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Important Notes: This story is AU like WHOA. I don't know how psychiatric hospitals work (since I've never been in one) but if you would like to correct me on something then please do! And bare it in mind that I've never seen the original Japanese anime (they only showed Cardcaptors here) so I'm going off of names/info from the Internet. I've changed some things, such as:

Sakura and Touya are not related.

Syaoran and Meiling are not related.

None of them have magic.

Okay, on with the show!

No, I'm Not Crazy

Chapter 1 – Welcome to the Funny Farm

+Syaoran Li+

Things were hazy, a mere blur. He could barely focus on the passing faces and the hurried words. All he knew was that he was moving quickly and that people were shouting things to him. Or about him. Maybe both.

"Syaoran? Honey?"

"Ma'am, please. You have to let us work here."

"I can't just leave him."

Syaoran managed to lift his head and grinned weakly at the tall woman. "S'okay, Mother. M'fine now."

She clutched her hands to her chest as he was wheeled away on the stretcher. Syaoran watched as she grew smaller and smaller, as if someone had cast a spell to make her shrink to Alice proportions. The thought made him chuckle.

Then he blacked out.

When he opened his eyes again, things were less confusing. Both of his arms were bandaged up, there was a tube going from his arm and up to a drip stand, and his mother was sitting beside his bed with a neutral expression.

Damn it.

Syaoran sighed and let his eyes drift back to the ceiling. So he had tried to kill himself. So what? Lots of people did. It didn't mean that his mother could sit there with that look, like she was going to use this as ammo to give him more lectures and pressure.

Couldn't she see?

"They're telling me to hospitalize you," his mother said quietly.

Syaoran repressed the urge to say anything back. Trust his mother to know when he was awake and asleep, even without watching him.

"I think I have to, Syaoran. You've left me no choice."

Ah. Hospital. Great. He would open his mouth and try to convince his mother and the doctors that he wasn't crazy, that he didn't need to go to hospital of all places, but the bandages and the drip in his arm kind of contradicted that theory.

"Great," he croaked out.

Tomoeda Psychiatric Hospital. It looked nice enough from the outside. A giant building with tall walls surrounding it and lots of greenery. It loomed over him as he stood at the front doors as if to say 'welcome home Syaoran, time to mess you up big time muwahaha'.

Yeah, looked very nice and homely.

Um, not.

He didn't bother to watch his mother driving away. He didn't want to see that remorseful look, like he had caused some terrible thing just by being who he was. Syaoran turned and followed the nurse into the building.

"I think you'll be quite comfortable here," she smiled over her shoulder at him. Syaoran stared at her long red hair with wide eyes, only managing a nod. "I'm Nurse Mizuki, but you can call me Kaho. Everybody does."

"Sure," he answered quietly.

She pointed out the different rooms down the corridors, smiling at various patients who passed them and cracking awful jokes that made him smile. "Your bedroom is in the west wing, remember?" she pointed down a corridor. "Room twelve. You share it with Takashi Yamazaki."

Hopefully not some douche. Or a bully. Or both. Not that bullies had ever bothered him before, what with his martial arts and all.

"Lunch is at twelve-thirty every day," Kaho continued. They stood at the reception as she filled in papers. "There are nurses constantly around, so if you need anything just ask us. Routine checks are every two hours, just to make sure you're still here. Dinner is at six, lights out is at ten-thirty exact."

Syaoran watched as a terribly thin girl walked past. "It's a mixed ward?" he asked.

Kaho glanced over at him. "Not exactly. East wing is where the girls bedrooms and bathrooms are, boys sleep in the west wing. During the day, however, yes, everybody is free to roam around, providing that you aren't on any restrictions. Now," she turned to face him fully and held out her hands. "Do you have any jewellery, lighters, or other sharp things?"

Syaoran frowned, patted down his pockets and shook his head. "No."

"Good," she smiled. "Let's go and see if Takashi is in your room yet. It's nice to meet your roommate on the first day."


More corridors, more rooms, more patients. How was he going to remember all of this? Why did he have to stay here of all places?

He got some stares as they passed the main room that everybody seemed to hang out in. Nearly everybody stared at him as he walked past, their eyes curious, never leaving him. Syaoran tried to ignore the shiver than ran down his spine.

Kaho led him to the west wing and knocked on an open door. She smiled. "Takashi, may we come in?"

The boy looked up from where he sat on the floor. The first thing Syaoran noticed about him was the black hair and the equally dark eyes. Takashi looked at him curiously, friendly, his lips smiling in amusement.

"Fresh meat?" he asked.

Kaho chuckled. "Something like that. This is your new roommate Syaoran. Syaoran, this is Takashi."

Syaoran raised a hand. "Hey."

"Good to meet you," Takashi grinned back, then turned back to the drawing on the floor.

"I'll let you two get comfortable," Kaho nodded at them both and turned around to leave.

Syaoran shifted uncomfortably and walked over to the bed his bag was on. The room was uninteresting, like it had been when he and his mother had been shown it before, so he focused his attention on the guy in front of him. He shifted and looked at the picture on the floor. "You draw?"

"Huh?" Takashi leaned back until he was looking upside down. "Yeah. I wanna be a comic artist."

"That's cool," Syaoran nodded. Awkward…quick, think of something else!

Takashi beat him to it. "How old are you?"


"Ah, same here." The boy got to his feet and sat down on the bed next to Syaoran, slinging an arm over his shoulders. "It's good to have a new chum here! As long as you don't touch my stuff, then we'll get along just fine."

Syaoran shrugged the arm off his shoulders and smirked at him. "Yeah, and if I catch you touching my stuff then you're dead."

"Fair enough, chum…p." Takashi grinned. "I think you'll like it here."

Probably not, he thought, but whatever.

"Say, you want me to introduce you to people?"

Syaoran nodded. "That'd be nice." It would be less awkward as well, if he was walking around amongst a bunch of strangers, not knowing what to say or who to introduce himself to. This hospital thing sucked.

"Come on," Takashi threw his arm around his shoulders again and dragged him out of the room. He pulled Syaoran to a man sitting on the floor in their corridor, a comic in hand. "Yo, Touya! We've got ourselves another victim!"

The man looked up from the comic with raised eyebrows, looked Syaoran up and down, and nodded in approval. "Sweet. What's your name?"


"Nice to meet ya, I'm Touya."

Takashi leaned closer. "Everybody's big brother," he whispered with a grin. Syaoran smirked back.

Touya raised an eyebrow. "I heard that."

"Come on," Takashi once again dragged him down the corridor, leading him towards the main lounge. "Yo, everybody! This is Syaoran, the new guy," he patted Syaoran on the back with more force than necessary. "He's a little shy, so be nice."

Syaoran glared at him. "I'm not shy." Speechless, yes. Who was talkative and happy when they were committed to a psychiatric hospital?

The thin girl he had seen from before walked past with a sweet smile and said, "Sure, and we're all sane."

"Speak for yourself," Takashi scoffed.

Someone was singing. Syaoran frowned as he focused on the sound, the only thing he could concentrate fully on amongst all of the chatter and banter and madness. He turned to look down the hall to see a girl dancing around on her own, holding an object in her hand.

"Ah," Takashi grinned suddenly. "Saku! Over here!"

The girl came closer with a smile, seemingly in her own world, and it was only now that Syaoran could make out the object. A video camera. Are those allowed here?

"We're all crazy, we're all mad!" She danced around Takashi with a laugh, filming him on camera. "A thimbleful of sanity is all we've ever had!"

"You're too obsessed with that song, dude," Takashi laughed.

The girl laughed with him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Pick your poison, fast my dear! The apocalypse is drawing near—" she broke off when her eyes landed on Syaoran. She moved the camera up and down, taking in his whole image, and pulled away from Takashi to say, "Who's this?"

"This is Syaoran, the new guy. Syaoran, this is Sakura."

Sakura smiled brightly at him and held out her free hand. Syaoran took it, shaking it. "Nice to meet you," he said.

"You too," she returned. "What you in for?"

Before he could reply, Kaho's voice spoke up. "Sakura! What have I told you about that camera?"

"Sorrrrry," Sakura called back with a smile, and shut the camera off. She grinned at Syaoran. "They never let you do anything here."

Syaoran smiled back, intrigued by her bright green eyes. They were the prettiest colour he had ever seen. Beautiful, even. Like emeralds.

Takashi threw his arms out wide and hugged the two of them to him, laughing. "We're all one big happy family here!"

"Yeah, sure dude," Sakura giggled. She looked up at Syaoran and winked. "Welcome to the nuthouse, Syaoran."

And with such a pretty girl like Sakura, maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Yeah, maybe. How much fun could a person have in a freaking mental hospital?

Syaoran sighed to himself. This is gonna be a long stay.

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