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Five and a Half months later

I stood on the edge of the Tower, looking out over the view.

Five and a half months.

And yes I had been keeping count.

I missed her, despite what I had told her, though I'm sure she knew that.

The gang tried to keep me busy, keep me from thinking about her like they had when Terra died. Cyborg was always asking me to play video games, offering to let me beat his high score (like I needed him to offer); Starfire was always forcing me to go with her when she took Silky for a walk; Robin was always asking me if I to spar with him; even Raven actually asked me to tell her jokes and she pretended to laugh (if you could call it a laugh) when she thought it should be funny.

They were my friends and I really appreciated what they were doing but I didn't want to keep busy like I had when I lost Terra. I wanted to think about Flora. She wasn't gone gone. She promised me she'd be back and I trusted her.

And for once, I didn't mind waiting.

"Moping again?" I turned as Robin appeared at the door to the roof, smiling at me.

"No!" I said, frowning. "Just thinking."

"About Flora?"

I shrugged. Robin sighed, moving up beside me. "She wouldn't want you to just, you know, sit around waiting for her to come back."

"I'm not just sitting around," I argued. "I've been fighting with you guys, and hanging out, and everything."

"Yeah, well even when you're with us, you're always thinking about her, it's easy to tell."

"Look I'm not obsessed with her or anything." I kicked some gravel with the toe of my boot, watching it fall over the roof. "Just – for nine whole days, almost two weeks, it was just us, you know, counting on each other and . . . I guess I just kind of got used to it."

"Never thought I'd hear you'd admit something like that," Robin admitted.

"Yeah, well. . . ." I didn't really know what else to say. Five months was a really long time to be away from a friend, and a really good friend at that.

"Well, if you get hungry anytime soon, Starfire's making dinner. Something tofu just for you I think she said."

"Great. I'll be inside soon."

Robin patted me on my shoulder before he left. I listened for the door to close before shoving my hands in my pockets. I guess he was right. I had been spending a lot of time thinking about her.

Sighing, I put my back to the edge. Grinning to myself, I held out my arms.

And I fell.

Air rushed up past me, rustling my clothes and hair. The breeze and the rush felt really good but I figured I better change back soon before I hit the ground or something.

But then I stopped.

Yanked up by my arms.

Now why did this seem familiar.

"Thought you could use a hand." I looked up, not surprised, really to see Flora standing on the roof, her vines reaching down and wrapping underneath my arms.

"I would have changed in a minute, you know!" I called back.

"I know!" she said, grinning. "But this is better."

I hung onto the vines as they pulled me back up and onto the roof. Flora rushed forward as soon as she put me down and through her arms around my neck in a hug which I returned happily.

She stepped back, smiling. "Oh wow. It's been a while."

"Five and a half months," I answered.

"Have you been counting?"

"No not really." I grinned at her. "Finished helping the Tonatonians?"

"Yep." She was smiling. "You should see their new kingdom. It's beautiful. And just like I said, Taigas helped me get back. He twiddled with the beam that took us there and here I am."

"Here you are."

I couldn't help smiling at her. She hadn't changed a bit. Her hair, still dark, still curly, was floating in the breeze and her eyes still were bright green and large.

She really was pretty.

"You hungry?" I asked, because I didn't know what else to say. "Starfire's making dinner."

Flora crunched up her nose. "Maybe I should step in and give her a hand?"

I laughed. "I guess if you want."

We started for the door that led inside . . . and Flora took my hand in hers. I looked down at her hands before looking back at her. She smiled.

For all I knew, this didn't mean anything. That kiss back on Tonas might not have meant anything either . . . but I figured I didn't have to know all that now; there'd be time to ask about that later. For now, just having her back here, with the Titans, where she belonged all along, was good enough.

I smiled back.

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