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"Dear Rosalie's Sister," I read, sighing as I read one of the many notes shoved through my locker door, "Could you please give the attached note to your beautiful sister Rosalie? Thankyou."

"Unlikely," I said, closing my locker door and walking towards the cafeteria.

Rose was beautiful, it was true, but I was sick of boys trying to get to her through me.

"Dear Rosalie's sister, To Rose's relative,…" the list went on and on. It was sad, in a way, that they only put notes in my locker because they wanted to talk to her.

You know, sometimes I thought I should throw them away- every single thing that went in my locker.

But, I couldn't, because every time I saw one of those notes I got a fleeting hope that maybe maybe, just maybe, one of those notes would be for me.

But, every time I opened the note I was disappointed as I saw the name there- "Rosalie's sister…"

I had always been Rosalie's Sister, a title which I justly earned.

Rosalie was a star, a beautiful, shining star- she stood out in photos of thousands of people, with her beautiful blonde hair and stunning looks.

I, however, had always been in her shadow- always the sister that was shy, delicate and just- normal. Unlike Rose.

Don't get me wrong, I love Rosie.

She is pretty and smart and funny, and a caring and loving sister. She didn't know about all the notes that boys tried to give her- she thought they were to shy to dare talk to her- because, believe it or not, Rose cut an impressive figure.

I assumed the problem was mainly in Rose, but deep down, I knew it was me. I mean, I am not popular, not beautiful (I believe Rose took all the looks for my family) and not cool. No one wanted to know me- but Rose insisted I sat with her every day- and so, loyally, I would take my place next to Rose- and 5 minutes later would have been shoved down to the very end of the long cafeteria table.

If I wasn't popular- Rose definitely was. EVERYONE wanted to talk to her- boys lined up to- but she dismissed them, cruelly, after looking at them for 3 seconds or so. This seemed to make them more eager to talk to her, and so, they came back every lunchtime and I, the girl nobody looked at, was also, dismissed, unbeknownst to my "loving" sister.

And then, after a lonely lunch, I would grab my books for the next classes, and- life would go on.

But enough about me and my complaints.

Back to the real world. Now, where am I? Oh yes, outside my classroom- did I really zone out for 2 hours? That is freaky.

Now, I have French now- Quelle Surprise, Moi matiere surprise après-midi.

I love French- it is the only place where I shine- I apparently have a talent for languages; so does Rosie, but she's very impatient, and, well- doesn't tolerate the teacher, Mrs Baxely, and her ramblings.

Here I go again, zoning out.

The last two periods passed like lightning for moi.

When the bell rang at the end of school, there was the usual cheers from the students- I just grimaced. I knew what was going to happen when I got outside. I opened the classroom door slowly and was bombarded by boys, asking for Rose's number. I shook my head sadly and slowly walked to my locker, which had the usual fistful of notes in it.

But, to horror someone was in it, reading one of the notes stuffed in my locker for her, fuming and upset.

"Bella?" Rosalie called.


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