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Everything You Want and More

Chapter 11

By: turtlechick

"Tenten? Tenten? Wake up?" That was funny, I didn't ever remember my alarm clock waking me up by name before. Then it hit me, that voice was in fact Neji's. As the events of last night caught up with me, I didn't move an inch. How was I supposed to act now? "You don't want to be late for work do you?"

That was right. I had to go to work.

"I'm guessing if you go to work without every hair in place, Temari and Sakura will know something is up?"

I caught myself smiling. I had barely ever heard Neji talk this much without someone saying something back. He sounded slightly more upbeat than he usually did. I slowly sat up and stretched my arms over my head. Neji was already up and was almost completely dressed. Now he was just buttoning up his shirt.

"What time is it?" I asked, my voice was groggy.

"Eight." He replied.

I mentally cursed and threw myself back onto the bed.

I was almost late. If I didn't get up now I'd be late for sure. So I got up and didn't even bother to shower, if I did I would just be late anyway, and those two would know something was up for sure. I decided I would just put on a ton of my perfume and pray that they didn't notice.

When I was finally ready Neji was waiting for me in the doorway. He was leaning against the doorframe with his arms over his chest, he was looking at the ground, paying no attention that I was even there.

"Ready…?" I asked hesitantly.

"Hmm." I guess that was a yes since his hand reached for the doorknob and turned to open it.

When we made our way our to the street the air between us was incredibly awkward. Neither of us spoke, we just stood there. Eventually, a cab pulled up next to us and Neji opened the door for me. I slid into the car, but Neji never followed. He stood there with the door open.

"Aren't you getting in, Neji?" I asked him.

"No, I'll wait for another." He said, looking down the street, a distant gaze in his eyes.

"But what will happen if you're late?"

"I'll be fine." He brought his eyes back to me. "I'll call you later, I want to talk about something." He then placed a light kiss on my forehead then shut the door, leaving me alone in the cab.

"Talk about something? I wonder what it was he wanted to talk about…"

"Where to miss?" The cabbie asked.


When I rushed to the elevator I knew I had about a minute to make my self presentable to Sakura and Temari. I fixed my shirt, checked my collar for any tags sticking out and mussed with my hair. Then I stopped. Why should I have to hide it from them? Neji and I were in a relationship now, I should want to tell everyone.

But that was just it…

Were Neji and I in a relationship at all? We hadn't really discussed it since we were in such a rush this morning. We both just kind of left. What if I was just some girl that he spent a night with? What if I meant nothing to him? What if he was just using me?

At that very moment the elevator doors opened up and I was more of a wreck than I was coming in. I tried to calm myself down but I was just so nervous. Sakura and Temari were going to know something was up now. It would be so embarrassing to tell them what happened when Neji and I didn't even know where we stood with each other.

"Hey there, Tenten, good morning." It was Temari at her desk, and only Temari. I put my stuff down and then sat in my chair.

"Where's Sakura?" I asked.

"Late I guess. I'm sure she'll be here soon though."

And there she was, the elevator doors flew open and there was Sakura. She obviously had been running since her face was all red.

"Speak of the devil." Temari mumbled just loud enough for me to hear.

"I heard that Temari." And apparently it was loud enough for Sakura too. Her face lit up again. "So guess what guys?!"

"What?" Temari said unenthusiastically.

Sakura stuck her tongue out in her direction. "Fine, grumpy pants, I'll just tell Tenten then." Sakura skipped over to my desk and sat on top of it, almost on top of me she was so close. "So Tenten, guess who just asked me out?" I had never seen Sakura's smile this big before.

"Umm…" Like I didn't already know it was, especially if she was this excited about the whole thing.

"Sasuke!" She said as I giggled at her delight.

"I'm so happy for you Sakura." I said.

"Thanks, Tennie, you're such a sweetheart." Her smile grew. "Unlike some people." She made another face at Temari.

"Oh come on, Sakura. You know I'm happy for you too." Temari finally said. "So are you going to tell us the whole story? Or what?"

As Sakura told her story I couldn't help but feel relieved. Now that the spotlight was on Sakura I didn't have to worry about them noticing that I was a complete wreck on the inside. But at the same time, I wanted to tell them, hell, I just wanted to tell someone. I wanted some support and someone to tell me that it was going to be ok. I wanted someone to reassure me about this whole situation with Neji.

"Hey Tenten are you alright? You look like you're about to cry. I mean I knew this whole thing with Sasuke was exciting, but I don't know why you would be so happy that you would cry." Sakura said.

I saw Temari elbow her. "Say Tenten, what happened to you after we had coffee? I called your place to make sure you got home ok, but you didn't answer. Where'd you go?"

I took a deep breath. " I saw Hajime on the way home."

Sakura gasped. "What happened?"

"Nothing really, we just talked for a minute. And he had his new girlfriend with him."

"What a jerk!" Sakura exclaimed. "How could he do that to you?!"

"No, she was really nice actually. I'm glad he found someone who will appreciate him."

"So what happened after?" Temari asked. She could already tell there was more to this story.

"I saw Neji afterwards. He had been waiting for me at my apartment for who knows how long?"

Sakura squealed. "Oh my gosh that is so adorable. What happened next?"

"Then we just went for a walk and somehow ended up back at my place again and then we-"

"You what?" Temari questioned.

I couldn't say anymore, it was all just too embarrassing, so I broke down and cried. Sakura immediately ran to my side and consoled me. I don't know why I cried. Maybe it was just because I had so many emotions that I hadn't been able to get out yet. It was new for me to feel happiness, anger and sadness all at the same time. But despite my earlier judgment, I told Temari and Sakura every detail about Neji and I.


After they were able to calm me down, the day went on as nothing had really happened. My situation still worried me, but I felt a little bit better about it now. But even with all the extra encouragement, I still wondered what Neji wanted to talk about. Why couldn't he have just told me this morning? As I packed up my stuff to head home, my mind started to drift once again.

"Tenten?" It was Temari.

"Don't worry about Neji. Even thought to most people he seems like a cold bastard, he really isn't. I think you know that more than most people. I'm sure whatever Neji wants to talk about, has your best interests at heart. He's not the type of guy to just throw some girl away."

Everything Temari had just said, was completely true. Neji definitely wasn't that type of person.

"Thanks, Temari, you really made me feel better today." I smiled at her.

"Hey, are you two ready yet!?" Sakura shouted from the elevator. "I can't hold it forever you know!" Temari and I couldn't help but laugh at her. Tsunade had sent some extra work home with Sakura, and with that in her arms, you could barely see her face, not to mention she had one foot stuck in the door to keep it from closing. "Come on guys!"

Temari sped over and grabbed the door while I took some of the stuff on the top of the enormous pile Sakura was holding onto. As the elevator made it's way to the lobby, I felt a smile make its way to my lips. I hadn't really noticed it before, but I was calm now. I was confident in my relationship with Neji, and if he did want to break it off, I know it would be not out of spite towards me. If things did truly end, I'm sure we could stay friends.

Back on the street, I handed Sakura the things I had taken from her earlier and Temari and I helped her stuff them all in a cab.

"Tenten?" I spun around to see Neji leaning against a black car, it was probably one of his uncle's.

"Neji…? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at work? I thought you had that big case coming up?"

He put his head down like he was embarrassed or something. "We do. I just couldn't concentrate, so my uncle sent me home."

"I see…"

"Hey, Tenten I'll see you tomorrow. Call me later kay?" Temari said before she left the two of us alone. I watched her go, but before she was too far away she winked at me.

"Do you need a ride?" Neji asked, bringing my attention right back to him. I nodded and he opened the door for me and then closed it once I was in. The car ride to my apartment was as awkward as ever, and more than anything I just wanted it to be over.

When we finally arrived I didn't move. I could sense that Neji had something to say. Why didn't he just get it over with? Couldn't he tell that it was making me a nervous wreck?

"Tenten? I wanted to talk to you about something." I was really beginning to hate it when he as talking to me, but never looked my way.

"Ok, shoot." I said, trying desperately to make light of the mood.

He sighed, and my heart dropped a bit. "There's going to be a party with my family one week from now. It's a yearly thing, everyone in my family shows up. I'm not really sure why we host it every year, but it's sort of a tradition we've been doing it so long." I was so lost at this point. "It's really formal and all my family goes all out for it. It's one of the things the Hyuuga family is known for, so of course I have to attend. That's where you come in Tenten. I'd like you to come along, as my girlfriend."

I couldn't believe my ears, Neji wasn't breaking it off with me at all. He was just having a hard time asking me to his family's party. And to think… all this time I was so worried for nothing.

"I'll understand if you don't want to go. To be honest, that's the last place I would ever wish to be. To be in the same room as all of those smug stuck up people, makes me sick."



"I'd love to go with you."

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