WARNING: This story will mention rape and other adult situations. This is a WIP and I am still not sure how far I will take this but at the moment it is a slight crossover with YYH. This story will NOT contain SLASH and Sesshoumaru will not be making an appearance until much later in the story (but there is a very good reason for this).

Fateful Encounters

Chapter 1: Returned to the Future

Kagome Higurashi was sobbing at the bottom of her old dried out well. She was back at the shrine for good this time. She felt completely heartbroken and angry. Everything had been horrible the last three days and now this.

She had just defeated Naruku and in any other circumstance she would have been happy….But not this time.


A very long time ago she had figured out that she could not make a wish on the jewel. There was no such thing as a selfless wish. This fact had always been present in her mind, but she had never thought such a realization would one day dictate her fate.

Just before getting sent back home Midoriko's spirit had explained what would happen to her now. She still couldn't believe this was happening to her along with everything else…

Flashback (After the battle, before being sent home)

There was nothing but light, no physical sense of self…only a state of consciousness through which she could hear Midoriko's voice. She didn't know how she knew it was her, she just did.

"Kagome acknowledged a truth that many refused to see: that the jewel could be destroyed by making a selfless wish was a clue, not a riddle. Out of all the guardians ever appointed to it, you are the only one that has measured up to my expectations."

"What do you mean?"

"True selflessness is an idealistic concept, not reality. You are the only one to realize and accept that fact. Your purity enables you to resist corruption by the power of the jewel and because of your wisdom you have never once coveted its power or were presumptuous enough to believe you could destroy it… It is because of these qualities that I have chosen you as the Final Guardian; now that you have destroyed Naraku as you were destined to do and have completed the jewel once more…your presence in no longer needed here."

"But…But…" Midoriko ignored her protests and continued. "The jewel will cease to exist as we know it. Instead it will become incorporated into your life force. Your soul will essentially neutralize the souls within the jewel, including mine; all that will be left will be power. Thus, you will cease to be human and become immortal until the power of the jewel dissipates with the passage of time, which should take a minimum of 1000 years; its power is that vast

"This power has been given to you and to you alone. No one can take it and you cannot be rid of it. To others you will seem as you always have: a powerful human priestess, but that is all. No one but you now knows the truth of your power, be careful who trust you trust with this secret, if possible don't mention it again."

By now Kagome's grief was so great it felt as if a black hole had opened up in her chest.

"I regret that you had to suffer so." Midoriko said gently. "But I don't regret my choice. You will always remain as you are: kindhearted and pure, for I have met no other that's equal to your heart and I refuse to have you change in the future. You have too much power at your disposal to become embittered and angry due to your fate. I truly wish you the best and believe me when I say that you truly are more than equal to this task. Thank you for finally letting me rest in peace."


Now she was back in the future, unable to return to her friends ever again. Still, thought she hated the fact that she had beep ripped away from her friends without being able to say goodbye, deep down she was a little grateful. Now she wouldn't have to push them away as she had been doing the last few days.

"Kagome? Sweetie are you hurt?" Kagome looked up through tear filled eyes to see her mother's worried expression at the top edge of the well.

"I'm fine…I'll be right up." Kagome replied as she got up and started climbing the stairs up tiredly. Once out, she hugged her mother as tightly as she could, trembling in exhaustion and distress.

"Kagome, you're not fine. Come let's go inside."

Kagome didn't register anything after that. All she knew was that suddenly she was back in her room, showered, and in her bed crying on her mother's lap.

"Shh, shh…I'm here. Try to rest. You're home now. You're safe…"

Kagome closed her eyes and slept.