A Super Smash Moment

One gorgeous day at Super Smash Brawl, Master Hand (organizer of events at Super Smash) was running things pleasantly, he just got in new blue costumes for blue teams and was scheduling who was battling who that day when he had decided to put together a bake sale, he needed the funds to hire new characters such as Pit, Wolf, and Sonic ( who needs Sonic though?) . So he decided to put together a bake sale… everyone on the character selection screen was invited, (except Olimar, no one likes him…). And thus it came to the day, but.. Things weren't going smoothly. Kirby had spilled hot soup on self-conscious Marth's cape so he threatened to sue, and Yoshi's egg breakfast buffet had gone horribly wrong and the eggs were walking away with yoshi legs popped out. No Nintendo characters had arrived except Ness- but he didn't have any cash! So you could say things weren't working out officially when Peach brought in a mushroom omelet with Toad in it. Master Hand was so close to bursting when Mario kept 'sampling' the at least edible dishes until they were almost gone! Then, the last straw, the second and only customer with cash… his insane brother, Crazy hand, had arrived.

'HeeeEEEeeeEeEEyyy brother! …" came his voice.

"Oh… hi… Crazy hand…" answered the irritable Master Hand.

"Hyuck hyuck!" his hill-billy laugh followed, "what's all this?!"

"Just, a bake sale."

"WELL SHUCKS! Hyuck! hyuck! Y'all shouldsa' told me!!!" said Crazy Hand, "OoooOO! That sure looks yummy!" said Crazy Hand wandering away. The insane brother popped Toad in his mouth and Peach screamed "NOOOO!". Master Hand stopped watching him and followed into the bigger problems going on at the time.

While Link was flirting with Zelda by his 'creation' still cooking his hat caught fire! Mario went over with his hydro-pump thing and blasted him, ruining both Link's food and outfit. Zelda laughed hysterically at the sight of Link drenched and upset. Link answered back to Mario, " DUDE YOU COMPLETELY MESSED UP MY CHANCES WITH ZELDA!"

"Hey, aren't you mute, Link?"

"Well what happens if I'm not huh?! HUH?! Sometimes- I wanna talk! You know!? It's been TEMPTING ME! Like the time Yoshi stepped on my foot and-"

The more Link talked the closer Master Hand came to him. "LINK!" shouted Master Hand, "you violated your contract! Nintendo's outline states that you are to be mute at all times with exceptions of 'HYYYYAAAA!!!'s grunts, screams, and 'Hut!'s"

"So what!? You know- I HAVE FEELINGS TOO! And just because this is my day job doesn't mean you have the right to mute me! WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL?! WHY AM I ALWAYS THE VICTOM OF SOCIETY!? I MEAN I DON'T TRY TO-" Link kept ranting on until two HUGE security guards came and grabbed and suspended him from his shoulders, " HEY! LET GO OF ME! I HAVE RIGHTS! I WILL BE AVENGED!" cried Link as he got carried away.

"Whoa… so that's what happens when you violate Nintendo's 'mute policy'?"

asked Mario. "Yup…" said Master Hand, then Mr. Game and Watch pursed his lips tight and walked away staring at the direction they'd seen Link last. Afterwards it became clear to Master Hand that the bake sale was a complete failure… therefore he shut down the event and decided to make some withdraws on fund such as the 'character lounge' and an actual theme for Olimar (like Olimar deserves a theme!)…thus ending this Super Smash moment.