Authors Note;

It seems some parts of my story might be unclear to some, so I thought I'd leave a note to explain.

Max and Alec don't hate each other, it's all written between the lines what they feel for each other, being in a war for five years and then living together for five years have made it difficult for them to decipher what they're feeling. They do not hate each other.

Taking away Joshua's way of speaking, for me, is taking away a big part of him. Sure he probably would develop better speech after ten years, but maybe the familiarity was to strong and he kept doing it anyway? He's not retarded and I never wanted it to look like that, he's a big softie with the cutest vocabulary and is also very intelligent.

Cindy and Sketchy ARE NOT AN COUPLE! They live together for survival and sleeping together ONLY means watching each others back, its nothing romantic about them, at all.

Logan being married with a dead woman? Aka Asha? Well in my world she obviously didn't die, this is my version of what happens 10 years after the siege after all and she lives. ;)

So there you have it, if anything else is making you confused or anything, let me know.

Just know that this story is AU, but you are of course allowed to have your opinion, I just felt like pointing out anything that might seem too much out of character.

And to finish this authors note; the story is of now; Complete. :) Thanks for reading! :)

I also wanna say thanks to "darkazananagel452", "Kare38" "PrincessOnyx" and "vampout" for reviewing my last chapter. Hope I didn't forget anyone now :)