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"Come on Bella! We should have left thirty minutes ago!" I heard Edward yell from the floor below me.

"Just a sec. Have you seen my white bikini?" I called out.

"It's already in your bag, which Alice packed for you. Everything you need is in it, so let's go!"

"Fine, fine. I am coming. Can't you just tell me where we are going?" I asked, walking down the steps.

"Nope. It's a surprise. And don't try that face on me; it won't crack me this time." He grabbed a hold of my chin to bring me in for a kiss. "Let's go."

With that, he grabbed my hand with one of his while he held our two luggage bags in the other hand. I heard the beep of his Volvo go off in the garage as he opened the side door. He opened my door before making his way to the trunk to deposit the bags. Before I knew it, we were zooming out of the garage and making our way down the winding road back into the city.

Edward and I had been dating officially for almost a year and a half. I had made the move into his house…our house about five months ago. We decided on his house because I had only been renting my townhouse; so most of my furniture went into storage until I would need it. I knew that Edward and I were probably in it for the long haul and I was ready to say yes to him at any moment if he decided to drop to one knee. We had discussed it at length but he had said that he wanted to get himself established within the hospital before taking on another chapter like marriage.

We never got to celebrate our one year back in January due to our work schedules, so now we were taking it…five months later. Also, Edward's 26th birthday just so happened to fall within the time that we would be on vacation.

Edward, who had been relatively silent for most of the car ride, took the exit for SeaTac. I gave him a confused look but otherwise remained silent. We parked in the short-term parking, which meant that we wouldn't be gone longer then a week. I had only scheduled time off for five days.

He again took my hand as we made our way into the terminal. We got in line and checked our bags.

"Have a safe flight to San Francisco sir," said the attendant behind the desk.

He silently nodded with a smile before practically dragging me to security.

"We're going to California?" I asked, growing even more confused at this smile.

"Yes, but San Francisco is not our final destination," he said cryptically, still looking ahead.

I gave a frustrated huff as we came to the front of the line. We made it through check point in record time, though I swear the female security personnel tried to give Edward a strip search on purpose. Too bad for them, he didn't have anything on him once they took the wand to him.

"That wasn't very professional of them," I said darkly, looking back at the still gaping female officer.

He gave a bark of laughter, "Are we jealous my love?"


"Sure your not."

I didn't say anything.

We had first class seats on the flight. It took about two hours to get there, which I used to sleep. I was nudged awake by Edward kissing my eyelids. This, of course, elicited a happy sigh from me.

After collecting our baggage we went down to a rental car place within the terminal. Twenty minutes later we were cruising out of San Francisco on I-80, heading east. I kept shooting suspicious glances at Edward who kept a serene smile plastered on his face.

Almost an hour later we came upon the sign for Napa Valley. He began slowing down to make an exit off of the highway, causing me to turn in my seat and flat out stare at him.

"Are we staying in Napa for five days?" I asked, excitement seeping out of my voice.

He turned slightly in my direction and nodded, gauging my reaction.

I couldn't help the squeal that erupted. "How romantic! You are so smooth Mr. Cullen. Oh and if this is about getting laid, you are so getting lucky tonight!"

"Well that wasn't the main reason I decided to do this, but definitely a positive and now at the forefront of my mind. Thank you for that," he said with a strained voice, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"Sorry baby. So where are we staying?" I asked looking around at all the grape vines.

"Hang in there. You will find out in a minute." He took a left off the road that we were on and I waited with batted breath as we came over a slope. I gasped at what I saw.

Apparently we would be staying at Milliken Inn & Spa. The area was thickly covered with foliage, creating an almost fantasy-like atmosphere. The sun was already starting to set so that the tree lined drive was lit with white lights. We came upon a building that looking more or less like a large lake house. I couldn't get over how intimate it looked.

"Oh Edward, it's breathtaking." I threw my arms around his neck once he parked in front of the entrance. I peppered his face with kisses, which caused him to burst into laughter.

"I knew you would like it. An understated beauty, just like you." He kissed me softly before getting out of the car and running around to my side, helping me out.

We checked in and were shown to our room. I couldn't help as my jaw hit the floor. The room was apparently the largest suite they had. I noticed a set of double doors that led out to a private deck, overlooking a river.

"That's the Napa River," Edward whispered in my ear, grazing his soft lips against the lobe. I couldn't help the shiver that ran down my spine.

"This is all too much. This room must cost a fortune," I said, turning and placing my hands on his chest.

"No worries babe. Carlisle just gave me the good news that I got the entirety of my trust fund a few days early. So I can afford quite a bit…and what's mine is yours…" he said, beginning to trail openmouthed kisses down my jaw.

"Early? But you didn't have to spend it on me," I said, trying to keep my voice stern but failing.

"Yes I did. You are the only one I want to spend any of it on. So shush and kiss me."

He didn't have to tell me twice. He slowly pushed me backwards until the back of my knees came in contact with the plush bed. He lowered me until I was flat against the bed and he immediately laid flush against me.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" I asked, lovingly stroking his cheek.

"Not in the last few hours. Show me," he whispered. And I did just that.


When we arrived at the Inn, it was a Wednesday. We would be leaving the following Monday and I could not wait to dive in to whatever Edward had planned.

Thursday Edward woke me up to strawberries and pancakes for breakfast. We ended up on the deck in the two lounge chairs. The sun felt wonderful on my skin, especially being from such a cloudy place.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked.

"I have arranged for a couples massage down by the river. We have to be there in an hour."

"I should hop in the shower first. Care to join me?" I asked.

Let's just say that I didn't have to ask him twice.

The massage was heavenly. Edward never once let go of my hand throughout the whole experience.

We ended up at the little lounge that was on the property. The night was called the Magic Hour. I dressed in a form fitting black cocktail dress. Edward wore black dress pants with a white button down and a thin black tie, foregoing the coat.

We sampled local wines, picking out our favorites and ordered several bottles of each. We ended the night with a light dinner and dancing by the baby grand.

Friday quickly rolled around. Edward told me to wear jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. He came out of the bathroom in my favorite pair of distressed jeans. They fit his ass perfectly. I noticed the black motorcycle boots he adorned and the plain white t-shirt. He handed me a feminine pair of the same type of boots before silently leading me out of the room. We stopped at the front desk where two matching black leather jackets were produced and handed to Edward. He helped me slip into mine before putting on his own.

"What's going on…?" I trailed off as we headed outside. Immediately my eyes fell on the black beauty of a monster sitting in the drive-way. A man was standing beside it with two helmets while Edward pulled me along.

"Bella. We are going to take a bike ride through the valley today. The Inn packed us a picnic lunch that we can have later on," Edward said.

"You know how to drive a motorcycle?" I asked in disbelief.

"There are still a few mysteries you don't know about me. I learned to ride from a roommate in college. We would take out bikes on the weekends to escape the campus."

I took the helmet from the man and pulled it over my head. Edward swung a leg over the Harley first and then guided me on behind him. I noticed that Edward gave the man a nod before starting the bike. The vibrations were instant and caused me to abruptly grip my arms tightly around Edward torso. He gave my hand a comforting pat before pushing forward. Before I knew it, we were flying down downtown Napa and out into the open roads.

We rode for about two hours before Edward pulled over into V. Sattui Winery, which housed a beautiful picnic spot under old, shaded trees. Edward set out a large blanket under the trees and sat down, emptying the contents of basket.

"Come here." He motioned for me to sit between his legs. I did just that and leaned back against his chest. We ended up eating sliced watermelon, finger sandwiches and pasta salad. The Inn even included a bottle of wine that we enjoyed the night before.

We drove back to the Inn about an hour later where Edward told me to get ready and wear the dress hanging on the back of the bathroom door. I curiously entered the bathroom and immediately laid eyes on a deep blue gown that reached to the floor. The dress was silk and looked really expensive. I usually would have protested at being spoiled like this, but I knew how much it meant to Edward. After all, tomorrow was his birthday. I would behave.

About an hour later, I exited the bathroom fully clothed with my hair in a low up-do. I kept my make-up light; going with a slight smoky eye to enhance the effects of the dress.

I found Edward sitting with his back to me on the bed. I took in the sight of him; he wore a full on black tux and he seemed to have a nervous edge about him. I frowned, wondering why he was acting like that.

"Hey you," I broke the silence.

He turned towards me slowly and I noticed the side of his mouth raise into a crooked-smile.

He got up from his spot and walked towards me. "Well look at you. I don't think 'beautiful' would even begin to describe you right now."

He twirled me around to get the full effect of the dress. "The dress is beautiful Edward."

"Thank you. Alice helped me pick it out. We had it sent to the hotel before we arrived."

"Where are we going tonight?" I asked

"To La Toque for dinner," he answered.

We were met at the front by a black limousine. I wordlessly got into the back in total shock. We drove for about ten minutes before coming upon the entrance to the restaurant. Edward helped me out and we walked hand-in-hand into the building. I immediately noticed that the ambiance was very intimate and romantic. We were seated fairly quickly and I discovered that we would be dining on the menu of Chef Ken Frank.

We ordered our respective entrees and the wine tasting that went along with each portion of the meal. I noticed that Edward seemed fidgety throughout dinner. We had just ordered tiramisu for dessert when I decided to speak up.

"Honey, is there something wrong?" I asked, gently covering his hand with my own on top of the table.

"No, why would you say that?" he said, looking around frantically.

"You just seem nervous about something."

He gave a heavy sigh and muttered 'here goes nothing'. "Bella, I have to ask you something."

"Okay." I immediately began to get nervous.

"I can't begin to tell you how much I love you. We've been through many ups and down's since we were kids. I couldn't ask for anyone better to be by my side throughout life. You're the reason I get up in the morning and the reason why I am content enough to close my eyes at night. Without really realizing it, you have become my whole world."

He stood slightly and gave a slight nod to someone behind me. I was too transfixed on his face to bother turning around.

Slowly I watched him lower himself onto one knee by my side. He reached into his pants pocket and produced a small black box. The size of a ring box. My right hand immediately went to my mouth when I realized what this meant. I noticed a flash from somewhere behind us as he opened the box. I still couldn't look away.

"Isabella Marie Swan, will you please marry me? Make me the happiest man alive."

I looked from his glistening eyes back down to the beautiful ring held in his hand.

"Yes! Edward! A thousand times yes!" I squealed, jumping into his arms. Another flash went off and then another as he twirled me around. I brought his face to mine and began placing searing kisses on his lips.

"I love you. I love you. I love you," I said between kisses.

"As I love you fiancée," he said, placing me back down on the ground. I came back to the present and noticed that we were surrounded by applause. I looked around, giving our audience a sheepish grin before burying my face in the crook of Edward's neck. He pulled away from me and took my left hand in his, placing the beautiful ring on my ring finger. I took a minute to admire it. I noticed the box said Cartier and the entire band of the ring was set in tiny diamonds with a larger one as its centerpiece.

"I can't believe we're engaged!" I exclaimed after a minute.

"I am glad I finally gathered the courage to ask you. It's been about four months in the making," he admitted. We sat back down and resumed our meal.

"Were you afraid of my answer?"

"Yes. I knew that you felt about me as I do you. But I wasn't sure how ready you were."

"Well I haven't been surer of anything," I said, leaning across the table for another kiss.


Saturday was Edward's birthday. We spent a good portion of the morning calling our loved ones. Later on, I secretly arranged for an air balloon ride. Sunday Edward surprised me with being photographed for our engagement pictures by a local photographer, Nanci Kerby. We spent the day posing on the Inn's property and were pleased with what we took. She promised that she would send the copies up to Seattle as soon as she got them developed.

We spent our last night in the room, taking in the room service and the wonderful tub.

"Thank you for making me so happy," he whispered from behind me.

I turned slightly in the water and smiled. "Thank you for finding me again. I love you."

"I love you too."


Six months later (December)

"Bella! Quit fidgeting. You will ruin your hair," Rosalie snapped from behind me.

"Don't snap at her Rose. She just nervous," Alice said, smoothing a curl behind my ear.

"Are you sure the make-up isn't too heavy?" I asked.

"You look beautiful dear," Esme said from across the room.

Today was my wedding day. We were currently in a side room at St. James Cathedral in downtown Seattle. I had just put on my wedding dress and was nervously playing with the veil. Rose and Alice were in full on bridesmaid outfits, each wearing floor-length red gowns. Alice was my maid-of-honor and Rose was my only other bridesmaid.

"I can't believe my baby is getting married today," Rene said, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Believe it mom. Believe it." I turned back to the mirror and made sure my dress sat right on my body.

A knock came from behind all of us. Alice ran to open the door, making sure it wasn't my husband-to-be, who had already tried to get in to see me twice today.

"Oh thank god it's only you Charlie. Is it time?" Alice asked, the door still blocking my view of my father.

"Yeah. I am just here to collect the bride."

Alice stepped away from the doorframe, allowing me to see my father. He looked handsome, but uncomfortable in a black tux and silver tie.

"You look handsome dad," I said with a teary smile.

"Look at you Bells. My only child, off to start her own family. Just look at you," he said, gathering me into a hug. "Are you ready to go?"

"I've been ready to marry him for over a decade dad." He simply nodded and pulled my arm through his own. We followed all of the women out of the room and down to where we would make our entrance.

The music began to play, signaling Rosalie to being her walk down the long aisle. I decided to forego any flower girls. About halfway down the aisle it was Alice's turn. She turned around and gave me a light kiss on the cheek and winked before turning to walk through the doors.

I still couldn't see Edward from the standpoint, but I could see the church in all of its winter glory. We had ended up inviting almost 200 guests, and the cathedral was the perfect size. The aisles were lit by candlelight and the overhead lighting was low and intimate. We decided to get married just at twilight, because the lighting of the sunset looked lovely through the windows.

The music suddenly changed to that of Edward's lullaby for me. We had decided to go with that as the music I would walk to. We waited about ten seconds into the song before we made our entrance. Everyone was standing up, facing towards my father and me. A faint blush immediately colored my cheeks. I looked from face to face until I finally found the deep green eyes I had been searching for. They were attached to the most handsome man my eyes had ever beheld. He looked like an angel with all of the candles flickering around us. I returned his smile with my own, trying to get my dad to walk faster.

After what felt like eternity, we made it to the alter. Edward stepped down from the circular platform and walked over to us. After my dad gave his appropriate line, he placed my hand in Edward's.

"Take good care of her son," Charlie said, looking at Edward.

"With my life, sir." Edward guided me up to the platform, giving my hand a small squeeze in reassurance.

I smiled at my girls standing behind me, handing over my bouquet to Alice. I turned back to Edward and grasped my other free hand in his. I looked past him and winked at Jasper, Edward's best man and Emmett, the lone groomsman. My eyes went back to Edward's whose were swimming with many different emotions.

The reverend cleared his throat to begin the ceremony. "With great joy, we come together to join this man, Edward, and this woman, Isabella, in matrimony. We here today know the promises you make to another are promises of commitment and devotion. Your commitments to each other are not only for a lifetime partner. They are commitments of a companion and friend as well, a friend with whom you will share your hopes, dreams, ambitions, successes, and yes, sometimes your disappointments and sorrows that are all a part of life.

"This sharing is not at the expense of each partner's individuality; rather, the uniqueness of each marriage partner is enhanced by the strength of the common bond. Marriage is a celebration of love. Matrimony symbolizes the ultimate intimacy between a man and a woman. A marriage that lasts is one that always has a little more to grow."

I digested the words that were being said to us, but I could not take my eyes away from Edward. In that moment, a rush of memories hit me. Of almost everything we have been through together. The best part was that it was only the good memories. For the first time, the bad stayed away. The revelation caused a fresh round of tears to fall down my cheeks.

Edward, who still had had the breathtaking smile, gently wiped the tears away with his thumb. We finally came to the part of the ceremony where we exchanged vows.

The reverend faced Edward and asked him, "Edward do you promise to encourage Isabella, to stand by her side. To share laughter during the good times and stand strong through the bad. To dry her tears when necessary and offer a kind word when needed. To share all you have to offer. Do you come with love and without reservation to join together with this woman in marriage?"

Edward's eyes locked with mine as he spoke the binding words, "I do."

And then it was my turn as the reverend began, "Isabella do you promise to encourage Edward, to stand by his side. To share laughter during the good times and stand strong through the bad. To offer a kind word when needed. To share all you have to offer. Do you come with love and without reservation to join together with this man in marriage?"

"I do," I said with reverence, giving Edward's hands a tight squeeze.

"The rings please," the reverend motioned towards Jasper, who quickly produced two platinum bands that Edward and I had spent time in designing. "These rings symbolize your union. An unbroken circle of love to be worn all the days so long as you both shall love. May the spirit of love bless these rings and may they be a true symbol of the love of the one who gives it, and the one who wears it."

He motioned for Edward to take my wedding band in his left hand, "Edward, please slide this ring on to Isabella's finger and repeat after me."

Edward followed the instructions and held my left hand in his right, placing my wedding band on my tip of my ring finger. He looked into my eyes as he repeated the vows, "You are my life, my love, my best friend, may this be a reminder of my love and commitment we have made here today; with this ring I wed thee."

He slid the ring on to connect with my engagement ring and after that was finished, he thumbed the rings gently before giving me a lazy smile of contentment.

The reverend then motioned for me to follow in the movements as Edward had. I held his wedding band in my left hand. "Isabella, please slide this ring on to Edward's finger and repeat after me."

I placed the ring at the tip of his ring finger, mine shaking slightly. I locked eyes with him and began, "You are my life, my love, my best friend, may this be a reminder of my love and commitment we have made here today; with this ring I wed thee."

The reverend began the close of the ceremony as we gripped each other's hands tightly, "From now on, your thoughts shall be for each other rather than for your individual selves. Your joys and sorrows shall be shared alike. May the radiance of this one light be a testimony of your unity. May these candles burn brightly as symbols of your commitment to each other, and as a tribute to your parents' lasting and loving marriages.

"Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be the shelter for the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness, for each of you will be companion to the other. Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you. Go now to enter into the days of your life together. And may your days be good and long upon the earth.

"In as much as Edward and Isabella have consented together in marriage before their family and friends, have pledged their love, and declared their unity by each giving and receiving a ring and are now joined in mutual esteem and devotion; by the powers vested in my by the State of Washington, I pronounce that they are husband and wife together forever. You make now kiss your bride."

Just before Edward leaned in to seal the deal, he mouthed "Forever."

I mouthed, "Forever" right back.

He leaned the rest of the way in and gently captured my lips between his own. He placed his hand at the small of my back and the other around my neck before I felt my self dip backwards. After a moment, I let out a soft giggle before he brought me back into the upright position. We intertwined our hands and faced our audience.

The reverend gave one final sentence, "It is my honor to present to you Dr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen."

The applause erupted as we made our way down the short stairs and down the aisle. We were stopped by our parents and several old friends or distant relatives. Most of the attendee's were friends of Carlisle and Esme. We didn't mind having so many people; we just wanted to show how much we loved each other.

We stayed back at the church to take wedding pictures. We actually hired Nikki from our Napa trip to come up and do the photography for the wedding. Our best friends joined in and our parents laughed at the six of us while taking pictures.

Finally we finished and the wedding party hopped into a stretch Excursion limousine. Edward never once let my hand go. We popped a bottle of champagne open and went around for different toasts.

Our reception was being held at the Great Hall at Union Station. It was a large room, with a curved out ceiling and sky lights. We walked in when we were announced by the deejay. The room was large enough to comfortably accommodate all of the guests. There was a long table at the front of the many circular tables, which would be where we sat. Off to our right was an oversized screen playing pictures of our life together so far. I knew that Jasper and Edward had worked on a slide show that they would eventually show after dinner was finished. We took our seats and began the catered meal.

After about thirty minutes, the background music slowly disappeared and Jasper stood, clinking his knife against his champagne glass. The noise from the guests immediately quieted.

"Time for the speeches! Now for those of you who do not know me, I am Jasper Whitlock…best friend to these two crazy kids. I have known both Edward and Bella since the sandbox when we were five. It's an honor for me to be here... to celebrate this very special day for them. Dale Carnegie once said: 'Don't ask a man what is important to him. Watch how he spends his time.' I've watched Edward spend his time, and I can see what's important to him. It's Bella. She has made Edward a happy man... a man with a new appreciation for love and life. Like I've already said, I have known Edward and Bella for most of my life and I can honestly say that they are perfect for one another. They were both fantastic people when they met. Now as a team, they will embark on a new adventure together as man and wife. Edward and Bella, I toast you, and wish you both peace, health and happiness." He raised his glass to us and with a wink took a sip, the rest of us following in succession.

I felt Edward lean in and wrap an arm around my waist, nuzzling his face in my neck.

Next was Alice's turn. She practically leapt from her chair, taking the table with her. We all laughed at her enthusiasm.

"Okay…so I am Alice Cullen. Sister of our darling Edward and best friend and now sister to Bella. I met Bella when Edward and I were about five. I remember was a perfect gentlemen by throwing sand in her hair. They have had their good and bad times, but thankfully the good far outweigh the bad. I cannot express to you both how happy I am that you found each other. In my eyes, you are one another's saving grace. With everything you have been through, I am so happy to bear witness to the happy beginnings that you both deserve. And yes, I said 'happy beginnings' not 'happy endings'. Your lives have just begun, so hold on tight for the wild ride. Bella, you look so stunning tonight. Thank you for being my sister in all intent and purposes throughout our lives. I couldn't ask for a better person to go through everything with. You have finally come full circle and I am glad that my brother is able to close that gap to make it complete. Edward, my dashing twin, take good care of her. You are the very best part of one another. I want to end my little speech with a passage from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 'Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.' I love you both, congratulations."

Alice then raised her glass and we all followed once again.

Dancing began after that. Edward took me into his arms for our first dance as a married couple. We chose the song "At Last" but it was the Beyonce version.

We spent the rest of the evening dancing together, with our friends and family. I threw my bouquet, which landed perfectly in Alice's grasp. I shot Jasper a mischievous look and he could only shake his head in laughter. They were the last couple after all to tie the knot. Edward made a show of getting the garter from under my dress. I knew my face must have looked like a tomato by the time he reemerged from under my dress. He then shot the flimsy piece of material right at Jasper's face, insuring that he got the message to get moving.

It was finally time to be whisked away for our honeymoon. Alice and Rosalie helped me change into black dress pants, black leather boots and gorgeous white v-neck sweater. We kept my hair the way it was, minus the veil of course.

We decided that we were going to Venice for our trip, spending two weeks traveling the Italian countryside.

We waved from the roof of our limo as we pulled away from the Union Station and our friends and family. The chill began to get to me so we quickly made our way back into the warmth of the vehicle and slide the sunroof shut. Edward enveloped me into a snug hug and kissed my hair.

"Did you enjoy yourself Mrs. Cullen?" he whispered.

"I did Mr. Cullen."

"Mmm, I love the fact that you are mine in every sense of the word now. You have made me so happy baby," he said, kissing me full on the lips.

We made it to SeaTac in record time and enjoyed our first-class trip all the way to Italy, thanks of the Cullen's.


One year later

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for our one year when I felt my husband's arms wrap around my torso, leaning me further into the kitchen counter.

"Happy anniversary baby," he whispered.

"You too," I said, leaning back into his chest.

"I wanted to talk to you another something," he said, pulling back and turning me to face him.

"Okay, what's up?"

"I wanted to see how you feel about starting a family," he said quietly.

I looked at him in shock for a moment. We had discussed having kids, but never really when it would be the right time. Edward had finally immersed himself as a full-fledged doctor at the hospital and I was in the process of getting my book published. It was set to be released in another four months.

"You want to do it now?" I asked.

He gave me a cautious look before nodding. "I want to have kids with you. See your both change with carrying our child…my child. Do you want that too?"

"Of course I want that. So…um…you want me to go off the pill?" I asked, taking his hand in my own.

"Yeah, as soon as possible." I was a bit taken aback at how eager he was, but I could definitely understand.

"Alright. I will stop taking them immediately. I just need to make an appointment to see my doctor then."

He looked so happy in that moment and it pleased me to no end that I had put that smile on his face.

We ate the special dinner together and made love that night, knowing it would be the last time that any barriers would truly be between us.


The next day I had stopped with my daily dose of the pill. I immediately called my doctor's office and go an appointment for the following Monday.

Edward and I held off on the sex until after the appointment, wanting to make sure that everything would run smoothly when we actually tried for a baby.

He took the day off to accompany to my appointment. He held my hand the entire time as we talked excitedly with my doctor about starting a family. I recited when I last took the pill and when my last cycle had been. She calculated that I should wait until my first cycle off the pill before trying without any protection; this would help with estimating the due date. She cautioned us that it could take up to a year for a couple like us to conceive, but to not get discouraged.

Luckily for me the next week was my first cycle; after the few days had ended I told Edward that we could begin to try.

Even though we had pretty much stopped using condoms long before we were engaged, the thought that nothing, not even the pill, was between us made it even more passionate. Each round was never the same and it only helped to show that my husband had a healthy libido.

We went on like this for about a month when I noticed that I missed my period. I got excited and informed Edward of the news. We rushed out and picked up a few pregnancy tests. We got home and I took the test. We waited for the allotted time before the timer went off.

Rushing into the bathroom, I swiped up the little sticks and looked at them all – all negative.

Edward looked over my shoulder and I couldn't help the disappointment that washed over me.

"It's okay baby. We will get there," he said, kissing my cheek.

The next day my period started. Five months went by and nothing.

I started getting nervous, even going to the doctor for several check ups to make sure everything was healthy with me. When all of the test results came back with normal readings, I just hoped that it was what the doctor had first warned us about.

Two months later, still no baby growing in my stomach, I became depressed. And then I got some form of the flu. I became irritable, I couldn't hold down my food and different smells just made me queasy.

One day, about two weeks into me feeling like shit, Edward came into our bedroom. "Baby, I think you should take this."

I looked up at him through heavy lidded us. I noticed that he held out a long narrow box. A pregnancy test.

"You think I am pregnant?" I asked incredulously.

"I think it's a possibility. You show signs of it…I don't think it's a common flu or cold."

I nodded and got out of bed, reaching for the test. Ten minutes later the timer went off. I had grown so tired of taking the tests, that I sent Edward in for me.

"Honey…come here!" he called from the bathroom.

I curiously made my way through the door, sliding in under his arm.

He looked down at me, kissing me forehead. "You better get ready….momma."

He held up the test that had a positive sign.

"What! I-I-I'm pregnant?" I stumbled in disbelief.

"We're going to have a baby!" he laughed, lifting me up and twirling me.

I launched my lips at his and we proceeded to make-out in the bathroom for another ten minutes.

We went to see my doctor a few days later where she confirmed that I was two months pregnant.

Finally. After all of the depression and heartache, our lives we finally beginning with this new life.

We called everyone to a large dinner at Carlisle and Esme's house, my parents included. Edward would constantly keep his hand in contact with me, usually touching my hand or my stomach. We told everyone the news and excitement ensued. Alice exclaimed that she better be the godmother…for which I told her yes.

By the time I was five months along we were able to get in to see my OBGYN. We wanted to find out the gender.

Edward held my hand tightly through entire process.

After a few intense moments of anticipation my doctor looked at us with a smile, "Congratulations mom and dad, you are having a girl."

I felt tears begin to well up as I looked at Edward. I knew that he had secretly wanted a girl…just someone else that he could feel protective of.


Four months later (January)

"Oh shit," I muttered, hunching over as a sudden pain shot through my lower stomach.

"Bella? Bella what's wrong?" I heard Alice say in a frantic voice.

"I-I think my water broke…" I gasped.

We had been at Alice and Jasper's house going through their wedding gifts, filling out thank you cards. I had gotten up to grab a bottle of water from the fridge when I felt the pains begin.

"Oh my gosh. Okay…just stay calm. Rose, get a hold of Edward and let him know that we are on our way to the hospital. Bella, let's get you to the car," Alice said, taking control.

I could only nod as another pain shot through my stomach. She guided me slowly out to the garage, pulling me into her Range Rover. Rose followed shortly after with my bag that Edward insisted that I take everywhere with me and a phone to her ear.

"Okay, I talked to the main desk of the hospital. Edward is in surgery, but they are working on getting a hold of him," she said, hanging up the phone.

"They better find him," I growled.

"They will sweetie. Now just practice your breathing," Alice said calmly.

We swiftly pulled out of the garage and headed towards Harborview Medical Center, the place of Edward's work and where we decided to have the baby.

Ten minutes later I was being ushered into a wheelchair. Rose took over steering me through the halls and up to the appropriate floor. Edward and I had already made the arrangements for a suite that had a guest bed off to the side so that Edward could stay with me at all times, as well as my own bathroom.

I finally got settled into my gown and laying in the bed when the contractions began coming a bit faster. Alice held my hand and coached me through them.

"Where is your brother!" I said through gritted teeth.

"I am not sure Bells. But he should be here soon." I noticed that Alice exchanged a frantic look with Rose. I ignored them, too engrossed in the current situation.

Twenty minutes later, Carlisle ran in with his lab coat on.

"Hey Bella. I know Edward isn't here yet, but he should be within ten minutes. I will personally make sure of it," he said, leaning down and kissing my forehead. "How are you holding up?"

"I am in a lot of pain. Dr. Nielson said I had to wait a little longer for the epidural," I said grudgingly.

"Soon enough. I need to go meet Esme. We called your parents. Rene is leaving Phoenix soon and will be here tonight; Charlie should be here within the hour," he said.

I nodded and he quickly made an exit. Ten minutes later…still no Edward.

"Dammit…if he misses this," I almost yelled.

"He won't Bella. He won't…" Rose said just as the door opened. I looked up with anticipation but was quickly disappointed when Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Emmett filed in. They all said their hello's and either took seats within the room or left to grab coffee from the cafeteria.

Finally, after another five minutes, the door opened again. Edward ran in with a fresh set of scrubs on. He looked at me frantically, running to my side.

"Baby, I am so sorry. They caught me just as I was coming out of the operation room. I changed into these because I looked gross," he said, gripping my hand and giving me a quick kiss.

"It's fine. Thank god you are finally here. I thought you'd miss it…" I whimpered as a new round of pain came through.

"I wouldn't miss it for anything. Now just breathe like we were coached to…" he replied, taking over Alice's coaching.

Four hours later, I finally had my epidural and the doctor gave the okay to begin pushing.

Edward was with me the entire way. I blamed him for putting me in this predicament, I cursed him for the pain, I apologized for being a bitch and most of all, I told him how much I loved him. He just kept agreeing with me through it all.

Over an hour later we finally heard it…our baby's crying. And boy did she have a set of lungs!

"Congratulations Edward and Bella…you are now parents. Have you decided on a name?" Dr. Nielsen said, holding up a tiny bundle swathed in a pink blanket. She handed our baby to Edward, who immediately latched eyes with me.

"We decided on Arianna Grace Cullen," he said quietly. He stared at his baby girl for a minute before handing her over to me.

She squirmed during the transition of arms, but immediately settled into my arms as if she knew immediately who I was. I noticed a little tuft of bronze hair peeking from atop her head and I couldn't wait to see the color of her eyes when they changed to their permanent color.

We spend the remainder of the evening with our families, Rene coming in last. Finally around nine they all got kicked out. Arianna was placed back in my arms and Edward came to lay next to me. We silently watched our baby girl for a bit before Edward leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips.

"I love you Isabella. I know I have said that you have made me so happy…but it can't be truer then in this moment. Thank you for our daughter," he whispered in my ear.

"I love you so much Edward. Sometimes it's so overwhelming," I said, looking down at our daughter again. "She looks just like you. Our daughter in breathtaking…just like her daddy."

"You never did see yourself clearly, love. She has your beauty as well. And I have a feeling she will have your selflessness too," he said, also watching our daughter.

That moment felt so perfect, I wish we could have just frozen it just like that forever. But at the same time, I couldn't wait to move forward to watch our daughter grow and thrive…and to hopefully have siblings some day.

Edward and my story is far from conventional. But then again, we were never a conventional couple. Through all the good times and the bad, we came out on the same path to join our lives together. Now we had a product of our love in our arms. I would gladly go through everything again just to get to this point. I never really let go of Edward in his absence. He fought to come back to me, to hold on to me forever. And I returned his sentiments fully.

Just like Alice said at our wedding…we were finally getting our happy beginning.


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