" Bella i know we just meet, but you have to trust me..you deserve that best...and your nnot a whore no mater what anyone else says..and we have oour own dirty little secret" Alice flew over to us and looked excited. Esme looked...

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Bella Pov

I was sitting on the couch in the Cullen's house, all of them where standing around me.I had just told them about Phil and then out of no where..edward told me he was a vampire. He was leaning over the front of the couch towards me, his face anxious and his hands where fiddling with blanket that was beside me. Rosalie looked ready to kill and Emmett had a grin stretched from ear to ear! He was ready to pounce, then he ran over and scooped me up in a hug.

"AHHHHHH!" I yelped in shock, Edward was glaring at him in furry! Almost like Rosalie. Emmett put me down abruptly. "What the hell, you cant just tell me your vampires and then expect me to run up and hug you!" To tell you the truth i was only scared of Emmett..i had never really spent time with him and he was just so... big! I looked over to Alice and Edward, Alice looked so depressed. Like a kid who just dropped their ice cream cone, and Edward looked like he was about to die. my heart was torn,

" Edward, I'm sorry what i meant was more like Emmett put me down. Also don't ever touch me again...please." Edward came over and held his hands out for me...i guess it was to show him that i could trust him. We hugged and he rubbed my back, with soothing circles. As soon as we let go Alice came over and tackled me, knocking me into the couch. She was hard and cold, no wonder they never really touched others!

"Bella, i'm so happy..we can be best friends and we can play dress up...and i can plan yours and edwards wedding..were gonna be best friends."

"Whoa...what?" I was excited that she wanted o be my friend but umm me and Edward? I mean no..hes not even human...and i'm me. "Alice i...um can we talk in private?" before i knew what was happening i was sitting on a bed in a very girly room. ALICE!

"Bella come on we all know you love him and besides I've already seen you two together..your his mate..Bella just accept it please..we all know he loves you." I cut her off by putting my hand over her mouth.

" Alice, i'm not ready for anything..i need to deal with moving out and the past will catch up to me so i need to deal with it soon...Alice I'm not going to drag Edward into that...besides i still need to find a place to move to.. i might just go back to my.."where was i going to go? to my loving mother and her 'loving' boyfriend? i couldn't!

"BELLLA! I have the best..most amazing idea... MOM!" She yelled, there was a knock on the went to open thinking it was Esme but it was Edward. He walked up to me and pulled me into a hug. His hands felt right on my hips like a perfect match. Alice was right i did love him and now i'm stuck.I have a dad, that i hate and most likely he hates me to and i'm in love with a Greek god! How could my life suck any more?

"OKAY, mommy i have the best idea ever!" Esme cam and sat in a chair, i might need some time to get used to this whole vampire thing. Edward backed away from me and faced Alice.... at first he looked pissed then his crooked grin spread on his face as he turned toward me. Alice kept talking..to fast for me to understand any of it.

"Alice, i'm not sure that bella would agree to that, don't you think we should talk to the entire family, i mean everyone except jasper!" Why not Jasper? Where did he go?"He's only coming back from hunting tomorrow, don't you think he deserves a say as well?"

"Umm don't i deserve a say as well? I have no objections to living with you, your very nice family! But i think i might need to move. with me here yo'll be i trouble with Chief Charlie." i shivered, charlie always made me call him that in fornt of friends." Edward turned to his mother.

"She i told you she was selfless, always thinking of others!"

"Okay i agree but i do believe we can take care of our self,beside i do believe your forgetting the fact that were vampires, and i can hear thoughts1" What no no no!

"So you can hear everything im thinking?"Not good, not good at all!

"Don't worry i can't hear your thoughts, your the first for me! its all very strange. And we would be able to protect you. Come on lets go see Em, you'll be safe with him, when you go tell your ad your moving out!" We walked out of Alice's room and down two doors. Edward knocked three times. We heard a grunt then a bang. Emmett opened the door.

"Oh sorry, what can i do you for?" He was so big. And he scared me. I hid behinde edwards torso, only allowing my head to show from under his arm.

"Can you go with bella to her house...so she can move out?" He stepped out of his room and nodded. We walked to the garage, and stopped in front of a giant jeep.

When we pulled up to my house, old house..Charlie's cruiser was parked on the curb. This was not going to be pretty! Fear was overwhelming my body.