A little preview of the story to come. My first Sonny With a Chance fan fiction. I do not own SWAC. Please read and review! :)

It was ironic that tragedy was destined to strike on one of the prettiest days in May. Sonny Munroe was blissfully unaware of it at first. To her, it was just another Monday on the So Random! studio set. It began as any other Monday did at least; at five o'clock, when it was still dark out, and no one was really awake. One by one the cast of So Random! stumbled into the Commissary for breakfast, scripts in hand for last minute studying. Zora was at the head of the table as always, her hair sticking up in its usual odd fashion, and was busy nodding off over a surprisingly large mug of steaming coffee. No one bothered to say anything about it; the last person who told her she was too young to be drinking coffee was mysteriously gone the next day.

Grady and Nico weren't even trying to stay awake. The second they walked in they had laid their heads in their arms and were currently snoring up a storm. Tawni was preoccupied with removing the whipped cream from her latte that Starbucks had neglected to leave off, despite her emphatic instructions. Sonny was the only one eating substantial food, which consisted of powdered donuts and a banana.

"Got enough to eat there, Sonny?"

Sonny looked up into the smirking face of Chad Dylan Cooper. "Not now, Chad. I think it's only fair to warn you that messing with someone who is still half-asleep is risky business."

"What are you going to do, throw a donut at me?" He joked.

"No, but I don't expect that orange juice and that fancy Mackenzie Falls uniform of yours mix very well," Sonny remarked, holding up her glass of orange juice threateningly.

Chad backed away, his hands shielding his light blue button-up shirt. "Hey, no reason to go overboard. I was just playing around." With that he returned to his own table, which was devoid of food as usual. That was Mackenzie Falls for you.

Sonny laughed and set down her glass. "Too easy," She muttered to herself.