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APOV (7:00 PM)

Rose and I giggled silently as we finished devising our evil plan. Bella was staring off into the distance, a slight frown upon her face. I shook my head. That was so not the way to go when you are in a makeup saloon! You should be celebrating, having a great time, etcetera! Not moping. "Moping is not tolerated by Miss Brandon!" I whispered to Rose. "She has very poor people skills!"Rose ignored me and then nodded to start our evil plan.

I launched into action, saying loudly, "Hey Rose, do you reckon we should dye Bella's hair?"

Bella shot up so fast it was almost as if she had received an electric shock, and started shaking her head so fast it was almost a blur to even my sensitive bargain-spotting eyes.

Rose, who was behind Bella's back, smirked and said- "Yeh, Alice- I reckon we should. What colour do you reckon?"

"Guys..." Bella said slowly.

"Um, I dunno Rose," I said, enjoying myself. "What about bright yellow?"

Bella's face drew into one of utmost horror.

"That may be okay, Alice- but I was thinking- maybe bright pink?" Rose replied, not looking at Bella.

"Oooh! Let's do that then!" I squealed, reaching for the dye.

"GUYS THIS IS SO NOT FUNNY!" Bella screamed, clutching her hair.

Rose and I looked at each other for a moment and she nodded.

"Well- put it this way, Bella," I said, moving towards her very seriously, "You can either have pink and/or yellow hair- or let us do you up tonight with no complaints whatsoever!"

"No complaints?" Bella asked nervously.

"Yes!" Rose and I said together.

"But!-" Bella began but I ran over to her and put my hand over her mouth.

"Now, Bella. You know you mustn't complain while geniuses are at work!"



7:30 PM:

I smiled at Alice, who was manically doing Bella's hair and walked out of the bathroom. I had to get myself ready for tonight- who knows, maybe there might be some boys there?

I sighed as I walked into my modern room- how should I be tonight? I mean, maybe the boys there will like girls who are 'sexy'- but maybe that'll make me look like a tart.

Bella says my problem is self-confidence. And I know she's right- and lucky, as well; that she's younger than me- that she doesn't remember the monsters our parents were.


Rosie's Diary- October

I'm five years old now (yay!) and Bella is spending the night at her friend Annabel's place. She practically lives there- but that is the best I can do to keep her away from home. The only reason I get away with it is because Annabel's parents adore Bella and, well- my parents have forgotten that Bella exists.

But that's good- I guess? Because that means Bella is safe- even if I'm not so.

Who's that coming up the stairs?

Oh no. It's mom and dad again- and their drunk. AGAIN. Who is that with them? Another couple? Oh my- their saying something about couple switching for the night? I wonder what that means.

Daddy is coming over to me now- he is kissing me. When I told my big friend Racheal about this she looked very sad- and said that's not normal. I didn't know it wasn't. Daddy said it was his way of 'sharing the love.'

Mummy is yelling at him to stop now? I don't think she likes it. Neither do I, actually. But I don't tell daddy. He scares me.

Daddy has stopped now and mummy and him are yelling again. She runs over to me with not a nice look on her face and grabs me up. She is yelling at me now, saying that I am worthless and ugly and stupid; shaking me up and down. She then said that I am a weird person, and put me in a cage. It doesn't fit- but I am used to this cage.

Now mummy and daddy have gone and the other people are in the room. I don't like being with strangers. But these people seem nice. The lady is crying and saying how awful it is for me, and how she hates it. The man is trying to get me out of the cage, but I can't even get out. He then leaves, and the woman talks to me. I don't like her anymore. She is very scary and upset. She then hugs me through the cage and put a knife through her chest. She cries and then goes to sleep- but she doesn't wake up! Why doesn't she wake up?

End of flashback-

I wake up with a start, sweat poring all over my body. I remembered that horrible night well- my fifth birthday night.

It was the first time I had ever seen death that night, and wouldn't be the last. For my parents killed that other man, and then carried me up to their bedroom in the cage. I slept in their room that night. It was horrible. Mum and dad were carrying on and I had to watch- as a five year old.

But I can't go to the party now. I'll tell Alice- I just would faint there with all those people. My one happiness is that Bella didn't go through what I did as a child. She was basically brought up by the Mason's.



The party starting soon!


Like in 2 hours!

Ten seconds later-

And I think I have spread the shopping gene onto Bella!

2 seconds later-

She hasn't complained once!
3 minutes later-

Now that I come to think about it- she has complained 100463 times.

20 seconds later-

Although I still have hope!

10 seconds later-

I am now doing Bella's toenails.

20 seconds later-

"What do you mean, you don't want fluro colours on your toenails, Bella?"

3 minutes later-

"See, Bella? They look great! So you!"

10 seconds later-

"Okay then- don't have fashion sense, Bella! I do not care!"

30 seconds later-

"Okay! I do I do I do I do I do I do!!! They look great and smell great!"

10 seconds later-

"Of course boys are going to smell you feet Bella! Jasper smells mine all the time!"

10 seconds later-

"Well maybe not all the time. But he did once! The point remains, Bella!"


Alice is being so annoying. She doesn't seem to get the following facts. That:

I DO NOT WANT my toenails painted fluro

I DO NOT WANT or like shopping

I DO NOT WANT green/yellow/pink hair

I DEFINANTLY DO NOT WANT to be "an individual"

And stand out

In any way


That I, Bella Swan, stand out to no man- EVER.

Little did I know that tonight, the impossible would become the extraordinary.


WOOOHOOOH! Bella has gone back into a coma! Which means that I can paint her FINGERNAILS fluro!!!


I turned around to get my fluro nail polish and then realised that Rose was not with us.

"Bella?" I asked quietly.

"What's wrong, Alice?" She asked suspiciously, probably because I was sober.

"Where's Rose?" I asked.

She opened her eyes wide and look around the room.

"She's not here!" Bella exclaimed.

If the situation had not been so serious I would have laughed.

"Yes, Bella. So we must get on the case to the MIA Rosalie Hale!"

"Chillax Alice. She's probably getting ready for tonight."

And that was when Rosalie entered the room.

"Oh. My. God." was all I said.


"Oh. My. God" Alice said.

My mouth dropped open at the sight of Rosalie.

She was clearly upset and had been crying.

"Are you okay Rose?" I asked, coming up to Rosie and looking worriedly at her.

"Um..yeh," Rosie said, looking nervous and strained, "Listen, guys- I don't think I'll be coming tonight."

"WHAATTT!!!" Alice screamed, jumping up and down with her arms in the air. "You can't! I even bought you an outfit to wear!! I mean- you can't not go! Emmet-" But then Alice clamped her mouth shut and looked timidly up at Rose.

"If Rose doesn't want to go, she doesn't have to," I said quickly, " I can just, um... stay home with her and look after her!"

"NOT SO FAST ISABELLA SWAN!" Alice yelled at me and I froze. "Just because your sister is getting out of this... does not mean you get to do the same!"

"Eurgh but ALICE!!!" I screamed in a desperate attempt to sneak out of going.

"No buts!" Alice shouted again in a scary manner. "No buts unless...." I looked up hopefully, "Unless you want to sleep over at my place tomorrow night and then go to a party!"

Okay then. No buts indeed.

I shot a meaningful look at Alice and then led Rosalie out of the bathroom and into her room. "Are you okay Rose?" I asked, worried about her.

"Yes, yes- I'm absolutely awesome! What's for eating- I mean, dinner? Whats for-?"

I silenced her and then tucked her into bed. I told her she needed some sleep and I would be back for her in the morning.

I was still worried about her as Alice and I drove to her place.


"Come on, Bells!" Alice screamed in her very flash Porsche as we drove to the party. "Because Rosie is sick we are going to have to do all the dancing by ourselves!"

"No, no, no, no, Alice," I complained. "I am not going dancing and that is le fact."

"Fine then," she said, giving me her puppy-dog pout as we turned a corner, "Anyway, I am sure you will be talking a lot to someone when we get inside."

I agreed, not really listening. "So who is going to be at the party?"

"Well," Alice said excitedly, launching into a gibberish manner at once. "There is going to be my parents, obviously- they are called Esme and Carlisle. There will also be my brother, Edward- I hope he comes, actually- he said he had schoolwork to do; he doesn't really like my parties; and Emmett. Actually, he has gone to the shops to get some last-minute food. Oh, look! We're here!"

Alice pulled into a driveway packed with cars and I gasped. Their house was huge- huge and beautiful. It was three storeys, and looked like it had and underground basement as well. The house was a beautiful cream colour, and green vines trailed their way down the pillars and onto the verandah, on which a kind-looking lady was sitting, quietly knitting a scarf. It was an image of peace.

That was, until we opened the door. BOOM! A roll of rock music saluted us and other sounds began to appear. People talking, dancing, music playing- it was a full on party. "I never understand why Grandma Hale wants to get away from this!" Alice yelled, swaying her hips to the music.

"You astonish me!" I yelled back, laughing, not realising what she had just said.

"Come on, let's dance!" Alice screamed, grabbing my hand and pulling me onto the dance floor. "It'll be fun, Bella!" She yelled, and I grudgingly obliged.

Halfway through the first song she froze, as if she had remembered something important. "Oh no Bella!" She yelles over the music. "We forgot to introduce you!"

And, like a whirlwind, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the quiet, serene environment outside, where the old lady was sitting.

"Hi Grandma!" Alice said sweetly, and gave the old woman a hug.

"Hi darlin'" the sweet old lady said in a Southern accent. "And who's your friend?"

"I'm Bella," I said. "Bella Hale,"

The old lady froze, and then regained herself and began knitting again, rocking forward and back on her chair. "Very nice to meet you, young lady. Now off you go, you're missing the party!"

"Too right we are!" Alice shouted again. "Come on, Bells!"

Grandma POV

And it was only until the two young ladies were gone when the tears started to come. "Poor girl," I said. "Poor, sweet, little girl."

But it was then that I remembered. "Oh my," I said, sitting up. "But where is poor Rosalie? For she, out of all of them, had it the worst."


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