A/N hi this is my first midnighters fan fic. Oh and be warned I have yet to read the third book I really really want to though. I spent all my Barnes and noble gift cards haha. Im kinda just making it up as I go along, I didn't have any ideas going in to this, I just got bored of the twilight stories and also just finished touching darkness.

Summery: this starts off in touching darkness when they all go to save rex.

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JPOV( Jessica point of view)

She had to admit that seventy miles an hour was eating up the distance even faster than Jonathan could fly.

"Three…two…one… brake!"

She jolted forward and the car swerved.

The car stopped and she was out of breath and a little bruised were the seatbelt had threatened to slice her in half. She unbuckled her self and flew as fast as she could out of the car. She made sure not to leave without demonstration or Jonathan's new shield. She ran to the other side to meet up with Dess.

They were already running to check on Mellisa. Her car was up ahead, without a sign of her. There looked like what she assumed to be safety glass on the floor around the car. She almost didn't notice it, if it wasn't for the fact that there is no like apart from what she can make in the blue time, because it blended into the salt, but was brighter as if light reflecting off the salt.

Jonathan and Dess rounded the corner of the car and gasped. "What had happened?" I was still making my way towards them. The both knelt to the floor and were talking but I was still too far. I felt a tug on my arm, and then what felt to be ice go through. " Ahhh!". I looked to see what had tugged my arm. I heard a hiss, a large slither held me by my arm. My flash light was knocked out of my hand, and a trail of skin was left behind feeling frozen. In the corner of my eye I saw I was surrounded by darklings. "Jessica!" I heard Jonathan and Dess call in unison. I felt my feet leaving the floor and before I was flown away, I stuck out my leg and arched my foot which barely touched the trunk of Mellissa's car "Scintillating!" The whole car was overtaken by a large white fire. My head was filled with the sounds of many disturbing shrieks. I was dropped to the ground. I was unable to move because the longer my arm was held by the darkling the more it froze and moved up my arm.

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