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Carlisles POV

I parked my car outside, and sat there for a minute or two. I missed Forks. We should have never left. It had been eight months ago now, and i already missed it greatly. Not only that though. I missed my daughter. I missed Bella. She changed all our lives for the good. Edward should have never made us leave, it was a bad decision for all of us. None of us have been the same since. Sighing, i noticed i was getting some strange looks, and got out of my car, locking it behind me.

I walked into Forks hospital, missing it. I hadn't been in Forks in nine months. I had never got attached to a place before, or anyone before. The doctors, the nurses, even the patients. I felt like i belonged here. The town was small enough, so as i wouldn't get noticed, but i was still able to do some good in the world.

As i walked up to the front desk, i noticed the receptionist Lizzie sitting there, bored. Leaning on the counter,i spoke, making her jump

"Well Lizzie, I'm glad to see you're making yourself busy" I said sarcastically, but in a nice way.
I didn't expect her answer though.

"Oh, it's you" She looked disgusted, revolted. What?! Me and Lizzie used to talk all of the time, joking and messing around a bit. She was a wonderful girl. Why was she so angry with me?

Actually, now that i look around, i realise I'm getting the same look from everyone. Doctors, and patients. What happened to make them dislike me so much? They were all glaring at me with such hatred, that i shrank back a little. These were all residents of Forks, people i had helped, i had talked to.

"Are you moving back?" Lizzie said harshly. The entire reception area had been frozen since i had walked in. At first i thought it was in welcome and surprise. How stupid i was. I knew they were all listening, awaiting my answer.

"No. I just came back to get some documents i need for another job" I said. I didn't know if that was the wrong or right answer yet.

"Good. We were alright before you came along. We all thought your whole family were a little strange, but we accepted you all because you helped us out so much. We should have kicked you out. I can't believe what you did!" She exploded at me, jumping up from her seat behind her computer. I took a hesitant step back. What could have caused them to hate me so much?

Lizzie was shaking with anger, the people around the room were glaring at me, probably willing me to turn to dust. A flicker of motion caught my attention. Dr Scott was walking towards me. I assessed him, judging whether or not i needed to get out of here. He looked angry and annoyed, but i also saw pity and sympathy in his eyes. The others in the room widened their eyes as they saw him approach me.

He put a hand on my shoulder, wincing at the coldness seeping through my shirt and jacket.
"C'mon, I'll explain it." He whispered so only i could hear it.

I let him guide me. Everywhere i went people stopped and glared at me. Patients hobbled out of their rooms and stood in doorways to glare at me. He quickly let me into his office and locked the door, anticipating an attack probably. Sighing, he went across the room and sat down in the computer chair behind it, motioning for me to sit in the chair opposite. Hesitantly, i sat, wondering what he was about to tell me.

He stared at me for a while, deciding what to say. After a few minutes, he started.

"Do you have any idea what you did?" His voice shook form trying to control it. That scared me a little. I had worked with Dr Scott for three years, and i had never seen him loose his tempter. This must be big. But his question confused me. What did i do?

Seeing my perplexed face, his jaw stiffened.

"Typical. You cause all this mess, and you don't even realise what you've done!" He shouted, making my eyes widen.

I stayed silent, knowing he would tell me once he had calmed down. He didn't speak, he didn't even look at me, choosing to look at the table underneath his elbows.

"Tom, i don't know what you're talking about. Please, explain." I said politely.

He took a deep breathe, and looked into my eyes. I was startled to see unshed tears there. Sniffing and wiping his eyes, he started.

"I aren't going to tell you everything, it's not my place." He said slowly, trying to control himself, still looking into my eyes.

I nodded and waied for him to continue. Taking another deep breathe, he explained.

"Do you remember Isabella Swan?" He said out of the blue. What did this have to do with Bella? Was she alright? Did she get hurt?

I nodded again and he continued.
"After you left, she wasn't the same. To put it simply, she was catatonic. Her father had her go to a psychiatrist,but she didn't get any better. She didn't move, didn't talk, didn't eat or drink. When she slept, she would wake up screaming. After a few months, she appeared to get better, but not fully. She was a shell." his eyes darkened and he turned sombre.
"About seven months ago, it happened." He paused, his eyes brimming with tears that he, stubbornly, would not shed.
"What happened? Is she okay? Is she hurt? Is she....." I couldn't bring myself to say it. Bella, dead. No. She couldn't be.

His eyes narrowed, and he turned angry again.
"And whats it got to do with you? You left, it's all your fault" He screamed at me. He took several more deep breathes, putting his head in his hands.

"We didn't want to go. But my job, and Esme......" It was our cover story, and a pitiful one at that.

"Yes, we all know the story. But you could have handled it better." He said severely. I understood. Edward had never told us what he had told Bella that night. He forbade Alice to look for her, and we still don't know. As far as we know, he stuck to the script. Tell her that it was too dangerous, that we love her, but we can't put her in danger anymore. But, we all had our suspicions about whether he actually said that or not.

He sighed again. "Anyway. seven months ago.........A mass of bodies were found in the forest outside The Swans home. Bella was the only one left alive, only suffering with a back wound" He stopped, tears falling onto his flushed cheeks.

"Who?" Someone murdered a "mass" of people? But who? But there was a more crucial question. "Who...died?"

"Charlie Swan, Bella's mother Renee and her husband Phil. The bodies of Jessica Stanley, Angela Webster, Lauren Malory, Micheal Newton, Ben Crowley, Tyler. As well as La push residence, Billy Black, Jacob Black, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, and Sam Uley" He finished.

I was speechless. All of those people had died, but Bella had survived.

"Tom, I am so sorry. If i had known......." I didn't finish

"Lots of people lots their loved ones in that horrible murder, and they blame you" He said bluntly

"Why?" i was confused, what could we have had to do with it?

"Ever since you left, strange things started to happen. Especially around Bella. She would disappear for days, and refuse to tell anyone where she had gone. She would come back injured sometimes, others just terrified. Most of the town thought she was just wandering off, but then, when she was the only on left alive, people began to speculate. Everything that bad seemed to happen around Bella, but she wasn't hurt. If you had stayed, none of this wouldn't have happened." He finished angrily

I couldn't help but agree. If we had been here, we could have protected Bella, and everyone else. No-one needed to have died. But i needed to know one more thing.

"Tom, where is Bella now?" I had to know she was okay, i just had to. I don't care what Edward said, she was my daughter, and i love her.

"That's the sad part Carlisle, and the part that people are angry about." He sighed, playing with his fingers.
"After...IT happened, Bella didn't cope too well. She had no family, no friends, she had no-one left. After she was discharged from hospital, she was put in a care home, with other orphans. Bella.....broke down. We didn't know what to do. Nothing was getting through to her, at all. We were lost" He looked ashamed at himself.

"I tried to contact you, thinking that you could help. Come back, or at least help us to help her, but we couldn't find you anywhere" He was angry again. I didn't blame him. Every time we moved, we had to give fake addresses and phone numbers. We couldn't keep getting calls from our past lives when we were living new ones could we? But right now, that was the biggest mistake of my life.

"She was......unstable, in afraid. There was... nothing we could do to help. She was sent to Brenright Institution" He was so sad. But, Wait!? Bella is in a mental institution?

He opened a drawer, and pulled out a small card. "This is the address and directions. Don't be surprised if they won't let you see her though, she isn't too good around us, i can't imagine what would happen if you turned up. And, i wouldn't take Edward or Alice with you." He handed it to me, and i noted the address.

I nodded my head in agreement. That would be a very bad move. Alice, being Bella best friend, Bella would feel even more betrayed by her than the rest of us. And Edward.. Edward would be getting no where near Bella until she was ready. Wait, how do i know that she was going to accept me? I was her father figure, she loved and respected me, i could tell. And i left her.

I was distracted by his sudden rise from his seat. He went to a cabinet, and pulled out a box. It was small, but overflowing with it's contents. I saw the large label on the front of it- "Isabella Swan".
Breathing heavily, he laid the box in front of me. I rose as well, seeing as he didn't seem to be sitting anytime soon. I was numb with shock though. All of this had happened to Bella? If we had never left.... She would be fine. In fact, she would probably be one of us right now.

"Here, I'm not supposed to be giving you this, but i was her doctor, and i am giving it to you. It has everything in it. All my notes, her treatments and reactions. There are also the psychiatrists tapes in there. Look after them, but, be warned. It isn't exactly a happy story." He said solemnly.

Nodding, i grabbed the box, and headed towards the door. I let him go ahead of me, letting him unlock it. Before he opened the door, he put a hand on my shoulder.

"I don't know what he said or what happened between them, no-one does, but i wouldn't let him hear those tapes. Even if he didn't care about her, he will feel immensely guilty." He said seriously looking me in the eyes. I nodded, but i knew that Edward wouldn't let anyone stop him from seeing what was in here.

He opened the door, but stopped me again. "Oh" He out his on my shoulder again" and a word of caution. We are only a small town, but we hold together. If you hurt Bella again, you will have to deal with all of us. So decide. Either leave her be, or help her. But if you leave her again...." He didn't finish his sentence, but let go of my shoulder. He closed the door behind me, and i made my way, quickly, to the car park, eager to get away from the stares and glares.

Bella was in a mental institution. She needed us, but did she? Would we help her, or only make her condition worse? Should we just leave her to get better by herself? No. We left her before, and look what happened. We would help, even if it was at a distance, we wouldn't leave her again. Everyone would feel the same, even Rosalie. The only problem was Edward. Would we be able to keep him away from her for long enough? But would she accept us back into her life, after all we had done to her? I didn't care, we would help her, whether she knew about it or not.