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To Wish Upon a Star

Chapter 8

Padmé Amidala Skywalker sat on her couch, gazing at the dark sky in front of her. Threepio stood beside her, looking at her as Padmé suddenly gasped, a feeling surging through her. Oh no, she thought desperately.

She quickly scrambled to her feet before looking at Threepio. "Threepio," she gasped out.

"What is it, mistress Padmé?" the golden protocol droid asked curiously.

"Get some help, go find Bail or Mothma but please hurry," Padmé replied. The protocol droid gazed at him before hurrying out of the apartment. It was about ten minutes before Threepio hurried back into the room with Mothma and Bail just behind her.

"What's happening?" Bail demanded, narrowing his dark eyes slightly.

"My water broke, I need to get to the infirmary," she replied, struggling toward them. Bail instantly came to his side before supporting her and leading her out of the infirmary, Mothma followed her. Threepio and Artoo rolled after them as they hurried toward the infirmary that stood in between the apartment building and the Senate building.

The medical droid instantly came to their side. "What is the problem?" it asked.

"She's in labor," Bail replied as he picked up Padmé walked into the medical room and placed her gently onto the medical bed. The medical droid instantly came to the bedside table and Padmé gazed up at Bail.

"Where's Anakin?" she gasped.

"I don't know, Padmé, but I'm sure he'll come," Bail replied. Mothma glanced at him with surprise in her eyes.

"Anakin's the father?" she asked.

"Yes," Padmé whispered as the medical droid continued to examine her. Oh Anakin, I do hope you are all right, she thought.


"Father!" Luke Skywalker cried before instantly hurrying to his father's unconscious form. He knelt down beside him before gazing at Anakin with concern in his eyes. He looked up as Mace, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka made their way to his side. Obi-Wan knelt down beside Anakin before stretching out a hand and resting it on Anakin's throat.

"He's still alive but I don't know for how long," Obi-Wan murmured worriedly.

"We have to get him to the infirmary," Mace agreed and Obi-Wan nodded before struggling to lift Anakin who was half a foot taller than he was and probably weight much more. Obi-Wan stood up and Luke was startled to find that he didn't stagger under Anakin's weight.

"Come on, we have to get him some help," Obi-Wan said before hurrying out of the Chancellor's room, Luke quickly followed him with Mace and Ahsoka following them, bringing up the rear of the group.

It took them nearly twenty minutes to reach the infirmary and Luke was growing more worried as the time went by. When they entered the infirmary, two people confronted them.

"Bail? Mothma? What are you doing here?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Padmé went into early labor," the darker skinned man replied before gazing worriedly at Anakin. "What happened?"

"We'll explain later but Anakin needs medical attention now," Obi-Wan replied before hurrying after Anakin and slipping into the room across from the one that held Luke's mother. Luke followed Obi-Wan into the room as he placed Anakin on the medical bed. A medical droid instantly moved to his side before beginning to examine him.

Obi-Wan gazed worriedly at Anakin before making his way toward Padmé's room, Luke gazed briefly at his father before following the Jedi Master out of the room. They headed across the hall and into the medical room that held Padmé. She glanced at them and smiled slightly at Luke.

"Where's Anakin?" she asked. "Is he all right?"

"He's in the next room," Obi-Wan replied before sighing. "I will not lie to you, Padmé, I don't know if Anakin will be all right."

Padmé sighed slightly but before she could reply, a cry of pain tore through her lips and the medical droid instantly went back to work. Obi-Wan gazed at Padmé with worry in his eyes as she let out a cry of pain. The medical droid said something in its' language that translated to, "it's a boy."

"Luke," Padmé breathed.

The medical droid handed baby Luke to Obi-Wan who gently took him before holding the baby for Padmé to see. She smiled before it faded away and she let out another cry of pain. Luke gazed at the baby version of himself and smiled slightly. The medical droid said something that translated to, "it's a girl."

Luke's eyes shot wide with shock. "I have a twin sister?" he gasped, gazing at them with wide eyes.

Padmé smiled. "Leia," she whispered as the medical droid handed baby Leia to Padmé who took her before gently rocking her back and forth.

"Twins," she breathed, gazing at baby Luke and Leia as Bail walked into the room. Obi-Wan handed baby Luke to Bail before looking at Luke. Luke smiled slightly before turning around and gently kissing Padmé's cheek.

"Goodbye mother," he murmured.

"Where are you going?" Padmé asked, looking up from where she was rocking baby Leia.

"I have a feeling that there is only one thing left for me to do before I'm sent back," Luke replied before smiling. "I love you, mother, and I'm glad I'll be able to get to know you more."

"Do you think we'll remember this when you return to the future?" Padmé asked curiously.

"The Force works in mysterious ways, you may or you may not," Obi-Wan replied before following Luke as he walked out of the medical room before making his way into his father's medical room.

"What's his condition?" Obi-Wan asked curiously.

"He's suffered severe electric shock," the medical droid reported. "He will need at least two hours of bacta treatment and even then, I do not know if it'll work."

Obi-Wan nodded and Luke gazed worriedly at his father's form before stepping back as the medical droid began to prepare him. Luke followed Obi-Wan out of the room and saw Mace and Ahsoka walking toward them.

"I've sensed a disturbance in the Force," Mace murmured.

"As have I, I feel something horrible has happened," Obi-Wan replied.

Mace frowned slightly but before he could say anything, a new voice sounded. "A great disturbance I sense," Obi-Wan glanced over Mace's shoulder and Luke noticed the familiar green creature of Yoda.

Yoda waddled toward them before stopping in front of them. "Clouds everything the dark side does but sense disturbance in the Force I do from the Jedi Temple," he murmured.

"I'll go check it out," Mace said as he straightened up.

"Go with you I will," Yoda agreed before following Mace as he led the way out of the infirmary. Luke watched them go before letting out a long sigh and gazed at Obi-Wan.

Twenty minutes passed and Luke stood at the entrance to the infirmary, watching his father's floating form in the bacta tank, Obi-Wan stood beside him. Time seemed to fly by and an hour came and went by the time Mace and Yoda came back. Luke noticed there was a horrified expression on their face.

"What happened?" He asked worriedly.

Mace sighed. "We went to the Jedi Temple," he said. "But there was no one there and when I say no one, I mean everyone had been slaughtered. The younglings, the padawans, even the Jedi Knights that were stationed there. There was no one left there and it looked as though they were killed by blaster shots."

Obi-Wan's eyes shot wide with surprise. "Who would do such a thing?" he whispered.

"I think it was the clone troopers but I cannot be sure," Mace replied.
"Under Palpatine's orders they did this," Yoda said.

"Why would Palpatine order the death of the younglings, padawans and Jedi Knights of the Jedi Temple?" Obi-Wan whispered.

"I think he ordered the death of every Jedi," Mace said. "We were attacked when we were on our way back here by Clone troopers who said they were under orders."

"Dark day for the Jedi this is," Yoda murmured.

"Yes but hopefully the others are all right," Obi-Wan said before looking back at Anakin's floating form.

"He's going to be all right, Obi-Wan," Mace said with a small smile that seemed a bit unnatural on his stone-like face.

"I hope so," Obi-Wan murmured.

"Is Anakin going to be all right?" Luke glanced over his shoulder as Padmé made her way toward him carrying baby Luke. Bail followed her while carrying baby Leia.

"I don't know, I hope so," Obi-Wan replied. Luke smiled at Padmé before looking at Anakin. He knew the only thing he had left to do was to make sure his father survived, at least that is what he thought it was. He knew he would be sent back to his own time soon but he didn't know exactly when.

The next hour passed by almost as swiftly and mostly in utter silence, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan were still in shock by the news they learned about what happened at the Jedi Temple. Luke watched as they took his father's unconscious body out of the bacta tank before dressing him and placing him on the medical bed. Luke made his way quickly to Anakin's side before looking down at him, he was joined by Padmé and Obi-Wan.

Anakin stirred slightly before blinking open his eyes and gazing around as if trying to figure out where he was. He caught sight of Luke before managing a small smile and looked around again. "Where's Padmé?" he asked, struggling to sit up, Obi-Wan went to his side and helped him to sit up.

"I'm right here, Ani," Padmé replied before walking to Luke's side and smiling gently at Anakin. Anakin smiled at her before letting out a sigh of relief and leaning back against the bedrest. Padmé smiled again. "You're the father of twins, Ani," she whispered and Anakin's eyes shot wide with shock.

"Twins?" he echoed.

"Yes, Luke and Leia," Padmé replied before holding out baby Luke to Anakin who gingerly took the small baby. Bail gave Leia to Padmé who took her and gently rocked her back and forth. Anakin gazed at baby Luke before looking at eight-year-old Luke who smiled.

Luke leaned over the bed before gently kissing his father on the cheek. "Goodbye father," he whispered, knowing that his time had come. It was time for him to return to the future and he knew it.

"You're going already," Anakin said, phrasing it as a statement.

"I must," Luke replied. "Even I know two things that are exactly alike, even if one is older, cannot be in the same place at the same time." He smiled again before adding, "wow, being in the past has changed me."

"Yes it has," Anakin agreed. Luke smiled gently at him as he faded away and disappeared, once again landing in the same grassy clearing that he had appeared in before he went back into the past.

The blue figure once again floated in front of him. He got to his feet before gazing curiously at the blue figure. "Welcome young Luke," the blue figure greeted him.

Luke gazed at him. "Um, thanks," he said.

"You have changed the past, young Luke, are you ready to see the new future? It will be different than the future you are from," the blue figure asked.

Luke hesitated before nodding. "Yes, I'm ready," he replied.

"Very well," the blue figure stepped back and a portal appeared before Luke, the swirling vortex was filled with a series of colors such as blue, green, pink, red, orange and black. Luke hesitated before walking toward the portal and when he reached it, he glanced at the blue figure.

"Can I ask you one thing that my father never had a chance to tell me?" he asked.

"Yes, you may," the blue figure replied simply.

"Who are you?" Luke asked.

The blue figure smiled before letting out a chuckle. "I am the Force," he replied before disappearing and Luke gazed at the spot where he stood before stepping through the portal, instantly finding himself thrown through time and space, heading into an uncertain future.


(Back in the past, two days since Palpatine's death)

Anakin Skywalker hesitated briefly as he held his son close to him, facing the door that led to the Jedi Council room. He couldn't be sure why Mace wanted to see him but he couldn't help but worry. He had broken the Jedi Code by marrying Padmé and he couldn't help but wonder what Mace will do to him now.

If he expels me from the Jedi Order, then so be it, I will still be able to stay with my family, he thought before turning around to look at Padmé and Bail who stood behind him.

"I'm sure nothing will go wrong, Ani," Padmé said, gently rocking baby Leia back and forth. Anakin nodded slightly as he gazed at his wife before turning his blue gaze to baby Luke who cooed when he saw him. Anakin smiled slightly before sighing and handing Luke over to Bail.

"I might as well get this over with," he murmured before turning around and making his way toward the door. He drew the black cloak he wore around him before stepping into the council room as the door slid open. He made his way into the room before gazing at the people that stood there. Mace glanced up at him before nodding in greeting to him. Obi-Wan sat on his right side and Yoda on his left. Ahsoka stood near the doorway of the Jedi Council.

"Anakin Skywalker, welcome," Mace greeted him.

"Master Windu," Anakin replied with a bow. He gazed at the ground for a long moment as Mace gazed at him.

"You have broken the Jedi Code," Mace said gravelly. "But you have also destroyed Sidious, the Sith lord we've been looking for, for so long."

Anakin didn't reply as Yoda began to speak, "broke the Code you did, but changed the future has been," he said.

"It was thanks to Luke more than me," Anakin pointed out. "I don't think things would have happened the way they did in Palpatine's office if it wasn't for Luke."

"Made a choice you did, help you Luke did as well," Yoda agreed.

"We are not going to punish you for breaking the Jedi Code, Anakin," Mace said and Anakin widened his eyes in surprise but before he could say anything, Obi-Wan began to speak.

"Just because you married Padmé in secret, that doesn't mean any harm came from it. We should be rewarding you for destroying the Sith, not punishing you for something you did in the past," his former master said.

Anakin smiled slightly at his former master before looking back at Mace who straightened up in his seat. "I have discussed this with Master Yoda and Master Kenobi, even though the Jedi Order is near extinction, we have come to a decision," he said. "You will not be expelled from the Jedi Order, in fact, your reward is quite the opposite." He smiled before looking at Obi-Wan who nodded before straightening up.

"Anakin, we have all agreed that you deserve this, you have hereby been given the title of master," he replied and Anakin gazed at his former master with shock in his eyes.

"But…" he began.

"You deserve this, Anakin," Obi-Wan replied.

"I…Thank you," was all Anakin managed to say as he gazed at the council with wide eyes.

"You know, it's really impolite to eavesdrop," Ahsoka commented and Anakin glanced over his shoulder as the door opened and Bail and Padmé blushed in embarrassment.

"That is another thing, Anakin," Mace said, gesturing for Padmé and Bail to join them, they were carrying the twins in their arms as they walked into the council room. Anakin turned his gaze back to Mace who gazed at him and Padmé for a long moment. "Yoda, Obi-Wan and I have agreed, we will allow you to stay married to Senator Amidala," he replied.

"Thank you, Master Windu," Anakin replied with a slight bow before taking baby Luke from Bail and gently rocking him back and forth. He smiled as Luke cooed at him before the baby closed his eyes and fell asleep.

"And another thing," Obi-Wan said before looking at Ahsoka. "Anakin, you are Ahsoka's master so you should be the one to do this, it is time Ahsoka is knighted."

Ahsoka's eyes shot wide with surprise as she made her way into the council room. "A-Are you sure?" she gasped.

"It's up to your master but I'm sure," Obi-Wan replied before looking at Anakin who looked up from rocking Luke. He smiled slightly at his padawan.

"I agreed with Obi-Wan, Snips, you are ready to be knighted," he replied.

Ahsoka gazed at him with shock in her eyes. "T-Thank you," she said before smiling and adding, "Skyguy."

Anakin laughed before looking back down at baby Luke and gently rocking him back and forth. "When shall the ceremony take place?" he asked.

"I think it should take place right away for we have some work to do, we need to check the other star systems for the other Jedi," Mace replied. "Mace and I checked all of Coruscant and we are the only living Jedi here. We need to check the other star systems and see if we can find any other surviving Jedi."

Anakin nodded. "I agree," he replied.

Ahsoka gazed at him and Anakin smiled. He handed baby Luke to Bail who gently took him. He turned back to Ahsoka who knelt before him. "Padawan Ahsoka Tano," he began. "The council have agreed and from now onward, you are now Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano." He unclipped his lightsaber before igniting it and raising it into the air and swinging it, gently slicing through the padawan braid that hung past Ahsoka's ear. The braid fell to the ground and the newly knighted Ahsoka picked it up before gazing at him.

"Thank you, all of you," she whispered with wide eyes.

Anakin smiled before taking Luke back from Bail and Ahsoka stood up before looking at the baby. "He's so cute," she said.

"I know," Anakin replied gently rocking baby Luke back and forth. Padmé walked to his side, rocking baby Leia back and forth. Obi-Wan stood up before walking over to join them and smiled slightly.

"Well Anakin," he said. "You truly are the Chosen One."

"Yes, you are," Mace agreed.

Anakin nodded in reply before smiling as he gently rocked baby Luke back and forth before gazing down at him. He knew even though the Jedi Order was near extinction, he felt at peace in this moment of his life, surrounded by his wife and the man he considered being the father he never had. But what does the future hold for us? Anakin thought.


The next several years leading up to Luke's eighth year when he returned from the past passed by peacefully. Grand Master Mace Windu sent Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, along with Knight Ahsoka Tano, on a mission to the other star systems. Their mission was to search for any surviving Jedi of Order 66. But during those eight years, they found no one alive.

Every month during these missions, Anakin went back to Coruscant to spend some time with his infant children, Luke and Leia. Mace had insisted that Padmé stayed on Coruscant for the time being.

Bail Organa, the Alderaanian Senator, was appointed as Supreme Chancellor and he called off the order to have the Jedi killed off. It was still several years before the clone troopers stopped but Bail feared it was too late.

Ahsoka Tano began to spend more time on Coruscant with Anakin's family during the time when they weren't on their mission to search for any surviving Jedi. She grew close to the twins and offered often to take care of them and give Padmé some time to spend on her own.

Obi-Wan Kenobi also stayed with Anakin's family and helped to take care of the twins when he wasn't on missions for the remaining Jedi Order. He became an uncle to the twins and he still considered Anakin to be his brother in spite of him being 'hotheaded, reckless and stubborn.'

Everything was still peaceful for those eight years but that wasn't going to last. There was something out there, hiding in the deepest and darkest of shadows, plotting and planning his revenge…

---The End---

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Synopsis of Rising Darkness

(Sequel to "To Wish Upon a Star")

Since the death of Chancellor Palpatine, the Jedi Order is near extinction because Order 66 was issued before the confrontation. Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and his padawan, and son, Luke Skywalker knows a new enemy is rising. They do not know what to do against this new threat but someone from the past may be able to help them in their struggle against this rising darkness.