A Different Kind of View

Max stood on top of the Space Needle, the view was breathtaking, even though the pulse had turned almost the entire city into ruins, it was still one hell of a view. Silently, as the cat in her DNA, she sat down and stretched her legs in front of her. Crossing the the feet by her ankles and leaned back, resting on her elbows. Tonight was a peaceful night, no wind and surprisingly, no rain. She couldn't help but smile to herself. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long.

"Who'd of thought that Max Guevara could chill out?"

Of course it had to be him! Max groaned loudly and let her elbows give in and laid down completely on her back, stretching her limbs, as if she was pretending to be the letter "X". It was in her genes after all, she thought to herself.

It was a clear night and the stares were shining. But instead of staring up at beautiful stars, she was staring up at Alec's eyes, who were oddly enough sparkling. Like he was watching something hilarious. What gives? So she closed her eyes and felt a migraine sneaking up on her. Why did it have to be him?

"Leave me alone, pretty-boy!"

"Ouch, you couldn't be bitchier than that? I'm worried!"

She pried one eye open when he spoke and saw how he tried faking a pout, it look ridiculous from her point of view, didn't he realize that she saw him upside down?

Alec on the other hand, couldn't enjoy the view any less. Seattle looked like hell once you were down on street-level, but from here? It looked like something from those pre-pulse movies, you know? Where the future sucked? Yeah, guess Hollywood were right. The future does suck.

But he wasn't looking out on the city, his eyes were glued on Max. For once she wasn't wearing her normal black attire, but a pair of washed-out jeans, looking as tight as her cat suit. Now that was something he missed, her cat suit. Girl sure knew how to work that! She topped her jeans off with a red t-shirt, again as tight as possible and where was her leather jacket? Instead she had a big dark gray hoddie with a zipper on the front. It wasn't even zipped up! Even if it wasn't windy, it was still cold up here and she didn't even care?

Not that Alec cared, he could easily see that she was somewhat cold, if the stiff nipples were prof enough and in his world? That meant either cold or aroused and with a quick sniff, he knew she was cold. Like Max could be horny anyways? Not like he cared, right? 'Cause he didn't. Nope.

"Are you done staring at me? Just go already!"

He hadn't even thought about how intensely he had looked at her, she was hot, but she was also the biggest bitch he knew. Oddly enough, she was also his friend and he was worried. So he shook his head at her, showing his care-free smile and laid down beside her. Just to piss her off more, he laid as close as possible, using her arm as a pillow and stared up at the sky. Like it was the most normal thing for them to do.

"Alec, what the hell, get off of me!"

"Max, I'm using your arm, that's it. I'm not on top of you, relax alright?"

She tried prying her arm lose, but that damn annoying jackass just pressed his head further down into her arm, painfully too! Once she saw that he wasn't in fact smirking at the sky for her lame attempts, she realized he wasn't his usual self. So she laid down and turned her entire body towards him and just looked at him. Being a transgenic meant that she had a photographic-memory and maybe looking at Alec so close was a bad idea. She knew he was good looking, she wasn't blind and yet, she couldn't look away.

"I was gonna say 'take a picture, it'll last longer', but then again, you're not an ordinary, right?"

Max closed her eyes and sighed, it felt like she had been hit, shoot, stabbed and shoot again.


Still eyes closed, she felt Alec move away and sit up, the same arm he had used was quickly pulled back to herself and tucked underneath her head, used like a pillow again. His scent hung thickly in the material and she buried her face into it and inhaled deeply, not really thinking about what she was doing. A long hidden weight from her shoulders lifted and before she could stop herself, she let out a content sigh and smiled.

Alec couldn't take it, for some reason he had thought that she would fight harder for her arm and yeah, it pissed him off when she tried to get free and didn't bother to hide it. But when she quickly gave up and laid down on her side, facing him. It was uncomfortable and weird. This was Max!

And she was staring! At him! What the hell?!

Not once did he think the comment about taking a picture would affect her so greatly, but as soon as he heard her sigh, he knew he had done wrong. He could practically feel her eyes close and he felt cold. So he sat up, pulled up his knees and hugged them. Keeping his Manticore-mask on as he gazed out over the city for the first time that night. The weird thing was, that she had answered his rhetorical question and actually agreed with him.

He glanced over his shoulder to look at her and saw that she was still lying on her side, using her arm as a pillow, he didn't think much of the sight until he saw her bury her face in the fabric and inhale deeply, sigh and smile. He knew she wasn't aware of him looking at her, this was probably something very private for her and he felt like a pervert for watching her. You didn't need to be an ordinary to figure out that it was his scent that got her so.. So... What exactly, he didn't know.


If he was an ordinary, he wouldn't have heard her and he wasn't sure if he was supposed to either. Knowing Max, he just laid down again as if he had planned to do it and not to make it easier for her to talk.

Except she didn't want to talk, as soon as she thought it looked like he was lying comfortable, she pulled herself closer to him, rested her head on his shoulder, laid one arm across his chest and put one of her legs in between his, locking him into place.

Shock wasn't even close to describe what Alec felt, his first instinct was to open his mouth and say something that would end up with a smack-on. But for once he thought better of it and but his hand above hers that was resting lightly on his chest, above his heart. He snaked the other arm around her and hugged her closer to his side and rested his head on her forehead. The silence was killing him though.


This wasn't like her and she knew that, but she needed to have him near. She didn't at first wanna admit it, but as soon as she felt his scent penetrate her senses, she gave in and she hated herself a little bit for being weak.

"Let's just pretend I'm someone else you're with. I'm just so.. tired, please?"

"I could never pretend with you, come on, you know that, right?"

"Lie to me Alec and hold me, I'm not Max tonight, I'm lost, okay?"

What the hell do you answer to that? Alec felt her tense up, probably waiting for his answer or smart-alec comment. He hugged her closer and kissed her lightly on top of her head, praying to whatever God there is, that she couldn't feel how hard and fast his heart was beating. He was seriously scared now and didn't know what to do.

As if she read his mind, she took away her hand that was resting above his heart. He thought she was gonna pull away first, but then noticed that she was just trying to get her hair out of her face, being the gentleman he was sometimes, he pulled the few strays away.


"No prob."

Carefully, her hand traveled up his chest and came to a stop at his neck, drawing lazy patterns with her fingernails. Not knowing what to do with his free hand, he took his chances and placed it on her hip, hugging her even painfully closer.

"Alec, I can't breathe."

"Right, sorry.."

He eased his hold on her and took away his hand from her hip to run his fingers through his hair, ending with his hand staying above his hand, nervously twitching. Didn't she realize that she was driving him slowly insane with her hand so close to the bar code? Stupid 09er.

Max knew she was about to fall asleep, wouldn't that be a first time on top of the Space Needle? How weird was it that she felt this safe with Alec? The big screw up? She couldn't help but shut her eyes hard, remembering that he wasn't like that anymore. She was too hard on him, she knew that, he knew that and the rest who knew them did as well.

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay, I shouldn't.. "

"..No, I mean I'm sorry I keep pushing you away."

"...That's.. not... Are you Sam?! 'Cause if you are, you sure as hell nailed Max scent down!"

"Eeew, Alec, you're such an ass! I'm trying to be serious here!"

Somehow, even though she had done her best to make it impossible, he untangled himself from her and stood up. A flood of panic went through every fiber of her bone. Was he leaving? She couldn't move from the spot, kept her eyes locked on his and held her breathe. For the first time did she notice his unusual wardrobe. He was dressed as a businessman, with a suit and tie and where the hell did he find those shoes? And more importantly, how is it possible that everything still looks clean and fresh after lying next to her up on the Space Needle?!

"Alec, what the hell are you wearing??"

His eyes hardened, shoulders drawn back. Like she has a right to ask him that?!

"It's called a suit and if I'm not mistaking, you're supposed to wear a dress tonight, remember?"


"Yeah, Max. Shit!"

And just like that, he was gone. Max stared at the spot he once stood. Damn him for making a dramatic exit, by blurring none the less! Seriously, who does that? And how could she forget? Dammit, get a grip of yourself, solider! The thought made her sigh loudly, it had taken her a while to understand that she was borne and breed a solider, that was just her life. She was a transgenic and not an ordinary, something she had tried to be for so long. If Logan saw her now, he'd probably sigh and shake his head and use that Voice while saying her name.. God, Logan, get over yourself!

With the grace only a transgenic have, she flipped herself up on her feet and blurred down the stairs to her ninja, she wasn't prepared to be greeted by Alec so soon, but he didn't stay long.

"I'll cover for you, Max. One hour is all I can give you, alright?"

That hard stare again and she honestly felt cornered and scared, she had never meant to piss him off, but like always, she did. She stiffly jerked her head and was glad when he understood that it was meant as a Yes, Sir. He walked briskly away and to her surprise, jumped into a car and drove off. Another mystery of Alec showed its face. Where was his beloved bike?

With a shrug, she jumped on her baby and fired it up, its lovely purring-sound making her smile.

"I won't need a freaking hour, Alec. Geez, what do you take me for? Original Cindy?"

And speaking of her, how was she gonna explain this one to her? She was late and to top it off, she had completely forgotten about what night it was, what kind of a Leader does that?

Tonight was the night they celebrated the transgenic's right of independence, but Max felt nothing but depression tonight. Five years of freedom and all she wanted was freedom for herself. Something Logan never had provided. She gunned the engine and turned a sharp corner, almost scraping her knees while at it. Who cares? Not her and certainly not Alec.

If she only knew how wrong she was.