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To keep her safe, Chad convinced Sonny to take up temporary residence in one of the many bedrooms in his mansion. He had a personal physician stop by to check her out, and Dr. Reeves informed them that she didn't have any broken bones, although her ribs had suffered some minor bruising. He suggested that she stay in bed and rest until they healed. After he left, Chad called Marshall and informed him of the situation. The executive producer was once again very understanding.

"Poor Sonny. She's been through a lot, hasn't she?" Marshall remarked.

"Yes, she has. And it's still not over," Chad replied.

"Well she can take as much time off as she needs. Her safety's more important right now," Marshall said.

"Thank you, sir," Chad said before hanging up.

The following night, Sonny woke up to the sound of someone banging incessantly on the front door. She found Chad standing in the hall, listening. His expression was guarded, which could only mean one thing.

"Sonny? Alison, are you in there?" His voice sparked terror in Sonny's heart. He sounded lost and confused, and part of her wanted to go to him and tell him everything was okay. The other part of her wanted to run and hide.

"She's not available to talk to you," Chad said through the door. He made no move to open it.

"Alison, I know you can hear me. Why did you leave? I don't understand," Jack said, his tone pleading.

Sonny felt her heart wrenching in two. She clung to Chad, wishing her dad would just go away.

"Please, Alison. Just talk to me."

Sonny almost said something, but she held her tongue. Jack wasn't normal right now, that much she knew. She could hear him blubbering on the other side of the door, sounding more like a baby than a grown man. The noise repulsed Sonny, and she buried her head in Chad's arm to muffle it.

"If you don't leave, I'm going to call the police," Chad threatened.

Eventually the crying faded, and silence descended. Chad peered out the window. "He's gone," he said, breathing in relief.

"Thank goodness. I was afraid he was going to stay there all night." Sonny felt much better now that the man had left. His presence made her tense and uneasy.

"I wouldn't have let him." Chad rubbed Sonny's shoulder and kissed the top of her head. "Now come on. Let's get some sleep."

On the day Sonny finally went back to the So Random! set, Jack Munroe was safely behind bars. Sonny couldn't believe how good she felt now that she wasn't afraid he was going to chase her down ever again.

"I wish that guy would have come around here. Then I could have given him a piece of my mind," Zora said fervently, her balled fists suggesting she would have done more than just talk. Technically, Sonny's cast mates weren't supposed to know about her family issues. But they just so happened to be incredibly snoopy, and with a little eavesdropping-on-Marshall's-office help from Zora, everyone had found out. Sonny was actually glad they knew. She needed as much support as she could get.

Chad was now accepted on the So Random! set, although Grady, Nico, Tawni and Zora weren't entirely happy about it. But Sonny wanted him there, and for her they decided to let it slide. He was like the other half of her, restoring her to her usual sunny disposition when she was down.

"What is this world coming to?" Tawni said one day as she watched them leave the studio together.

"Oh come on, I know you think they look cute together," Zora said.

"No I don't."

"Yes you do. I bet you're even a little jealous."


"Aha! Thought so. I guess now wouldn't be a good time to tell you that that new guy—I think his name's Braden or something—from Mackenzie Falls has been asking about you."

"Mackenzie Falls? Ick!"

"Oh come on. That boy is hot stuff."

Tawni thought for a second. "What the heck. Everything's already been turned upside down by the dream team anyway." She said, referring to Chad and Sonny. And with that she pranced off in the direction of the Mackenzie Falls set.

Zora laughed. "Too easy."


Meanwhile, Chad and Sonny were taking a walk through the gardens behind his house. Even though Sonny was living in her own apartment again, she still loved visiting there. Chad missed her whenever she left; besides the help, he was the only one who lived in the mansion, his parents having moved to Europe the previous year. It got rather lonely sometimes, and Sonny's cheerful laugh was always welcome.

"Hey Sonny?" Chad said, interrupting the tranquil quiet that they had been enjoying.

"Hmm?" Sonny replied, still in a bit of a trance.

"I wanted to give you something."

Sonny stopped walking and turned to look at him. "Chad, you've already given me everything I could possibly need or want. What more is there?"

"This." Chad pulled something out of his pocket and tucked it into her palm. Sonny opened her palm to reveal gold band that looked very much like an engagement ring, except instead of a diamond there was a miniature gold heart set with the tiniest of pearls.

"Chad, what is this?" Sonny asked, her eyes wide.

"It's a promise ring. My grandpa gave it to my grandma before they were married, and my grandma gave it to me before she died. I want it to be yours now."

"So you're saying that one day—"

"I want you to marry me? Yeah." Chad smiled nervously. "You're the only person I would ever want to marry. When we're older, would you consider it?"

Sonny grinned. "A couple months ago I would have laughed at the thought of Chad Dylan Cooper asking me to marry him."

"So is—is that a no?"

"Hey, I said I would have laughed then. Now, things are different. I would love to marry you one day, Chad."

"Thank goodness. You had me scared there for a moment."

"Yeah, it's kinda my job."

"Well then, it's kinda my job to do this." Chad picked up an acorn and tossed it at her. Sonny grabbed her own ammunition, and the two started an acorn battle. At last Chad tackled her. It took a while for them to recover from the laughter. When they did, Chad found himself unable to tear his gaze away from Sonny's eyes; he was pretty sure he could see stars sparkling in the two pools of liquid brown. He leaned closer and kissed her. When they pulled away, Sonny was smiling. "I love you," she whispered.

"Not as much as I love you. And always will," Chad told her, leaning in to brush his lips against hers.


And sadly, here we reach the end. I was just going to stop here, but I realized I rather enjoyed this story (and yes the Channy moments are quite fun to write as well lol) and was considering doing a sequel. Thoughts? Anyway, hope you liked it :)