It was a normal day in Soul Society. Rows of the dead stood waiting to see where the many Shinigami would place them. One tall man with black hair and a beard stepped forward, since he was next in line. A young looking Shinigami looked up at him, and then wrote something down.

"We have another ninja here, you know where to put him" she said as she pointed to the tall bearded man.

Another Shinigami came and asked for him to follow him. He did as he was told to do. Four people behind the bearded man in line was a young looking boy, barely even twenty years old if even. He slumped forward, and had a lollipop in his mouth from when a little child gave it to him. He watched as different people were taken to different districts; some better than others. Out of all the people in line, the bearded man got taken to the best district out of them all. The young teenager turned to the person behind him, and noticed the person behind him wore a metal headband just as the bearded man did. The teenager pulled the headband of the person, and then being that he was now next in line, was sent to where the bearded man was sent. Many people young and old walked around the nice district that he was now placed in; all wearing the metal headbands.

"I don't remember you" a young child said to him.

The teenager looked at the headband he held, and the ones the others were wearing. He held the same type of headband they all wore.

For an hour straight Naruto had been leaning over Shikamaru's shoulder, trying to read what he held in his hands. Finally Shikamaru could take no more of his harassment, and threw the paper down.

"Could you stop messing with me already? I can't even read half of that paper, and I don't think you'll be able to decode a single thing" Shikamaru yelled.

"Fine then! But I found it so can I at least find out what some of it says? Please?" Naruto begged.

"It was something about making a contract with something... something with an S... but that's the most I can read, the rest seems to be in some other language or something" Shikamaru replied as he handed the paper back to Naruto.

That morning he had found the paper, and since then was trying to find someone who could read it. Naruto thanked him, and left. Well, at least there's one left to ask, he thought as he neared the final person he hadn't asked yet. Before Naruto could even see her, Akamaru came and jumped on him. Hinata came running, and pulled Akamaru back some.

"I don't know why Kiba leaves him with me, he knows I can't control him!" she muttered as she helped Naruto up.

"Well at least I found you. I've asked everyone, and no one could read this. Can you?" Naruto asked Hinata as he handed her the paper.

"I don't know how no one could read it. It says 'To bring back the dead you must make a contract with a Shinigami. Within two days of meeting said Shinigami the contract must be signed. Also, once you have signed the contract, you must also give the Shinigami a pound of pocky. You shall meet a Shinigami two seconds after reading this'" Hinata replied as she read the paper.

Just as said, a Shinigami showed up two seconds later. She stood in front of the two in an all black outfit with glasses that shined in the sun. The Shinigami pushed her glasses up some, and then noticed that she was now in an odd new place.

"When I get back they all will pay for this" she muttered under her breath.

Naruto and Hinata merely stared at the Shinigami, and were too afraid to ask her anything. Finally after a minute or so of silence, the Shinigami began to speak. "Two days ago somehow my captain had convinced me to sign some paper. He never would tell me why I was to sign it, and now I see what the reason was. He and one of the other captains came up with a way to have the newly dead ones have life again. But, it requires that someone signs that paper you have in your hand" she explained to them.

"Does it really work?" Naruto asked.

"We haven't tried it yet, but it should work just fine. If you want to bring back any lost friends then sign the paper please" she replied. Her cold purple eyes scared both of them.

Naruto took the paper back her Hinata, but then noticed that he had no pen. The Shinigami sighed, and pulled one out of her pocket and handed it to him. He signed it, and stared at her, unsure of what would happen next.

"Please hand over the paper, and tell me who all you want back from the dead, if it's more than five make a list" she said as she put her hand out for the paper and pen.

Naruto handed them back to her, and then pulled his headband off for some unknown reason. "Everyone you can find that's wearing this, bring them back. If it doesn't look exactly like it then leave them" Naruto said as he handed her the headband.

She nodded, and then vanished into thin air. The two stared at each other for a second, as if in shock to have had any of that happen. And if everything the Shinigami told them was true, then many fallen ninja of Konoha would be alive again. But if that were to happen, the village would be flooded with ninja more than they were already.

In a flash the Shinigami was back at Soul Society, holding both the paper and the headband. The captain she spoke of was sitting out front of what seemed to be his home.

"Someone signed it Nanao-chan?" he asked her in shock.

She nodded, and then replied "We have to hold up to our end of the deal. Everyone wearing one of these metal bands gets to live again. And lately we've seen many with these things; we'll be busy for days on end"

"Ukitake would probably let a few from his division help out. Wait... where's the pocky?!" he asked in panic.

"I knew I forgot something" Nanao replied as she shook her head.