting through the creatures tentacles as the slammed onto the ground.

Changing again, I became a bird, flying high above the monsters head, darting down among Starfire's starbolts. I was the maste of the sky! There was no way that I couldn't defeat this monster, no –

"Beast Boy, look out!" Robin cried.

I looked up just in time to get hit by one of the octopus monster's tentacles hit me, sending me crashing into a building. I changed back into myself for a moment, groaning, "Of course."

Raven flew past me, throwing up her shield as a tentacle flew at her too. "Could use a little help here," she muttered, angry.

"Right," I said, changing into the biggest octopus that I could. Using my own tentacles, I grabbed each of the monsters in a sort of arm wrestling maneuver.

"Hold him tight, Beast boy!" Cyborg said, aiming his canons at him.

Right. All I had to do was hold him until we could take him down. Not hard, not hard at –

I felt myself being lifted from the ground and flung, away from the monster. I yelled, changing back into myself as I hit the ground, skidding slightly on my back. "Aww man!" I said, sitting up.

The thing was huge. What it was doing here, I'd never know but here the octopus creature was, attempting to destroy our city.

Could we ever catch a break?

Getting to my feet, I ran forward . . . only to be blocked by a vine shooting from the ground.

The scent of flowers became almost overly strong and I stepped back as a whirlwind of flowers appeared in front of me, breaking apart to reveal a girl. She wore khaki shorts, a long sleeved green shirt with a red rose on the front, tinted-green goggles hanging around her neck.

I took another step back.

Oh no.

She looked just like her.

The eyes were different, hazel, not blue, and her hair was black and curly, not blond and straight, but the resemblance was there, in her face, in the way she stood.

I couldn't do this . . . not again . . . .

She smiled at me, eyes bright. Her smile looked the same too. "Need a hand?"

I couldn't even speak, too shocked at the sight of her. She looked briefly over her shoulder. "Looks like you could."

Lifting the goggles over her eyes, she jumped slightly in the air and the flowers returned, carrying her up, laughing as her hair whipped around her face. Her hands glowed green as she lifted them, vines bursting up from the ground. My friends stepped back, watching, just as shocked as I was but probably for different reasons. They wouldn't see her in that girl's face, not like I did.

Flower girl clapped her hands together. "Come on, guys!"

The vines shot up higher and she cried out happily, circling the monsters head. The octopus tried to grab for her, but her vines grabbed each of its tentacles. Twisting her hands, she tied up the monster quickly, even adding a bow, flowers popping up on it.

"Amazing!" Starfire cried.

"Thought I'd help!" the girl shouted down to us, the flowers still holding her up.

"Er . . . thanks!" Robin said back.

"No problem! Want me to get rid of this guy for you?"

"Might as well just leave it here," Raven said, sarcastically. "It looks so very festive."

Surprisingly, instead of getting offended, the girl laughed. "Suppose your right."

Raising her hands again, the vines stood and followed after her as she moved towards the ocean, holding the octopus high above the city so that it couldn't damage anything else.

"Shouldn't we .. . help?" Starfire said, landing next to Robin, Raven, and Cyborg.

Cyborg laughed. "Looks like she's got it, don't you think? Beast Boy, you alright?"

I hadn't realized it but I was openly gaping after the girl who had just flown away from the city in a flowery breeze. "Who do you think that was?"

"No clue," Robin said. "But she helped out a lot. Come on, we've got some cleaning up to do."

Later that night, I was pacing my room, confused.

Who was that girl?

Why did she have to look so much – so much like her.

Groaning I fell back onto my bed, hands over my eyes. Someone knocked at my door and I hesistantly replied, "Come in."

Starfire poked her head in, looking worried. She smiled at me. "I am making dinner! It is spaghetti with tofu balls! Are you coming to eat?"

"I'm not really hungry," I told her. "Thanks anyway Star."

There was silence for a moment before she came into my room, shutting the door behind her. "Beast Boy, are you alright?"

I sat up, trying to smile. "Of course, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"

"You have been . . . 'down in the dumps' ever since the battle today."

"Oh that. It's nothing a little training won't fix."

Starfire sat down at the end of the bed. "I do not think it was because of the monster. I think it was because of that girl. Her power, though different, is almost similar to –"

"Star," I interrupted because I had thought the same thing just a little while before. "Just because I'm upset doesn't automatically mean it's because of Terra. I'm fine, really. Just tired."

Starfire would not let it go though. "We all really miss her, Beast Boy. She was a good friend and person. She –"

"—made a mistake," I finished. "I've heard it over and over again, Star. I know. I'm fine, I swear. I wasn't even thinking about Terra or that girl. It's just been a long day and I should have been able to take that monster down. Tomorrow, I've got to train is all. But I'm fine. I'll come down to dinner if it'll make you feel better."

I wasn't sure if she bought it but Starfire brightened, clapping her hands together. "Splendid. I'm sure the other's will enjoy dinner just as much as you do!"

Grabbing my hand, she practically flew me out of my room. I ate dinner with my friends (who picked out all the tofu and gave it to me) and I tired to laugh and joke like I normally did, taking Raven's sarcastic comments as she gave time to me, trying to pretend like everything was normal.

But I couldn't get those hazel eyes out of my head, that face.

Who was that girl?

A/N: So hear you are. Writing this, I realized that my Beast Boy is a little bit (a lot bit) more serious than the show's Beast Boy but . . . I kind of like him this way. So stay tuned for more. Thanks