Tadda! Another Star Wars story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or any of the characters, wish I did, but I don't

When captain Solo landed the Falcon on Kayshyyk, the smell of the worshyyr trees brought back memories of his "glory days". That's not to say that he was an old man. Things were just different now. With a sigh he leaned back in his chair to immerse himself in the memories.


"Chewie! You better get up here! Now!" Han was sitting in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Looking out the view port he saw an all-too-familiar ship heading towards them, gunports blazing. Han's ship rocked from the blasts. Han thanked his lucky stars that the shields were working. No damage had been done, yet.

A moment after the shooting started a large hairy form entered the cockpit; it had to duck to enter through the doorway. It looked somewhat like a large bipedal dog. The being settled into the oversized co-pilots chair to survey the instruments in front of him. He took in everything in a glance, there were not flashing lights for once, so what could be the problem?

"Chewie, when I brought the ship out of hyperspace, he, was waiting for us."

That didn't help much, Han was a smuggler and a mercenary, there were lots of beings that would be glad to blast them to atoms. But before Chewie could ask who he was he got the answer. A familiar dark shape drifted into view. It was a modified fire spray, Boba Fett.

Boba Fett, the most feared and notorious bounty hunter in the known galaxy, and now he had his sights set on Han Solo. The comlink crackled and Fett's emotionless voice was heard. "Solo, bank hard to port and stall. You may as well give it up. You know how this will end. Just consider yourself lucky that this is a 'live and unharmed capture' only. Otherwise you would be so many atoms now."

Han winced; Fett really knew how to unnerve a guy. But nobody was taking him in, especially to Jabba the Hutt, or even worse, Lord Vader. Rather than going to port Han kept a steady course. Of course Fett latched onto the Falcon with a tractor beam. The Falcon's engines whined in protest at the strain it was taking not to get drawn in. most pilots would panic at the action taken by Fett, but Han wasn't most pilots.

With gritted teeth he wrenched the ship around while silently apologizing for the abuse. When he was facing Slave 1 he called to Chewie to ready the forward proton torpedoes. "Ha-ha! Eat slag Boba!" With a click the torpedoes were released and the tractor beam did the rest. They were pulled towards the ship as the beam automatically latched onto them, faster than the pilot could react. With the beam severed they were free to go.

Han swiveled around in his chair, "Yep, no one's going to get me, not now, not ever."


Back on Kayshyyk Han tipped his chair back with a sigh, "Ah, but someone did get me…." With a glance he took in the small holo that was always kept next to the pilot's chair on the Falcon. He stood up and walked out to the hall and shouted to the wookiee outside. "Chewie! Almost done yet? I don't want to be gone any longer than we have to."