HELLO ONE AND ALL! Mitsuki Horenake on the ropes with you today, and right now I'm about to introduce my Tales of OCs: Kiryll Nightroad and Astrid Rosen! There's a funny story concerning how I got to naming Kiryll, but I'll do that later. For now…ENJOY!

Implied Norma x OC…sorta.

BTW, this takes place during Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2…with some changes. (I have not played the game, so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)


Norma really is bored.

Staying in the ship with no job to do really gets her annoyed, so she ended up walking up to the deck to alleviate her boredom. After a few minutes, she finally was able to open up the elevator and head up to the deck. Once she got on, she saw three familiar figures on deck, watching the sea from their safe position above the ocean surface.

"Kanonno. Stahn." She greeted, turning to the small flying figure over her head. "Paneer."

"You got bored too?" Stahn asked.

"Of course I did." Norma sighed. "Chat didn't have any jobs that seemed interesting today."

"Don't blame her, Norma." Kanonno said. "The guild still is new, so not too many people know about it. The jobs we have now are what will make this guild shine…if we actually do our jobs correctly."

"Thanks for making it sound like it's going to be the end of the world." Norma implied with a sigh.

"Failure is just a part of life, Norma." Paneer stated.

"…A part I wished didn't exist." She grumbled.

"Aw, c'mon Norma. Chin up!" Stahn grinned. "Sooner or later, there's gonna be a good job for us!"

"Yeah, there better be! None of the jobs so far have any good pay!" Norma growled.

"Is that what you're complaining about?" Kanonno blinked.

She reminds me of Rutee… Stahn sighed. "Eh? What's with the big tree?"

Looking up from where they were, they saw a gigantic tree in the middle of the ocean, standing perfectly on a small island. From where they were, it looked like it was merely an illusion to their eyes. Kanonno was about to say something when the tree began glowing a bright light, and a small beam shot up into the air. Everyone stared at it in wonder.

"Wow…" Paneer stared in awe.

"Wonder what that was all about?" Stahn asked.

"Wait…isn't that the…?"

Something suddenly crashed behind them, making everyone jump. Turning their heads, they saw the body of a young man on the ground. His hair was a dark purple, semi-short, and a piece was dangling right between his eyes and touched his chin. It complimented the thin, purple jacket on his fragile-looking frame, and the white collared button shirt, and the black dress pants with it. A strange box was on his right thigh, but it didn't seem to have any opening to it. In striking contrast, he had small earrings and a necklace made of gold, and they were shaped into that of a cross.

Then again, they weren't thinking of anything like that.

"Holy hell!!!" Stahn remarked. "Did he just fall out of the sky?!"

Norma just screamed really really loudly.


He woke up feeling tired. That's all he knew.

"Are you OK?"

He looked around in the small room that he was in, and saw a girl sitting next to him. Her eyes were green, a striking contrast to her short, bobby, white hair. A red bishop hat was on her head, complimenting the red robe on her. It had yellow lines on it, and the symbols showing green fire. The bottom of the robe was surprisingly short, barely above her knees, and what were left were white stockings and high white boots. Nearby, a staff was leaning on the wall, the top shaped like a moon.

"Where…am I?" He asked.

"You're in my room." She smiled. "You just fell right from the sky. Scared everyone there, really."

"Oh…" He slowly sat up. "I…I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to me." She chuckled. "I'm not the one that you angered."

Blinking, he looked up, and saw a girl with short, bobby brown hair staring at him. Once they locked eye contact, she walked out of the room with a hmph.

"Don't mind Norma." The girl next to him said. "She's just mad that you scared her."

"Oh…I see." He relaxed. "Thanks for bringing me in though."

"No problem." The girl smiled. "My name is Astrid, by the way. Astrid Rosen."

"…Kiryll. Kiryll Nightroad."

"Kiryll…" Astrid chuckled. "That's a cute name."

"Uh…thanks." He blushed.

"Hey! The guy awake?"

Looking up, they saw a young girl walk toward them. She had a really big pirate hat on her head.

"He's awake, Chat. Don't worry." Astrid grinned.

"Good to hear." Chat went to him. "You feeling OK?"

"Yes, I am." He answered.

"You better be. After a hit that hard, I was afraid your brain was going to cave in or something." She grinned. "By the way, are you a fighter?"



"What is this place?"

"This is our coliseum!" Chat answered. "Where our guild members train! Hope you don't mind the lack of competition, though."

"I'm OK with it." Kiryll answered. "So…am I fighting someone?"

"Yep. Him."

Looking at the ring, he saw a gigantic man with huge muscles and a bald head. A belt was around his waist. Kiryll froze in his place.

"That's Might Kongman. He offered to fight you, so…I hope you don't mind."

"Uh…no, it's OK…" I hope…

He walked into the ring with his hope slowly falling. From the side, he saw a few people staying near the side, curious about the newcomer's abilities. From the figures, he could've sworn he saw that Norma girl from earlier.

"You sure you don't need a weapon?" His opponent remarked.

"Huh?" He looked at him. "Oh…no, I'm fine. Thanks for asking, though."

"All right…cause we're beginning!"

Kongman charged to him, an attack Kiryll was quickly able to dodge. The guild members stared in delight and shock. The girls all began squealing.

OK Kiryll, relax. He thought. Just rely on muscle memory and hope he doesn't hit you-

BAM! A punch right to the stomach. He staggered back, only to be shocked at how little pain there was.

"Uh…OK, never mind." He remarked.

"You're still standing?" Kongman grinned. "Not a bad man. Few can stand the might of my fist!"

"Uh…you're welcome…" Kiryll sighed. I really need a weapon here…

Almost instantly, he grabbed his necklace, a move that shocked even him, and pulled it off. The chain came off instantly, and when it did happen, the cross took a different shape: that of a large, golden scythe. Norma stared at it in disbelief.

Whoa…wasn't expecting that, huh? Kiryll stared in disbelief.

"Not bad…Kiryll, right?" Kongman laughed. "Don't be scared to use that thing here! No one can truly die here!"

"So…I can go all out then?"

"Of course!"


Kiryll was shocked at how far "all-out" goes concerning his abilities. He was faster and stronger than even Might Kongman, a fact that shocked the audience members. Once he was in the air, the box on his thigh began glowing, and a card shot out and landed in his hand. He stared at the figure on it, and crushed the card. Almost instantly, a figure shot out from it.

"Angel!" His mouth stated, far from what his mind knew. "Garu!"

The wind that erupted from its wings was quick to knock Kongman off his feet. The battle was over. Turning around, he saw Astrid and Chat running toward his direction.

"That was amazing! What was that?" Chat asked.

"Uh…reflex?" He asked.

"Reflex? What? You don't remember what it's called?" Astrid asked.

"…" Kiryll rubbed the back of his head. "I don't…remember anything, actually. Just my name."

"Oh, you poor thing…" Chat sighed. "I feel so sorry for you now…"

"Hey, I got an idea." Astrid grinned. "What if you join the guild? I mean, we go all around the world. There's bound to be a hint or two on who you really are, right?"



Feel free to flame if you want. I didn't put too much effort into this. Hence the really bad physical descriptions. And the lack of character most of them have.

Oh yeah, about Kiryll's name. It was supposed to be Kiril, but I forgot the spelling one time and wrote it as Kiryll. It looked cool, so I stuck with it. I created him while I was playing Persona 4, so you'll see some references on that game when he's around. But you probably know that already.

OK, I'm out! I'll make something better, I swear!

Tales of Legendia: Norma

Tales of Eternia: Chat

Tales of Destiny: Stahn, Kongman

Tales of the World: Kanonno, Paneer