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Charlie pov

"Good morning Bella", she took a seat after grabbing some cereal.

I was taking a day off, My daughter just moved to forks. She said she

just wanted to get to know me, HA!.. that was something I had to snort at.

She just finished her breakfast, today was going to be a long day.

"Bye Bella have a good day, see you after school." She grabbed her

book bag and left, I need a drink..

Bella pov (pretty much the same day as in Twilight*)

God I hate the first day of school, I can't wait to get home and

just relax. I parked in the drive way and ran into the house, why can I

smell liquor? CHARLIE! Bang , what was that..

"Bella, get your no good ass in here! We need to have a talk, ha"

What the hell has gotten into him, I didn't do anything wrong. He came

stomping in and grabbed my hair, fuck that hurt.

"Charlie, stop that hurts!" he pulled me into the living room and threw

threw me to the floor. Then there was a knock on the door.. thank

god, but Charlie got a few kicks to my ribs first. I can't believe he did

I mean what the fuck! I could hear the conversation in the front.

"hello, chief Swan. Would Bella be home, I asked out for supper

with my family." Who was that, I was never asked to dinner I got up

extreme difficulty and walk to the hall. Edward Cullen was standing in

the door way. Charlie turned to me and gave me a questionable look. I was

in shock.

"Umm Edward you're a bit early, I haven't even had time to

change, could you excuse me for a moment?" Edward gave me a pleading

look as I turned and walked up stairs. Okay so if I was going to meant his

parents what would I wear, most likely my only skirt and a dark blue

blouse. God where are we going. I walked down the stairs slowly and

noticed Edward staring at me and my father was watching TV.

I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going because I

tripped down the last two stairs. I was waiting for the pain to start when

two arms twisted around my torso. I looked up to see the most perfect

golden, no honey eyes starting at me.

can you be more careful, please. I was just going to say you look

beautiful, are you reading to go ?" why was he doing this ?

" ohh.. okay where are we going really" we were almost to his car

now, good thing Edward came I didn't know what else would anger Charlie.

I didn't know what I had even done all I know is that I don't want to go


Edward pov (later during day)

"Have you seen the new girl, she is so beautiful, Edward i'm gonna

invite her to have supper with us. She needs a good friend. She 's just

sitting there all alone. I trust you not to kill her." Alice god I don't know if I can..

what should I do , I can't tell her this.

"What is she thinking?" I concentrated on her, nothing. Okay

maybe I need to think harderstill nothing whatever I need to get to bio. I

turned to Alice.

"Fine, but I ask her and you do not get to play Barbie with her she is already

beautiful." I walked to class and saw Bella sitting my seat, I really don't

mind her long brown hair was in a messy bun and I could hear her heart

beat pick up as she realized I was looking at her, I would never hurt her..

then I smelled her.. I knew instantly knew she was my latuacantante.

I walked slowly toward her , and seat beside her, I need to say something!

For a vampire my brain is sure slow today.

"HI I'm Edward" did she just blush.. how cute if it didn't make me want to

eat her. I can feel he venom in my mouth. I don't think I could have supper with her

ohh well, maybe another time Alice will understand. I could do if I didn't breath the whole time.

"ohh hi I'm Bella!" just then the teacher walked in and after class I had to leave or I would have killed her. I don't what it is about her but for some reason I found myself hiding behind a tree out side her house after I went hunting. That when I heard her say " Charlie stop.. it hurts" what the fuck I walked to the house and bagged on the door. I need a lie okay I'm telling him that I'm here to pick up Bella for supper with the family. A few seconds after that the door opened.

" who are you ?" wow rude much and I can smell alcohol. What a great father. His thoughts were worst " I cant wait for him to leave Bella needs to be taught a lesson" that disgusting pig of a man I wasn't letting Bella back until he sober.

" Oh im here to pick up Bella for supper with my family.." bella came to the hall and then excused herself to change. I waited at the door while Charlie watch TV bella came down and looked like a goddess. But tripped on the last couple of stairs I ran at vampire speed to catch her but she didn't notice. I need to say something

"can you be more careful, please. I was just going to say you look

beautiful, are you reading to go ?"she looked dazed. Helped her and walked her to my car

she asked 'where are we going?" I was still unsure. I didn't really want to take her home maybe a restaurant. Yeah!


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