Chapter 5

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Blaise pushed harder as he ran through the crowd of people, searching for Potty and Weasel; they had the nerve to hit his sister. They were going down when he found them.

He was vaguely aware that Pansy told them that she was going to his house to check up on Annalisa, but all he cared about was beating those two to a bloody pulp. He finally spotted the awful red mop of hair that belonged to the Weasel clan. He ran full-force, pushing his way through the crowd and punched him hard in the face, knocking him to the ground, grinning when he heard the satisfying crunch that came from Ron's jaw.

Before Ron had time to react, Blaise was on top of him, throwing punch after punch, hitting every part of his body that was within reach.

He soon felt Harry's arms come around him and trying to pull him off, but Draco quickly came and tackled Harry to the ground and quickly subdued him.

Before he could inflict anymore damage, some passing Aurors came by and pulled the boys apart.

"What is the meaning of this?" he bellowed as soon as the boys where finally far away enough from each other that they couldn't inflict any more damage.

"I don't know sir," Harry started. "They just came out of nowhere and started to attack us."

"They're crazy, the whole lot of them," Ron piped up, wiping his mouth and hissing at the sensation that came when he spoke.

"No reason, you hit my sister you arsehole," Blaise bellowed, trying to hit him once more.

"Is this true?" the Auror asked, looking at the two boys.

Both Harry and Ron quickly shook their heads. "We would never," Harry answered.

"You lying piece of crap, your own sister told me you hit her," Draco spoke up, coming to Blaise's aid.

"You're lying; Ginny would never speak against us," Harry spoke up since Ron mouth was swelling rather quickly.

"Ask her then, she told us you hit her. We have nothing to hide," Blaise said, smirking at the quick look of terror that came across their faces.

"Sir, don't worry. It was just a misunderstanding," Harry started. "Can I just take Ron home to have his jaw looked at?" he asked, hoping that this would be the end of it.

The Auror looked back and forth between the two sets of boys before shaking his head. "Well, just don't let this happen again. Otherwise I will have to take all of you in. Got it?" He responded, looking at them for confirmation.

They all nodded. Blaise and Draco turned and walked back to the Floo point.

As soon and Blaise arrived in his house he was accosted by his parents.

"Blaise, explain why your sister came in running 20 minutes ago crying, then the Weasley girl and Pansy come in a few second later. No one has told us a thing," Lady Zabini demanded.

Blaise look to Draco quickly. He didn't want to tell his parents that the first time he went out with his sister he didn't even protect her.

"She was hit," he said quietly, looking down ashamed that he let his parents down.

"WHAT?" Mr. Zabini bellowed. "Who?" he hissed.

"Ron or Harry, I don't know the whole story. I saw her running, crying, but I didn't catch her. I caught Ginny and she told me they hit her, but I quickly made them regret it."

"Why weren't you with her?" Lady Zabini asked quickly.

"We made plans to meet for lunch, but I think she wanted time to let them know everything that was going on without us there. She was only gone for a few minutes," he finished.

"It really wasn't his fault, sir," Draco spoke up. "We never thought for a second that they would harm her."

"We know it's not your fault, son," Mr. Zabini said. "It would have never crossed our minds either that she wouldn't be safe with them."

"Blaise, you're back." Pansy piped up, coming in to the parlor. "I was just coming to tell your parents what happened; Ginny told me."

Blaise nodded. "I'm going to check on her." He walked out of the room with Draco following behind shortly.

When they came to her door, Blaise took a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Lisa, it's me Blaise. Let me in."

He heard mumbling from inside before the door opened and Ginny was standing there. Blaise quickly side-stepped her and walked in to see his sister laying on her bed, her head in her arms.

"Hey," he said coming to sit next to her on her bed. "Look at me." He tried to lift her up.

She quickly shook her head, not wanting to look up.

"Lisa, look up, now," he said in a more stern voice.

Both Ginny and Draco looked on as the two siblings interacted.

Annalisa slowly lifted up her head, still not trying to look at him; she knew that if he saw her face then he would be very pissed.

He placed his hand on her chin and slowly lifted up her head to eye level. As soon as he saw her face, he took a deep breath. Her whole left cheek was swollen red. He quickly got up and, clenching his fist, he started to pace.

"Blaise, it's not really that bad," she called out trying to calm him down.

"NOT BAD? Thewhole side of your face is red!" he yelled.

Annalisa flinched at the tone of his voice. "Blaise, mate, calm down," Draco said, seeing how his reaction was scaring her. His interruption caused both siblings to look his way.

Draco was shocked, when she looked his way. She's beautiful, he thought to himself as he glanced at Annalisa. He had always thought that Granger was attractive in many ways, but he knew that there was never a chance for them to be together. But now he knew he finally had the chance that he had always looked for, he could only hope that he wouldn't screw up this blessing.

"Ginny," Blaise called, pulling Draco back in to the conversation. "What happened? I want to know everything." He was trying in vain to calm himself down.

Ginny took a deep breath before answering. "Well, Hermione just got there and I had just figured out who she was. Then after that, everything went downhill, and before I knew it Harry slapped her and Ron acted like nothing happened."

"No. Why did he hit HER?" he seethed, holding Annalisa to him.

"Hermione was defending your family. They told her to be aware of everything that was going on in this house and report it to them, and that you guys were evil. Mya stood up for you all and then he just hit her. Then, well, you know everything that happened after that," she finished, looking down.

"Well, we took care of them," Draco said with a little smirk.

"What did you?"Ginny asked quietly, not really feeling comfortable around the them.

"We took care of them, let them know that touching her was never an option," Blaise answered.

"Well, ummm, I guess I should be going," Ginny said making her way to the door. "I'll write later tonight," she said, trying to leave.

"WAIT!" Annalisa called, pulling out of Blaise's arms and rushing to Ginny. "No, please don't leave, I really wanted to see you today. Please don't leave, it would ruin my day even more," she begged .

Ginny quickly glanced at Blaise and Draco before looking back to Annalisa. "Well, if it's ok with everyone. I wouldn't want to impose."

"If Lisa wants you here, then you shall stay," Blaise said standing up.

Ginny nodded , a little intimidated by his presence. "What would you like to do?" she asked turning her attention back to Hermione.

"Well…umm we could…well I don't know," she spoke for a moment. "I've only been in my room for my entire stay. So I don't know what we really have to do here," she said looking to Blaise for help.

"Well, we have a pool; we could hang out there and relax before the craziness of tomorrow starts," he suggested.

"What craziness?" Draco asked.

"Oh, yea that was the reason we came to see everyone today." Blaise started. "Our parents -"

The four teens looked to the door where Pansy was poking her head in. "Is it cool that I come in?" she asked

Annalisa nodded and Pansy quickly walked in and shut the door. "Ok, I explained everything to your parents. They're quite upset, and they are currently sending a letter to your parents Ginny."

Ginny nodded. "I hope Mum lets them have it."

"So is everything ok up here?" she asked looking at everyone.

"Yes, it is, Pans" Draco stated. "We are actually deciding what to do for the rest of the day."

Pansy nodded and went to sit on the armchair next to the bed.

"Well, like I was saying, we're going to spend the day at the pool, before we have to get ready for tomorrow. Our parents are hosting a coming out party for the both of us, two days from now. So that's why we went to meet with you today. We were inviting you to come," Blaise stated.

"Wow, a Zabini party, those are epic." Pansy said, jumping up and clapping her hands together.

"So, yea. How about we get meet down at the pool in say, twenty minutes?" Blaise commented heading to the door.

"Sure," Annalisa said, nodded. They watched as both boys walked out of the door and shut it.

"OMM Oh My Merlin he has it bad!" Pansy exclaimed as soon as the boys were gone.

"What are you talking about?" Annalisa asked.

"Draco…duh. He was staring at you since I walked in here," she stated as if it was obvious.

"No he wasn't. He was looking at Blaise mostly," Annalisa countered.

"See, that's what you think. I'll let the slide, seeing as you're new, but you'll get over that soon. I've known him well for ever and even though he was looking at Blaise in the few seconds I was in this room, he kept making side glances at you. Draco Malfoy does not make side glances at any girl. Ever. He wants you."

Annalisa shook her head quickly. "No, I think that he was just trying to see me. I mean I have changed."

"Whatever you say, but …ummm…You should know he looked at you like this before the change, So where are your swimsuits?" she asked changing the subject.

"Wait, what?" Anna asked, incredulous.

"Your swimsuits darling, where do you keep them?" Pansy asked walking to her closet.


"What was that?" Blaise asked pushing Draco up against the wall as soon as they were out of the room.

"What was what?" Draco asked pushing Blaise off of him, dusting his robes.

" You know what. Why were you looking at my sister like that." He accused.

'Crap he saw.' Draco thought to his self. "I don't know what you are talking about man, I didn't look at her any kind of way." He said trying stop what was happening.

"Don't lie to me Draco. Today is not the day to play around with my sister. Now I will ask you once more, what was that." He seethed.

Draco saw the look in Blaise eye, he knew he was serious, he never like anyone messing around with his family and after a day as this he knew that telling him anything but the truth he could cause him a lot of harm.

"Blaise it was nothing I was just shocked when I saw her is all. Mate calm down." He said trying to placate his friend.

"That's all, just shocked?" he asked not believing a word. Blaise knew Draco wasn't telling him the whole truth but he also knew Draco wouldn't tell him anything until he was ready. "Just know Draco, whatever it is you are keeping from me, if it turns out to be anything that could hurt Lisa, it will be the end of your friendship." He finished walking down to his room.

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