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It was dinner time in the Hogwarts castle, and everyone was calmly eating. There was the rippling murmur of happy chattering, until one muggle born boy leapt onto the Gryffindor table. The chattering died down curiously.

"Attention, my fellow Witches and Wizards!" The boy called, in a theatrically deep voice, "I have a revolutionary item that I would like to show to you all!" Gasps of interest ripped around the hall, and Dumbledore motioned, silently, for the teachers not to interrupt this boy, a knowing twinkle in his eye.

"To my fellow muggle borns, this is nothing new to you, but all you magic folk must behold... THIS!" And with that note, he whipped something out of his pocket. "The... BALL POINT PEN!" Indeed, in his hand was a simple, black ball point.

"This is just a quill... Or is it? See, it is no feather! It comes in plastic! And it doesn't even have a nib! Oh, no wait... It does!" The boy clicked a button on one end of the 'ball point pen' and the little nib appeared. Gasps were heard from a few of the tables.

"Hang on... where's the inkwell?" He paused for dramatic effect, "…Well, it's in here!" He screwed off the tip and indicated the ink inside. "That's right! It has its own, personal inkwell hidden in itself! Well, incredible! Here's how it works. I'm going to demonstrate on plain paper, none of this ridiculous parchment, but white, smooth paper!" He raised the pen to the paper and wrote 'The amazing, revolutionary ball point pen!' and showed it to the now captive witches and wizards.

"See the lines on it are to perfection, no ink blobs in sight! Now, I introduce you to… this!" This time he pulled out a pink highlighter. "It can write on top of your work, and you can still see the original!" He did one stroke on the paper, highlighting 'ball point pen'. "See how it stands out! So people notice it more! And they come in all ranges of colours! The pen comes in black and blue for writing, red for marking, green for some reason, and many more! The highlighter comes in pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple for all your highlighting needs!" He pulled out all the indicated colours and held them high in his fists to behold to everyone.

"BUY THEM HERE FOR ONLY FIVE GALLEONS PER PEN, AND FOR TEN EXTRA SICKLES, I GIVE YOU A HIGHLIGHTER OF YOUR CHOICE!" The students were now in a gaggle around this brave, Gryffindor muggle boy and shouted the various things they want. He laughed as he doled out pens and in return was showered in gold.

Dumbledore sat at the staff table, amusement written over his face.

"Who'd of thought that one boy would make so much money out of a simple muggle invention!" He chuckled, "Even muggle borns want them. They probably miss them from- Professor McGonagall? Professor sprout? Professor..." He trailed off to notice more than half the staff trying to by this amazing product and chuckled, again. This was definitely one extraordinary boy.

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