Both of them could only stare in amazement at the sight of this all. Soon almost the whole village was around the area that everyone was at. Most of the people ran up to their once deceased loved ones, while others were only there to see what was going on.

"Naruto-kun, that man over there looks just like you" Hinata said as she pointed out someone.

"Where I don't see him?" Naruto asked as he tried to lean to see around a big group in front of him.

"Right there!" she replied, this time flat out pointing to someone.

Finally the group in front of him moved, revealing the man Hinata had pointed to. He was a bit taller than Naruto, with blond hair and blues eyes. Next to him a woman with red hair stood out of the crowd of people. No one else in the group looked a thing like that couple. The red haired woman looked around for a second and then ran straight up to Naruto as if she knew him from somewhere. She looked him up and down for a minute, and then turned back to the man that was next to her.

"Minato!! Get over here, it's him!!!" she yelled loud enough for the entire village to hear.

The man she called Minato came running up to her, and then acted just as strange as she did. Naruto had zero clue as to who they were, and also was getting a bit scared of them. Hinata was also slightly scared of them, and slinked slowly away from the three.

"Is your name Naruto?" Minato asked.

Naruto wondered if he should reply or not, but then finally muttered "Yes... why do you want to know?"

"What? Did you really think he'd remember us? Come on he saw us for all of five minutes, and then that stupid fox thingy attacks everything" the woman growled as she shook her head.

Naruto jumped back from the two and asked "Who the heck are you two, and what are you talking about?!"

"Rather than go insane Kushina, you could have told him who we were, since sadly your right, he doesn't remember us at all. Sorry about her going insane, she does that, but we're your parents... you don't believe me do you?" Minato replied as Naruto tried to look for a chance to run.

Naruto only stared at the two in front of him. Hinata waved her hand in front of him, hoping it would snap him out of whatever trance he was in. After a second he snapped out of it, and then passed out. Hinata stared at him for a minute, and then tried to drag him out of the way of the many other people around them. The other two followed her.

"Does he always do that?" Kushina asked.

"Normally it's me who passes out, but it seems my personality has rubbed off on him" Hinata replied as she tried to pull him onto a bench, and was failing.

Minato helped her, and then said "You tow must be around each a lot if that's happening"

"I've been slightly stuck with him for the last couple of days since we've the two who helped bring you two back to life" she replied. Since when do I talk this much? Hinata thought, since Naruto's personality must be rubbing off on her too.

After a couple of hours Naruto woke back up. He tried to sit up, but Hinata had fallen asleep on him. It's was already dark out, and the many people who were in that one area had gone. Most would have families to return to, while others probably found a nearby hotel to stay at until everything was sorted out. Nanao walked up slowly to the two ninja who seemed to be sleeping on the old bench. Once she was a bit closer, she could see only one was asleep.

"Despite what you might think, the two who you were talking to earlier were your parents. When we originally were moving them to their district, the red haired one was in tears, since she knew she would never she her new born baby again. She also mentioned a name, your name" Nanao said in her cold voice.

"If that was the case why would no one tell me who my parents were?" Naruto asked in a slight growl.

"I don't know how things work around here, so don't ask me, ask the person in charge, if anyone would give you an answer it would be them" Nanao replied before disappearing into the night.

Why do people keep so many secrets from me? Naruto wondered as he slowly tried to slide Hinata off of him. The following morning everything seemed as if it were back to its original normal. So many people who use to never smile had a smile on their face after being around their once lost friends and family. For the first time in many years Naruto's sensei Kakashi wasn't standing in front of graves for hours on end; he had his old friends back. For the first time Sai didn't have a cold distant look in his face; he had his older brother back. For the first time in months Kurenai was happily walking along side Asuma. He hardly recognized her, being that last time he saw her she was much thinner, and not about to pop at any moment. Only one person had to place in this picture. The teenager, who called himself 'L', sat alone with a lollipop in his sugar covered mouth. Not a single person knew who he was, and anyone who asked his name was only given that single letter.

"He looks to lonely" Hinata said.

"I really don't know how he got mixed in with everyone else, he's obliviously not a ninja, and not a single person knows him" Naruto replied.

"Maybe he's from another village or something. Go ask him, it's odd seeing only one person so sad and alone like that" Hinata suggested.

Naruto sighed, and then went up to the odd person. From far away no one could smell the strong scent of sweets on him. L turned his head a bit, so that he was facing the ninja behind him.

"Hello" L said in a nice tone.

"You're not from around here, are you?" Naruto asked as nice as possible.

"No, I actually have no clue where I am. A few days ago I pulled a headband like the one you're wearing off someone, and then somehow I end up here. I'm suppose to be dead, but it seems whatever those people in black did reversed that" L replied, still sucking on his lollipop.

"Those are Shinigami I think... yeah that's right Shinigami" Naruto muttered.

L all but jumped six feet in the air at the word 'Shinigami'. Something about that word must mean something to him, but only her himself knew the meaning. A couple of seconds later he calmed down.

"Well... since you're about the only person here who has no place, I guess we could try to find one for you here, there has to be something you're good at other than eating sweets" Naruto said in a laugh.

"We?" L asked.

"Me and the girl over there, don't worry we don't bite" he replied in another laugh.

L took him up on his offer, and within two hours he fit in with the rest. He was good at solving crimes, and not long ago a few odd crimes took place in Konoha and other villages. It took him two minutes to solve every last case they had, including some that were so old no one thought they could be solved. It now seemed that everything was going good. Even after a couple of hours Naruto got to know his parents better, and finally he had a family like everyone else.

Meanwhile in Soul Society, not everything was as nice as it was for the ninja. Captain Yamamoto had called captain Kyōraku, Ukitake, Hitsugaya, the young Shinigami from before, and Kurotsuchi. Each one was slightly nervous as to why they were the only ones called to this meeting.

"Kyōraku and Ukitake, you both came up with some plan that involved Kurotsuchi, that much I know, but how did Hitsugaya get mixed into this mess?" Yamamoto asked.

"They were short handed in their plan, so I and Matsumoto helped them some, can I go now?" Hitsugaya replied. Yamamoto nodded, and in seconds Hitsugaya was gone.

"Now then, how exactly did you two come up with this plan, and how did you Kurotsuchi, come up with a way for it to work?" Yamamoto asked, this time more puzzled than anything.

After an hour of explaining in ways that only he could understand, the slightly creepy captain was allowed to leave, since he was only commissioned for the job. That only left the ones in charge of the whole plan.

"You both know what you did was wrong. You're thrown off the balance of the dead and living, for now the most we can do is return the souls here. Send out a few from each of your divisions to collect them before anymore problems start" Yamamoto said in a growl.

The two didn't question him, and did as he said. Both knew that the many ninja that were finally smiling would again be sad and lost.

"Your personality keeps rubbing off on him, if we hand cuffed you two together, Naru-kun there might be quieter!" Minato laughed.

"No, she'd be as loud and strange as he is!" Kushina threw back. The tow had been trying to find a way to make Naruto a bit quieter, since he had been nothing but a hyper ball of energy the whole.

"We could try it" Hinata said, hoping not many could hear her.

"You'd enjoy be hand cuffed too much" Naruto muttered. To many she seemed the sweet quiet person, but he knew better than anyone else.

The entire day the four had been wandering around from place to place for no reason really at all. Over and over Minato and Kushina told Naruto to try to keep Hinata around, and each time they told him that he never could understand why they said it. Out of nowhere Nanao appeared, and for the first time, had a very sad look over her normally cold face.

"I hate to tell you this, but everyone has to go back. You have four hours to say your goodbyes, everyone's memory will be erased, all but you two though" Nanao said, and for a second sounded as if she was about to cry. After that she vanished.

None of them could say a single thing after that. After so many years everyone was back, no more tears, nothing, but now, it going to go back to how it always was. Once the four hours was up they managed to collect everyone, including L. Not one person wanted them to leave, but they had no say in the matter.

"Try not to forget us, ok?" Kushina said with a sad tone in her voice and tears in her green eyes.

"I won't forget you guys for a second, I promise" Naruto replied. He tried to hold back the tears, but was slowly losing the battle.

In a flash, they were gone, and not a single person knew why they were standing out in the cold. Just as Nanao said, the only ones who remembered what happened were Naruto and Hinata, not one person more or less. It'll be so much quieter now, Hinata thought as she walked home in the cold. I just had gotten use to having them around, Naruto thought as he stood beside her. But everything must come to a close, both of them thought at the same time.



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