Pokemon Battle University: The Wrath of Arceus

Chapter 2: The Tainted Battler

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, but I do own the idea of the Battle University. Also character you will see in their will be of my creation and anyone who is willing to participates.

Cal was dropped off at the entrance to a large building. It had three wings a left, right and center. He didn't know why he was picked to come to this school. Some dude in a black cloak had come to him and given him the money and the application. But if it allowed him to become more powerful then any trainer in the world he was more then willing to participate.

Cal hefted his shoulder bag up and walked up through the doors he saw the registration desk and walked in.

"Welcome to Battle University," stated a secretary.

"Whatever here is my app and money, now do your job," he stated icily.

The secretary opened her mouth in shock, "How rude."

"Your not here to give me a lesson in etiquette now do your job," he hissed back to her.

She turned tears starting to form in her eyes.

Crying girls, how pathetic thought Cal as he waited for her to enter the information.

"Here…" she shoved a poke ball at him, "your test will take place in the Ice arena, circle the classes you want."

Ripping the pen from her hand he circled Battling, Technique, and Training. He then shoved the paper back to her and grabbed the poke ball.

"What's in here?" he stated.

"A Togetic," she replied back just as cold.

"Great, I get to do the test with a wuss," he sneered at the poke ball. With that he walked out of the registration desk an to the ice arena.

Walking in the cold didn't even make him flinch, nothing could make him flinch he was as cold and hard as people came, growing up on the streets had done that to him.

"Welcome to the Ice…" started the trainer on the other end.

"Zip it and lets get this over with," interrupted Cal. He tossed out the Togetic who jumped out ready to fight, "not sure what a wimp like you can do but your all I got so you better not lose or there will be hell to pay."

The test proctor glared at Cal, "Fine my Pokemon is…"

She tossed the ball forwards and out of it came a shellfish with tentacles, or that is what Cal thought it looked like. At least it looked stronger then the little stuffed animal he was fighting with.

"Alright so looks like I am eating sea food tonight," sneered Cal.

"You won't be sneering when this is over I can promise you, Omastar roll out!" called the test proctor.

Omastar pulled itself into its shell and started spinning, its spiked shell bit into the ice giving it more traction. It rolled towards the Togetic. The attack slammed into Togetic knocking it back and onto the ground.

"Get up you weakling, take that pathetic excuse for seafood out with magical leaf!" called Kai.

Togetic flew up again, suddenly its eyes glowed green as leaves appeared all around it and slashed out towards the Omastar. The leaves connected knocking it off its roll.

"Not bad for a spoiled brat, Omastar constrict!" called the test prompter she was furious now. Omastar's tentacles lashed out and wrapped around Togetic.

"Spoiled I will show you who is spoiled you bitch, Togetic DOUBLE-EDGE!!" called Cal.

Togetic launched itself into the air Omastar still attached taking him with it. As it reached the top of the room it did a spin in the air and grabbed Omastar. Then it dove spinning as it went straight for the ground. Faster and faster Togetic spun and then both Omastar and Togetic smashed through the ice to the water below it.

"You are insane, an attack like that could of killed both of those Pokemon!" hollered the prompter.

"That was the idea two less weaklings in this world sound good to me," shrugged Cal.

Togetic jumped out stood for a minute as Omastar floated up.

"I win," stated Cal.

Togetic then collapsed.

"You…you heartless wretch!" hollered the test proctor. A buzzing in her ear diverted her attention.

"Yes he won but…" she started to say then was cut off, "very well." She turned to Cal, "You are to be put in the red dorm, there is a car waiting for you out front."

Cal smirked, "Apparently you are someone else's bitch." Cal laughed a bone chilling laugh, "But I am in, so no big deal." He tossed Togetic's poke ball behind him and walked away, "You can keep that weakling, not worth my time."

The test proctor rushed over and made sure both the Pokemon weren't to badly injured, "So cruel…" she whispered.

Cal walked out of the university and jumped into the car and left.

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