In This Life

Chapter 1 - New Story

Harry James Potter was sixteen years old, and was living in America this was his tale.

******* Harry's POV *****

I was a baby when my mother and father put me up for adoption, keeping my twin brother Eric. At the tender age of two I had to accept my parents didn't want me. I don't remember much about it, I was adopted by a loving couple, who eventually moved to America. When I was ten they passed away, I was then shipped off to my adoptive mother and fathers closest relative which was my adopted mothers brother in Forks.

I went from being the centre of their world to the abused boy in forks. I went from the sunny side of the world to the wet side of the world. It fit his moods quite well if he was honest. He had been happy for once when he was adopted now his life was just one massive jumble of pain and hurt.

Today was a good day, today his uncle couldn't keep him from learning any longer as the authorities had came to him. His uncle wouldn't like to pay for an education so he was stuck with the closest one to home - forks school.

***** END HARRY'S POV *****

Lily and James had given Harry up after Voldemort had attacked, believing Eric to be the boy who lived, as his crib had been totally smashed up. Eric was the only one who looked like Voldemort hit. Also if the scar was anything to go on, it wasn't surprising really.

Albus Dumbledore had only been too eager to help them, once he learned Eric was the boy who lived. The other twin would just be a thorn in his side, so he gleefully suggest a nice little orphanage. Just because he didn't want the boy interfering with his plans didn't mean he wanted him hurt. He didn't want another powerful Tom Riddle thank you very much. That was a lesson hard learned in Dumbledore's book, he wouldn't turn around and say no to an orphan again not if they were powerful.

James and Lily took their son to the orphanage kissing him on the head one last time, left him sitting on the orphanage steps. Harry had tried to get up to follow them so James had put a sleeping spell on him. Hoping someone would find him before it wore off.

Harry hadn't been adopted until he was four, two years in that awful orphanage forced to do all the chores. With strange things happening to him the staff were only too eager to keep him busy. However, two people had come in and took one look at him, his beautiful green eyes and saw the lonely child for who he was and accepted him. The workers tried to talk them out of it but gave in quickly, it was obvious they were not to be swayed.

Seven years of blissful happiness then they had both in a lift that had ended up breaking and falling eleven floors and killing everyone that had been in the lift. Including two very young children. Harry naturally was devastated thinking he would be sent back to that orphanage. However, he was given to a man who grudgingly took him in after his sister died.

Everyone thought it was lovely of the man to take his sisters adopted son in, behind closed doors they didn't know what he was like. Harry's confidence was at an all down low he never asked questions and just went about his day like a zombie. He didn't have anything to live for, so life wasn't really worth living.

"Make our breakfast before you go" snapped the man, he didn't give Harry away because he was getting child benefits.

"Yes sir" said Harry, his eye had an odd twinkle in his eye he was finally getting a little freedom. Not even Isaac (His adopted mothers brother) could take that away from him.

He made a big hefty breakfast for them, only giving himself one sausage, he had learned long ago he didn't mind as long as it wasn't too much in his opinion. One sausage wasn't a lot. Buttering a bit of bread he put the sausage on and ate it quickly after serving them their breakfast, just then the wife's (Hilda) voice interrupted his musing.

"You better go or you will be late" said Hilda coming in, she was a little better than her husband. Inwardly she was so glad Harry was getting to go to school, that way he wouldn't have to do everything while her lazy husband sat on his fat arse all day.

"Thank you" said Harry knowing better than to smile. Gathering his bag, which they had gotten for three pound in a 70% sale. It was nothing fancy just a black bag to put your work in. all set Harry opened the door and walked out into the fresh crisp cold air and began making his walk towards school. Walking as fast as he could it would take him at least half an hour to get there each morning and back the same amount of time.

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