Toontown: The Rise of the Cogs Ch. 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Toontown. I only own Silly Paddlecrumbs, Michael, Little Cogs' Buster, & Lily Spacklehopper.


Silly Paddlecrumbs & Lily Spacklehopper (Silly: 56 at the time, Lily: 89 at the time) were among 50 fighting in the Resistance, but they weren't exactly fighting at the moment. They were running, & not all of them made it. 20 of them got caught. And among those was Lily. She risked her life to save Silly. Silly safely got back, & he quit immediately the first chance he got.

*End Flashback*

Silly was on his bed, now a 79 toon, whimpering. "I miss all my Resistance teammates. They all got taken by those idiot Cogs." He said to his only Resistance toon friend left Michael. "I know, Silly, but you can't get them back." Michael replied. "Come on, I know of a place you'll love."

Later, at Toontown Central, they went to the museum. "Open your eyes, Silly!" Michael told him as Silly opened his eyes. "It… it's beautiful!" Silly said, looking at the new Resistance exhibit. "Who's Silly & Michael?!" A cog yelled in its deep voice. "God, a cog. Let's go." Silly said, getting out a gun & it shot them up to the air vent. "I used to do this all the time. I know a way out without injury." Silly said, going down a secret vent. But once they got there, they wanted to go back. "I think we BETTER RUN!" Silly said, taking Michael & running…