Emotional Prince

Chapter 1 - Of water fights and interruptions

And I don't want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you
I don't want to talk about it
'Cos I'm in love with you


Bulma Briefs awoke from her peaceful beauty sleep and scowled at the ceiling. She was sure that something had woken her. What was it?


She sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes, looking at the clock. It read 3am. She screamed in exasperation and pulled on her silky robe, heading downstairs towards the source of the noise. Sure enough, Vegeta and his high and mighty ass were standing rigidly at the bottom of the stairs, frowning at her.

"Vegeta, what the hell do you want?" She mumbled, still only half awake. He turned his back on her.

"The Gravity Room has broken again and I require your services to fix it." He ordered. Bulma stood, staring at him and fuming with anger.


"Maybe if you spent more time working on the Gravity Room and less time doing your pathetic make-up, then you wouldn't have to be woken up." He sneered back. Bulma screeched again and stalked out of the room, her robe flying behind her.

"You're impossible." She spat at him when he began to follow. She knew he didn't care what she said to him as long at the GR got done. I don't care, she thought. It's just fun insulting him. She looked up as she got outside and sighed at the site of the GR. I don't know why I do this for him. And at this early in the morning...

Bulma grabbed her ladder and climbed her way to the top, taking off the control panel. She looked back down at Vegeta, who was watching her like a hawk.

"I don't trust you down there Vegeta. I'm still in my nightshirt and I don't want you eyeing me up while I work." She told him. Vegeta snorted.

"The Prince of all Saiyans would hardly stoop so low." He replied curtly. Bulma hesitated, staring at him with narrowed eyes. Vegeta stared back until eventually rolling his eyes and rising into the air.

"Good, it seems you may have actually listened to me for once Vegeta." Bulma said, smugly.

He sniffed. "Hardly, I just want this infernal contraption fixed."

Bulma narrowed her eyes at him, then turned back to the ship and started to poke around the control panel. She worked hard for over an hour, tweaking things here and there, but when a chilly wind blew over her near enough bare shoulders, she looked up. The orange giant sun was rising over the hills, leaving a pleasant blue in its wake. She placed the spanner back in the tool box and wiped her sweaty hands on a rag cloth.

"I need to go and get some proper clothes on. This'll be fixed in no time." She chirruped happily to Vegeta. He remained sitting on the ship, one leg across his knee and his arms folded.

"Be quick, woman."

She rolled her eyes and began to step down the ladder. Unfortunately, the wind decided to blow again at the precise moment she took a step and the ladder slid off of the round ship, falling towards the ground.

Gosh, I can be so stupid sometimes... she thought to herself as she fell, screaming, towards the ground.

She jolted to a halt and her eyes remained shut. Wow, that wasn't near enough as bad as I thought...

It wasn't until she realised that the floor was breathing did she open one eye.

Vegeta was looking down at her, scowling and she flushed when she felt his sturdy, hot hands shuffle uncomfortably on her back. She glanced back down at the ground and swallowed. She was still pretty far from the ground and had it not been for Vegeta, she would have fallen through the ground like one of those cheesy cartoon movie's when one of them fall off a cliff.

"Gee, thanks Vegeta." She murmured, looking back up at him. He slowly floated down to the ground and placed her back on her feet.

"Watch what you're doing woman. If you were to have an accident I'd have to get that stupid old man to fix this machine." He spat angrily at her. She rolled her eyes.

"You know you saved me because you didn't want me to die, Vegeta." She winked and ruffled his hair, before walking off into the building to get changed. He watched her go, a perplexed expression on his face.

Stupid woman, he thought. He glanced back at the GR machine and scowled.

The longer that woman takes to change and shower, the longer I have to wait for this stupid thing to be fixed. It's taking too long to reach my goal; I should have achieved it by now. I should have achieved it long before Kakkarot and that idiotic boy from the future. The Prince of all Saiyans should do things first, not third. It should have been me to reach Super Saiyan first. I should have defeated Frieza. I-

"Hey, what are you all worked up about?" A voice interrupted his thoughts. He lifted his head and unclenched his fists. Bulma walked back over to the tall ladder and picked it up with ease, placing it up against the ship.

She was wearing a loose white tank top, with a black one underneath and baggy tracksuit bottoms. Her hair was out of his usual afro and now it was tied into a loose ponytail that hung at the beginning of her back.

As she began to climb, Vegeta watched, ready to jump into action if she was clumsy enough to fall again.

Despite the fact that she was no longer wearing her nightshirt, he still floated up as she went. He laid down on top of the ship, closed his eyes and placed his hands behind his head, ignoring the scorching heat of the metal in the morning sun. The sound of Bulma occasionally rummaging through the tool box and then tweaking a few things was strangely comforting and he admired the little rest that he would get.

"Have you had any luck yet?" He awoke from his day dream and opened his eyes, staring at the clouds.

"I don't understand, woman." He replied, casting an eye downwards at her. He could see out of the corner of his eye that she was watching him and went back to watching the clouds.

"Reaching Super Saiyan." She sighed, tweaking a few more nuts in the control panel. He frowned and gritted his teeth.

"Do you earn pleasure from hearing me say that I haven't?" He grumbled angrily. Bulma stopped moving.

"No. I just wanted to know how your training is going, is that so wrong?" There was a sad edge to her voice and for a split second, Vegeta felt a pang of guilt. It was gone with a flash though, his usual determination and anger returning again.

"I'd prefer it if you kept your nose out of my business, woman." He replied, an edge to his voice too. When Bulma didn't retaliate, he made himself look up. She was observing a gash on her arm, which was bleeding heavily.

"You idiot! Only you would manage to cut yourself on something that isn't dangerous at all!" He exclaimed, sitting up. She looked up into his coal black eyes and stayed silent.

"It's nothing." She answered, frowning. She picked up her hammer and went back to work, ignoring her cut. Vegeta frowned. The smell of her blood was strong in his sensitive nose, but it didn't disgust him. It was more arousing then anything. His eyes remained focused on the gash and it got worst with every movement she made. For crying out loud...

Bulma nearly fell off of her ladder again as Vegeta flew off in the direction of the main building. She shrugged, slightly disappointed. He was bound to get bored sooner or later...

But then she was pulled off of the ladder by a pair of arms and placed on the ship. She winced at the hot metal, then stared in confusion at the person who sat down in front of her.

"Vegeta? What are you-" She stopped when his rough hands took her arm and grimaced as cold alcohol was dabbed onto her wound. She looked up at Vegeta and his face was fierce in concentration. As though he's holding something back...

Vegeta struggled to breath in through his mouth instead of his nose. Stupid woman... stupid fragrant blood... He gritted his teeth again as he attempted to resist sniffing the wound. That would seem a pretty strange thing to do and he didn't want the woman thinking he was any stranger then he was now.

When he was finished, he released her hand and put everything back into the medic box.

"Th-thanks Vegeta." Bulma told him. She was kind of peeved that she had had to say thanks twice to him in one day, but more grateful then anything.

"Don't bother trying to flatter me woman. The stench of your blood was disgusting me." He replied coldly. Bulma resisted the urge to roll her eyes and winced as she caught her arm on the metal.

"Go and rest the arm. If I begin to smell that blood again, I'll probably puke." He spat. Bulma grinned at him and began to climb down the ladder, being careful not to fall off.

* * * * *

Bulma turned on the hose and sprayed the flowerbed in front of the house. She considered washing the Gravity Room, but Vegeta had told her to rest her arm. She felt touched at his concern even it was just because he didn't want to smell her blood again. He had still said she could take a break.

She yelped when a squirt of thin, cold water sprinkled her. Stupid dodgy hose, she laughed to herself, looking down at the sprinkles on her outfit.

"You weak humans find the smallest things amusing." A gruff voice spoke from the front door. Bulma heard footsteps approach, but remained concentrating on watering the flowers.

"That's because we have something called emotions." She retorted, laughing again as she was sprayed. She turned to Vegeta and caught the strangest expression on his face. It was gone quickly and replaced with his usual mask of boredom and frustration.

"Sheesh, you need to lighten up." She grinned at him and jumped when she was squirted again. She glanced over at the sprinkler that was watering their grass and giggled to herself. It was very tempting to run through the water, then lay down and dry in the hot sun.

Suddenly, a shot of water spurted out of the hose and fired off into a different direction. It caught an unobservant Vegeta right in the face.

Bulma burst out laughing at his expression and clutched her stomach, drenching her top in the process. Vegeta turned to her, wiping his face, not amused.

"Oh, come on Vegeta! You have to admit that was funny." She continued to laugh hysterically. His lip quirked up at the side and Bulma took that as a small smile. He laid down on the ground and closed his eyes, resting as usual. She looked away, casually and lifted the hose up so it was held up in front of her chest and it fired towards Vegeta. He was again caught off guard and this time it soaked his white vest top.

"WOMAN." He screamed, sitting up. She laughed hysterically again and ran as Vegeta chased her. He couldn't resist chuckling too as she ran. He hadn't seen her look this loosened up in a while. She looked radiant and young as she ran across the green.

Eventually, he grabbed her around the waist and ran with her towards the sprinkler while she screamed. He slipped on the wet grass and he fell to the floor, Bulma landing a few feet away. He laid there for a moment, then looked over at Bulma who was lying on the ground too, her eyes shut, admiring the feel of the wet sprinkler drops hitting her face.

He got up at and crawled towards her, unable to resist the opportunity. She didn't realise that Vegeta was leaning over her until she felt something wet being smeared across her face. Her eyes snapped open and she sat up. Vegeta was sitting in front of her, his legs both bent as he leant back, his arms holding him up. He was in the kind of position Goku would sit in...

She was slightly worried at the smirk on his face and bit her lip as she wiped her hand across her cheek. Mud. He'd smeared mud on her.

"VEGETA!" She shouted, getting up to chase him. He chuckled to himself, an evil frown still planted on his forehead. He wiped more mud on her top as she slid past him, the ground still slippery. Vegeta laughed to himself, then stopped. He was letting himself loose... he hadn't acted like this since... He hesitated. He hadn't ever felt like this.

He was awoken from his daydream when two hands ran down his chest and he smelt the fresh mud. He looked up and Bulma was grinning at him, mud covered all over hands.

"Stupid woman." He said, but playfully. He got up and began to chase her, but slipped. They both fell to the ground, Vegeta on top of her.

They stared at each other, Bulma giggling and Vegeta chuckling. Then they eventually stopped and continued to stare, soaked and covered in mud.

Bulma bit her lip. She'd seen scenes like this in romance movies. She knew what should come next. The feeling in her stomach was unmistakable as she looked down at Vegeta's lips and his smell mixed with sweat and damp hair engulfed her nose. She swallowed and her breathing slowed.

This is Vegeta you're thinking about Bulma. You're still with Yamcha; this is how Yamcha makes you feel.

But as she stared at this whole new Vegeta, she knew there was no reassuring herself while they were so close to each other like this.

Vegeta was confused. Extremely. He hated the woman, but right now he wanted nothing more than to take her. She smelt like roses, mud, sweat and that small scent of blood still remained. It was delicious.

I can't be distracted by this stupid female. I need to get back to training. He knew this was what he thought, but he couldn't bring himself to get off of her. He leant forward and rubbed his nose against her cheek. He heard her inhale and felt her hand grip his back.


They both jumped apart and Bulma straightened herself up. Yamcha had came in through the front gate and stared at both Vegeta and Bulma in confusion. Vegeta simply laid back out on the grass and started to watch the clouds again.

"What happened?" Yamcha asked, pointing to Bulma's clothes. She coughed, clearing her throat and stood up.

"Nothing, forget it Yamcha. What did you need?" She asked, tucking her hair behind her ear. He still looked suspicious, but then grinned.

"I just came by to check in. I have a surprise for you. Follow me." He told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her around the buildings to the back garden. She looked back at Vegeta, who's head turned away as soon as she looked at him and felt strangely irritated with Yamcha.

Vegeta watched as Bulma was pulled away and looked back at the clouds. Stupid earth weakling, I should follow him and blow him to smithereens. I should have killed him as soon as he was wished back. Insignificant human. Vegeta thought to himself. He hated this new emotion he was feeling. Anger? No. It was more than that. Frustration? No. It wasn't that either.

How dare he take the woman away... He thought to himself. He shook his head. The woman wasn't his, so he had no need to be so possessive over her.

"This damn planet is too happy." He told himself as he walked towards the sprinkler. He sat down and brushed his hand across the spot he and Bulma had been laying in.

"I'm getting too soft..."

''I think I want you..''

A/N: The line at the end is what his conscious is saying. This story may only be about 4 chapters long aaaaaand I may be slow updating because of my Ouran fanfic. Anyway, review!