Chapter 4 - Of endings and roaming hands

Tell me how can you sleep?
How can you breathe?
Baby tell me how
How you love me now

The party was in full swing and Bulma was hating every minute of it. Vegeta was looking amazingly good in his long-sleeved shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his sleek black trousers straining against the inhumane muscles in his legs.

"Oh crap." Bulma cursed to herself as she spilt an open bottle of beer down her simple, aqua blue vest top.

"This party was thrown for you was it not? That means you should be out there celebrating with that pathetic boyfriend of yours instead of hiding away in this kitchen."

Bulma froze up and placed the bottle of beer on the counter beside her slowly, then turned slightly to the man she had been avoiding all night.

"Vegeta, I'm really not in the mood for you right now." She grumbled, her stomach swinging uncontrollably at the very mere presence of him in the same room as her.

Vegeta ran his eyes along Bulma's figure and his heart beat increased. The simple top she was wearing was tight-fitting and low-cut, not leaving much to the imagination when it came to her perfect cleavage. The tight, combat style black shorts she was wearing didn't look like there was much room left for her to breathe either. It took everything in Vegeta's willpower not to grab her then and take her into the darkness of the garden.

"You would rather be in the company of that weakling?" Vegeta took another step towards her unwillingly and urged her to turn around fully and look at him. She remained facing away from him, but her posture had definitely straightened.

She cleared her throat.

"I-I never said that." She stuttered, then clapped a hand to her mouth in realisation. Vegeta smirked in victory and took another step, almost so close he could hear her breathing.

Bulma felt his presence behind her and knew she should kick herself and get out to the party, but she found herself unable to. Just being this close to Vegeta almost made her head explode with tension and desire.

"I can usually smell fear, but I do not smell it coming from you. If you are not afraid woman, then why is your heart racing?" Vegeta murmured into her ear, pushing her hair away with his nose. Bulma swallowed and tilted her neck slightly, wanting nothing more than to feel his lips pressed against it.

"I... it's...I can't..." Bulma struggled for words and Vegeta's breathless chuckle against her skin made her shiver with pleasure.

"I know what you want, woman." His gruff voice whispered hoarsely into her ear. Bulma felt him move away and let out a breath of disappointment. She turned around, but Vegeta had already gone.

"Bastard." She muttered to herself. She looked down at her top and saw that the beer stain had disappeared. At least that was a positive. Bulma sighed to herself. I would have preferred to have left the kitchen with a rather different positive then that...

* * * * *

"Yamcha?" Bulma was in the dark garden, looking for Yamcha. She had had to ask complete strangers that had been invited to the party were to find him and it turns out he had left with a dark, brunette girl a while ago. Her stomach had not filled with anger at this, more excitement then anything.

Giggling rose up from the bushes somewhere a little further away from the GR and Bulma smirked, walking over as quickly as she could.

She searched around and sure enough, Yamcha's clothes were strewn across the lawn. She resisted the urge to snicker to herself and ran off with them, throwing them over the wall nearby. Then she grabbed the woman's clothes and done the same. Laughing to herself, she headed back inside to Capsule Corp, the smile on her face the biggest she had worn for months.

Bulma had curled herself up into the corner of the room and was reading her favourite book when it happened. Yamcha and the brunette walked into wearing nothing but a few leaves and silence began to trail around into everyone's conversations as they stared.

All heads turned to Bulma and she closed her book, standing up slowly. Everyone moved out of her way carefully, as far away as they could and held their breaths.

She pulled a key out of her pocket and lifted up Yamcha's hand, placing it inside it, then smiled sweetly at his horrified face.

"Bulma I-"

She lifted a hand up to silence him and then whispered loudly: "If you're looking for your clothes, they somehow managed to jump miraculously over the wall." She pouted and the audience began to laugh warily. Yamcha's eyes widened in horror and Bulma's face turned upside-down into an angry frown. She lifted her left leg up and kneed him firmly in the groin.

"That's for cheating on me, bastard." She spat, then turned away and walked slowly out of the room. Nice going, Bulma. Nice and cool. Now you don't have to move into that shabby flat with him. She heard the party continuing on in the living room, regardless, and smiled slightly to herself. Nothing stopped her mum from having a party.

"It's about time."

Bulma froze and her heart began to race again, the smirk slowly falling from her face.

"I didn't do that for you, Vegeta. Don't get any ideas." She hissed in the darkness. The hallway that led to her lab got exceedingly dark during the night and she usually had difficulty finding the light switch.

"You weren't going to your lab to cry were you?" Vegeta's voice was coming from behind her again and she remained standing were she was, her legs turning to jelly at the very thought of him and her in the dark hallway.

"Of course not. I wanted to work." Bulma croaked. She gasped when a hand was placed at the side of her thigh and ran along her leg, up to the side of her stomach.

"Work?" She jumped when she realised Vegeta's voice was echoing through her entire body because he was so close. Her chest tightened with ecstasy and she turned around, unable to resist not facing him.

Even in the dark, his face still made her heart do little twirls and jumps. He smirked at her slightly, pushing her lightly against the wall. He placed his hands either side of her head and they gazed into each other's distorted eyes as they got used to the darkness.

"The last time we were like this we were interrupted by that idiot," Vegeta ducked his head and brushed his lips against Bulma, who was dizzy with desire. "Now we won't be."

He placed his lips fully on hers and she groaned instantly, the feel of his warm, delicious lips wrapped around hers sending pulses through her body. His hands moved down the wall and clasped onto her tiny waist, then moved one hand slowly under her top to caress small circles on her back. Bulma deepened the kiss and wrapped her hands in his luscious hair.

Vegeta was mentally slapping himself for being the first to make a move, but found his mind could not concentrate long enough to care. He moved his mouth away from the woman's' and moved to her neck where he slowly began to trail kisses down it. Bulma kept her hands wrapped in his hair and her eyes widened when she felt him tugging at her shorts slowly.

"We can't do this here." She managed to gasp out as he trailed kisses along her stomach.

"Too late." He murmured against her skin. Bulma rested her head back against the wall and screwed her eyes shut as she resisted the urge to call out in pleasure.

"I think I love you, Vegeta." She simply said. He hesitated his kisses for a moment, then brought his head back up to her own. He took her head in his hands and planted a kiss on her aching lips.

"I don't want you to love me too. I just wanted you to know." She stared into his dark eyes which were hardly visible and he ducked down to her ear suddenly.

"I will not fall in love with a mere human, especially someone like you." He planted a kiss on her earlobe and his head travelled downwards.

"Hey, that's not fa-" Her protest was shut out by the feel of Vegeta's lips running along her inner thigh. She gasped.

I guess I can wait.

* * * * *

The following morning Bulma awoke feeling brighter then she had ever done before. The sun burst through the window of Vegeta's bedroom and caused her skin to prickle under the heat. Vegeta was laying next to her, sleeping soundly. She reached over and stared at his face for a moment, then kissed him on the cheek before getting up to dress in her mechanical gear.

Bulma rushed downstairs and into the GR, toolbox in hand. It's the least I can do, even if it does mean Vegeta spends more time in here then with me.

A few hours later, a rather tired Saiyan snuck slowly into the GR, appearing behind her. She was unaware of his presence until she was snatched off of her ladder and into his muscly arms.

"Vegeta!" She shrieked, dropping her spanner. She looked around her and realised she was laying down on the cold floor of the GR, Vegeta's smirking face hovering above her.

"You cut yourself again." He looked down at her lip, which was bleeding slowly. She rolled her eyes.

"I was biting my lip and you grabbed me. It's your fault." She narrowed her eyes at him and her eyes widened suddenly when she felt him press his groin against her own 'area'. She lost her breathing for a moment, stars blurring her vision and glared at the smug Vegeta suspended above her.

"Now you desire me. What weaklings you are." He ducked his head down and brushed his lip against hers, the blood tainting his own lips. Bulma opened her mouth to argue, but he pressed his groin down again and she held in a moan.

"Look's like I'm not going to get much mending done." She managed to get out, before Vegeta ducked down for another kiss.

* * * * *

Bulma was humming slightly, her mood even better then it was that morning.

"Stop that racket, woman." Vegeta's voice called out from below her. She poked her tongue out at him down below and placed her hammer on the side, starting to climb down.

"I'm pooped. I need a drink."

A sudden gust of wind indicated that Vegeta had moved behind her. She continued to walk, rolling her eyes.

"Are you going to follow me everywhere like a lost puppy?" She turned around and found him gone. Shrugging, she stepped outside of the GR into the garden where the sprinklers were on again. She looked at them and smiled slightly, remembering that it was the first time she had seen Vegeta loosen up there and the first time she had realised her attraction.

A pair of hands grasped her waist suddenly and she screamed.

"Vegeta- NO!" She yelled as he threw her onto the floor below the sprinkler. She shrieked as the cold water drenched her clothes. Vegeta appeared on top of her again, smirking.

"You really need to be more observant." He leant above her. Bulma laughed as she realised where they were.

"Do you plan to repeat every moment we didn't get to finish?" She smiled up at him and he nodded, bending down to kiss her.

"HA HA! I KNEW IT!" Bulma and Vegeta froze as the familiar voice rung out through the gardens. They both looked at Yamcha, who was walking through the gate, frowning deeply. Neither Bulma nor Vegeta bothered to move from their positions.

"You and Vegeta. Of all the people, Bulma. Why him?" He asked her, as though Vegeta wasn't there. Bulma looked away from Yamcha and leaned forward, whispering into Vegeta's ear, her arms around his neck. Vegeta chuckled slightly and nodded, raising a hand at Yamcha. He looked at Vegeta with an expression of fear so great, it almost looked comical.

"Wait-" A small ki blast sent Yamcha back through the gate and into the building opposite Capsule Corp, causing a mayhem outside. Vegeta looked back down at Bulma and smirked.

"It seems you do have some brains, woman." He leant down and hovered mere centimetres away from her face, smiling. She said nothing in reply, just lifted her head up to his ear, brushed her lips against it and whispered:

"It seems you can smile..." she smirked to herself "...Prince."

Vegeta felt his heart leap when she murmured that one word and found himself unable to restrain from kissing her. After doing so, they both sat underneath the sprinkler, their clothes getting soaked through but neither of them seemed to care. Bulma was lying down, staring up at the clouds, wincing every time a drop of water landed on her face. Vegeta simply sat up with his usual frown on, staring out into space. However, his eyes drifted over to her automatically every few seconds.

What happened to your pride, Vegeta? She's a human. Vegeta glanced back over at Bulma and frowned at his the voice in the back of his head.

She is nothing, simply a mere toy for me to play with when I feel the need, he argued back. He looked back at the sky and frowned deeply.

If she is a toy, why do you hurt so much if you are not close to her? Vegeta looked back at Bulma and shuffled himself so he was seated next to her. She didn't take her eyes off of the sky and jumped slightly when Vegeta's thumb began to brush her cheek.

She sat up and stared at him for a moment, in silence. Then she moved to sit in front of him, looking intensely into his eyes. His stomach shook with excitement and another feeling he couldn't quite place his finger on...

Bulma flinched when a warm thumb began to caress her cheek and sat up, surprised at how close Vegeta had gotten. His expression was something she had never seen before on his face, not in a situation like this. He was confused but at the same time he looked almost... sad.

She crawled over so she sat, cross-legged, directly in front of him and leant forward so their breaths mingled. It wasn't a fully blown passionate kiss Vegeta would give her. It was her giving him her kiss.

He froze, his thumb still stroking her face. She smiled and tilted her head, wrapping her arms around his neck and moving her lips so close to his, she could almost hear his breathing.

He's arrogant, unfriendly... a MURDRER, a voice roared in her mind. She frowned and inhaled, taking in Vegeta's innocent scent.

No. He was a murderer when he was under Frieza's command, she gazed into Vegeta's confused, lost eyes and teasingly caressed his lips with her own. He's changed.

The voice in the back of her head seemed silent for a moment and Bulma used this opportunity to fill the space between her and Vegeta and planted her lips gently on his own. One of his hands moved to his waist, while the other – which was still on her face – spread out and cupped her cheek.

Vegeta still fought out to discover the uncomfortable yet wonderful feeling running through his body and found the closer the woman got, the more intense it became.

You know, Vegeta. You know this feeling...

Bulma smiled into the kiss and without looking, she knew Vegeta was smiling too.

Somewhere along the fights, the shouting, the arguments, the unstable emotions....

You fell in love.

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