To Wish Upon a Star

Summary:Eight-year-old Luke Skywalker has always wanted to have a father. And one night, he wishes upon a star to meet his father. Instead of getting his wish, Luke is thrown into the past...

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Part One: Backwards in Time

Chapter 1

The light from the two suns began to sink in the night sky, stars began sparkling in the dark surface above him as Luke Skywalker walked into the open. He gazed up at the Tatooine sky with big blue eyes.

"Luke, come inside, it's getting late," Aunt Beru called.

"I'll be there in a minute," Luke called back. Luke was small for his age, he was slender and Beru always told him he took his slenderness from his mother. He had the facial features, eyes and hair color of his father however. And Uncle Owen pointed out that he was also like his father because he loved flying and fixing things.

Uncle Owen never approved of his flying, saying he was "too much like his father," but Luke didn't see that as a bad thing. He let out another sigh and even though he was only eight he still loved flying. He always went out with his friends, Biggs Darkligher and Wedge Antilles to Begger's Canyon, in spite of what his Uncle told him.

"Come on, Luke, I don't want you out there after dark," Beru called again.

"All right, auntie, I'm coming," Luke sighed before getting to his feet and walking toward the homestead before slipping inside.

Aunt Beru was currently cooking dinner while Uncle Owen flipped through the channels on the holovision. He grunted when he saw Luke before saying, "the boy's inside, Beru."

"Thank the stars, he's stubborn," Beru commented.

"Hey!" Luke protested. "I'm not stubborn."

"You kind of are, dear," Beru replied. "Now, come on and eat before you go to sleep. I'm going into Anchorhead tomorrow to get something and I want you to come with me."

"Really? Cool," Luke said, smiling.

"Yes," Beru replied.

Owen muttered something Luke couldn't hear before getting to his feet and walking out of the kitchen. "What's got him so mad?" the blue-eyed boy asked sounding hurt.

"It's nothing Luke, why don't you go to bed?" Beru suggested.

"Alright, auntie," Luke said before getting to his feet and walking toward his room. He slipped inside his room before walking to his bed and laying down. Almost as soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell into a nightmare.


The air was alive with heat, the charred land that surrounded the area was blackened with soot. Lava lapped at the shores and a piece of metal floated by, a young man stood on it, glaring at the older man that stood on the charred ground.

Luke remembered this nightmare, for almost all of his eight years of life, he kept having it, sometimes it only should brief flashes but other times he saw the entire scene. He could feel the fury and hatred that seemed to live in the hot air around him.

"Don't try it, I have the high ground," the older man warned.

The younger man, a man that Luke felt strangely protective of. A man that reminded him of himself when he looked at him. The young man was tall and formidable with wavy sandy blonde hair and cold blue eyes.

Don't do it, Luke cried, he had done this before, he remembered yelling the same exact thing every time he had this nightmare. Unfortunately, however many times he tried, he could not wake up from it.

And as usual, the younger man ignored him and leapt at the older man and quickly, the older man used a very bright blade and sliced through the younger man's legs and arm, causing him to go crashing to the ground. He rolled toward the edge of the lava pit, struggling to get up.

"You were the chosen one," the older man screamed, tears in his eyes. "It was said you would save us from the Sith, not join them."

"I hate you," the younger man screeched in pain as the cape caught on fire and began burning throughout his body. The older man just stared at him with tears in his eyes before he reached down and picked up the blade the younger man had carried before walking away, without once glancing back.

No, father! Luke cried.


"Luke! Luke! Wake up," Luke gasped before struggling to blink open his eyes, his face was drenched with sweat and he hadn't realized he had screamed out loud. "Luke?" Beru's worried voice sounded and Luke looked at her, the fear in his eyes faded when he looked upon his Aunt's calm face.

"Are you all right?" she asked, gently brushing the boy's hair out of his eyes.

"J-Just a nightmare," Luke stammered in reply.

"What was it about? It might help to get it off your chest," Beru pointed out. Luke hesitated, ever since he started having that same nightmare over and over again, he didn't tell anyone about it. "Come on, Luke, you can tell me," she said when the boy didn't answer her right away.

"O-Okay," he stammered and began explaining the dream. He didn't know how he knew the younger man was his father but he just knew. Beru's eyes shot wide with surprise as Luke described the man and described what had happened to him.

She sat down beside him, holding him close and gently soothing him as Luke trembled with fear. "It's all right, it was just a dream," she whispered.

Luke nodded though in his mind's eye, it didn't seem like a dream, it was far too vivid. He sighed before looking out, the twin suns had yet to rise and it was still dark outside.

Beru stood up. "If you're all right, I'll go back to bed now, don't worry about this dream, it'll go away, I'm sure of it," she said before nodding and walking out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Luke sighed, he knew the nightmare wasn't going to go away, it has been haunting him for several years of his life. The boy got to his feet, knowing he wouldn't be able to get any more sleep that night. He walked toward the window before staring up at the star lit sky above, a bright star stood directly above him, glittering a silvery white against the black surface.

I wish I could be with my father and know him, Luke thought as he continued to gaze up at the sky. The star seemed to wink at him, glittering brighter than ever before but then it disappeared just as the red light of the Tatooine suns rose into the sky.

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