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Summary: Esme Platt Evenson, a squib, has only one important thing in her life: her son Harold James Platt. When her abusive husband reappears, he uses just the right words to send her spiraling down into the arms of Carlisle Cullen. Will Esme ever see her son again?



Esme Platt, now Evenson, wasn't the happiest woman in the world. In fact, she was very sure that she had to be the most miserable woman alive. Her parents, proud wizards, were severely disappointed when she turned out to be a squib. In effort to make up for it, she did everything they wanted. She went to parties with them and played the role of the perfect daughter in the muggle world, but the prime thing she's ever done for her parents was giving up her hopes, dreams, and freedom. At the age of 20, she reluctantly married Charles Evenson. He was everything a woman could ever want, handsome, smart, and rich, but Esme knew the truth. He was over-baring, harsh, and abusive. Her heart was broken when instead of her parents helping her escape such a marriage, they taught her how to hide it from the public. She couldn't blame them. It wasn't like she was completely honest about how harsh he really was. The humiliation was too much for her to reveal to even her parents.

Charles… She tried to be a wonderful wife to him. She listened to everything he said and treated him kindly, but it wasn't enough. Throwing her around, bruising her… it was a power that he thirsted for.

Unfortunately, Esme wasn't the kind of person to reveal any of this. She remained by his side, a loyal wife, too compassionate and kind hearted to turn him away.

But now… now she had regained her freedom once more. Charles was leaving for a month or two to get business finished in New York, where he wanted to move with his wife. It was only a week since he left and she had never felt more carefree in her life. She could breathe again, and not fear being struck for making such a noise that proved she still existed.

Esme's face turned pale again as she rushed into the lavatory and fell to her knees next to the toilet. Lily Potter took her husband's hand in worry, pulling him towards the direction her friend went. "Esme?" she said softly. The caramel-haired woman sobbed as she wiped her mouth and looked away from them.

"What's going on with me?" She whispered loud enough for them to hear. "What has happened to the life I've dreamt of for myself? I wanted to be a teacher in the West…"

"I know, darling," James said softly as he sat next to her on the bathroom floor. He brushed her hair while Lily rubbed her back supportively. The Platts were good friends with the Potters and James and Esme had been friends since they were children, Lily coming close second to a best friend when she married him. The two were severely unhappy the night that Esme arrived at their doorstep, bruised and bloody. They encouraged her to leave Charles, but she was too scared to do anything. "Have you been ill lately, Esme?" he asked, clearing his throat.

She let out a pained laugh. "First I marry an abusive man and now I'm developing a disease. This is the life, isn't it?"

James frowned and looked up at Lily, begging for support. A pain stabbed his heart at seeing Esme so fragile and vulnerable.

"Esme, why don't we go to the doctors?" She asked her quietly. "Maybe it was just something you ate."

The woman nodded, the tiny bit of hope she had filling her spirit. "Lily… James…"

"Yes?" James answered without hesitation.

She looked up at them and closed her eyes. "Remember when you told me that if it got worse, you'd take me far away from here? Far away from Charles?"

"And we stick by that," Lily nearly exclaimed in with hope and anticipation.

Esme nodded and looked back out the window. "When he comes back… he'll be taking me away to another state. I… don't think I can leave knowing I won't have you two. The only thing that kept me with him was knowing that I had you two to patch me up again, make me better. If I leave… I won't have you two anymore," she sobbed. "I don't think I can handle that."

Lily fell down beside her and wiped her cheeks carefully. "No more tears, Esme. Come on, we'll go to the doctors and then we'll get your stuff ready to leave."

She looked up in shock. "Now? It- it's so sudden. I haven't even given you any time to-"

"Lily and I were hoping you'd think about it again, especially with Charles gone now," James said with a happy smile. "Our stuff will be ready to go with a flick of a wand."

Esme's face brightened as she lunged into James' arms. "Thank you," she whispered quietly. She laughed as Lily came behind her and trapped her in between them with a hug.

"We'll keep you safe, Esme," she promised. "Trust me."


Esme's eyes widened as she stared at the doctor in shock. "P-pregnant?" She repeated. Dr. Lassiter gave her a happy nod, a bright smile on his face.

"Two months, at least," he answered her cheerfully.

She shook her head, the corner of her lips tugging upwards. "I… I don't understand! How is it possible with…" Lily cleared her throat and James gave her a large grin. Oh… the baby must have been protecting itself… with magic. A sudden glow enveloped her and she wrapped her arms around her abdomen. "A baby…" she whispered happily, a single tear trailing down her cheek. "I'm going to have a baby!"

Lily laughed and pulled her into a hug. "Oh Esme, I'm so happy for you!"

James nodded, staring at her belly like a child. "You think it's a boy? I think it's going to be a bouncing little boy. In that case, you should name him after me."

"No!" She laughed as the doctor shook his head at their antics.

"Oh Esme! I've been your best friend since childhood. That child deserves to be named after me!"

"What if he is a she?"


Lily scowled and elbowed her husband's stomach before brushing her hair back. "If anything, the baby girl would be named Lillian."

"You two," Esme giggled.

She had never been happier. Ever. She thought back to her childhood, to her teenage years, and to young adulthood and she just couldn't remember one time when she was this happy. A child… something she's always wanted. "The baby will love where we're going," James whispered once the Dr. Lassiter left the room.

"You still haven't told me where that was exactly," she said suspiciously.

"And we still won't!" Lily grinned cheekily. "But don't worry. You'll find out soon enough."

Esme smiled dreamily as she fell back on the bed. "It's finally coming to me," she told them. "I'm finally going to have a worry-free life and my child will get everything he desires."

"He?" James asked slyly.

She grinned. "Mother's intuition."

Lily shook her head. "It will be a girl."

"Yes, a little girl named James, right?" the man teased, poking his wife's side.

Esme ignored them as she stared lovingly at her abdomen.

Her baby.


It had been two weeks since James and Lily gathered all of Esme's valuable possessions and brought it to their new home, but they were still at the end of getting things set to move. James was out finishing the contract signing and all of those business things that he promised he'd take care of. Lily was making sure that all of the things Esme needed were gone from the Evenson household. The only thing that Esme had to take care of was her goodbye to her parents. She wasn't sure if she would regret it or not but it had to be done.

Esme looked around the property before staring at the door. Raising a hand, she grasped the knocker and tapped it three times. Before she could blink, a house elf opened the door and smiled brightly at her. "Master's Esme is home again!" it exclaimed, running forward and hugging her leg.

She laughed and bent down to hug it back. "It's wonderful to see you again, Casket." The house elf looked down bashfully at the sound of his name. When he had first arrived, he was carrying a coffer that he wouldn't let go of, even if it meant being fired. Unlike her parents, the young Esme found it charming and gave him his name. Casket became her favorite house elf and she took her time to make him more educated than the other house elves in their house. "Do you know where my parents are, love?"

"Oh, they're having their breakfast, Miss Esme! Mistress gave me her bacon to eat and Master got angry," he said guiltily. "Mistress stopped me before I punished myself."

"Don't feel bad, darling," Esme smiled kindly. She took his hand and he lead her into the dining room.

"Master's Esme is home," Casket announced happily. Mrs. Platt looked up startled and smiled hesitantly at her daughter.

"Darling… what are you doing here?"

Esme cleared her throat and turned to look at her father. He was staring at her curiously, with a suspicious glint in his eyes. "I… I'm leaving," she said quietly.

The man laughed and placed his hand on the table. "Of course, you are Esme. Charles is planning on moving to New York, he's told us already. Why did you think-"

"I mean," she said, interrupting him with a hand on her hip, "that I am going to move before he can take me away."

"What?" her mother asked in horror. "M-my daughter will not embarrass her husband and her parents by running off-"

"Do you hate me so much that you can't even support me in escaping the pain and fear I live in right now?" she asked them calmly.

Jonathon Platt's eyes widened and Mary's hand flew to her mouth. "Esme…" she said softly.

"I know I was a disappointment when it turned out that I wouldn't follow your steps in the magical world-"

Jonathan shook his head. "Esme, we never-"

"Don't lie, father," she said sadly. "I know that you at least love me as a daughter… but your priorities are still society, not me. It's time for me to open my eyes and see that neither of you will realize that this life is truly destroying me. You teach me how to hide, not to fight, and I've had enough."

"Esme, you said yourself that it wasn't that bad." her mother pleaded. "Please, if you give him a chance…"

"I've given him many and I can't give him chances anymore. I don't only have myself to protect anymore."

"You can't surely mean," her father gasped. "You plan to run away, expecting? It was enough that you had to take care of yourself, but how do you think you're going to care for a child? The both of you will die on your own!"

"We aren't on our own!" She argued.

"James! You're taking the Potters' son aren't you?"

"And his wife," she answered with a nod of her head. "Please… there has never been a time in my life that I haven't done what you asked of me. All I ask in return is that you support me in this." They looked at each other guiltily before turning to their daughter.

"Dear?" Jonathon said quietly. He looked at the house elf that was cowering by his daughter's leg, scared for Esme's sake. "Are his beatings… much wore than what you've told us they are?"

She hesitated slightly before staring back at him. "Slightly."

Jonathon's breath hitched and he rubbed his forehead sadly. "How bad is it?"

"It… It isn't the occasional slaps that I told you about." She tried hard not to stutter as her eyes began watering.

"Then what was it?" Her mother asked, mortified.

"It's a lot worse than you think."

Filled with guilt and sorrow, her mother reached over and grasped her hand. "How is the baby even…"She gulped and looked away in shame. The sudden realization of what they were putting her through was strong and preventing her from speaking.

Esme smiled proudly and rested a free hand on her abdomen. "It seems that he's much more talented than his mother is." Jonathon sat straight and Mary gave her a bright, beaming smile.

"Oh, sweetheart…I know that we should have done something just with the slaps but if we knew that it was worse than that then you must believe we would have done anything to get you out of there." Her mother stood and held her at arms length. "Never think that we hate you because you're a squib."

Esme looked up and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry," she apologized despondently.

"Oh cheer up, child," her father said, trying to brighten the mood. "What a wonderful Christmas present this is. Have you been thinking of any names?"

She shook her head. "I just found out two weeks ago."

They nodded before they gave each other a knowing look. "He won't hurt the little Platt, darling," Jonathon promised. "I just wish you would have been more truthful with us. How bad could it have…" He trailed off when she raised her sleeve and showed them yellow looking bruises shaped like a hand. Rage flooded her father's eyes and he shook his head violently. "He did this? Esme Anne, how could you tell us that he only struck you occasionally?!" She flinched.

"I was already a disappointment. How could I sadden you even further by telling you how weak I was?"

"Oh, Esme," her mother sighed, throwing her arms around her shoulders. "Bring James and Young Lily here. We'll all talk about this and make sure everything has been arranged properly."

Esme nodded and smiled hesitantly at them. "Mother, father?"

"Yes, darling?" Jonathon answered.

"I… thank you. For supporting me on this."

"Esme," her mother said with a kind smile, "you may thing otherwise but you are our first and foremost priority."

July 1916

James jumped as she heard Esme screech once more. "She needs us!" he pleaded with the nurse that was just entering the room. His cries were ignored and the door shut in front of him. With a groan of annoyance, he kicked the chair he had been sitting on and began pacing. Lily frowned and followed him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "She's in severe pain and we aren't allowed to see her! She needs us! We're her friends!"

"I know, love, but we'll see her soon, with a beautiful child in her arms."

"Where are her parents, anyway?" he snapped in irritation. "They should have been here hours ago! There's such a thing as apparating, you know?"

"We know," a stiff voice said behind him. James nearly jumped out of his skin as he turned around and looked nervously into the face of Jonathon Platt.

He laughed uneasily and looked at his wife, who was trying not to smirk. "Mr. Platt," he stuttered. "I was uhm… just speaking to Lily about… how much I love you?"

The older man rolled his eyes and pulled Mary forward. "How is she? We would have been here sooner but we didn't want the neighbors to be suspicious if we suddenly disappeared, with the excuse of visiting relatives," he waved at them, showing that these were the relatives he would have been seeing "without leaving in our automobile."

"Oh, right," he answered lamely, tugging at his collar. "Sorry. I'm just a little antsy. For the past few hours I've been listening to Esme-" Another shriek sounded and Mary gripped Jonathon's arm in shock. "That."

"Heavens, I didn't scream that loud, did I Jon?" she asked. Jonathon looked at her and cleared his throat before finding a sudden interest in the wall. "Jon?"

"You did fine, sweetheart," he said quickly.

"Jon, are you-"

A door opened and the doctor walked out with a smile on his face. "Mr. and Mrs. Potter?" James looked up anxiously. "They're both fine, your sister and her baby boy."

"A boy!" Jonathon said proudly. "My grandson!"

"Oh are you their parents?" the doctor asked.

James nodded before the man could answer. "Yes, he's our father, father-in-law for Lily, mother over there too- where's Esme? Are we permitted to see her now?"

"Yes, of course. She's excited, very tired, but excited for you to see the baby."

James, giddy and suddenly childish, pushed the doctor out of his way and ran into the room. "Esme!" he exclaimed as he heard Lily apologize profusely to the doctor. "Stop hiding him! He's been out of your womb for five seconds and you're already coddling the poor child."

"James," she warned with a weary voice. "I may be weak but I can still throw you across the room if you anger me enough." The dark-haired wizard, however, wasn't listening to a word she was saying. Instead, he was staring at the tiny baby in her arms, whose eyes were closed tightly and fists clenching and relaxing. "Meet your godson, Harold James Platt." Instead of the happiness she was expecting on James' face, his forehead scrunched up and his eyes squinted.

"Harold? Why Harold? That's such an ugly name! You should have kept it James Platt, plain and simple."

She scowled and looked back down adoringly at her child. "For your information, the doctor told me I was pregnant in December, and when mother and I were out looking for baby clothes, we heard a choir singing carols."

"Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king," Mary sang softly.

"I couldn't name my son Herald," Esme said, "But the song reminded me of the boy who I would give the world to. My newborn prince, and so, I named him the closest thing I could to herald."


James shrugged. "Cute story, I'm calling him James."

"You'll get him confused!" Lily exclaimed as she sniffled slightly in the aftermath of the touching story. "Harold is a beautiful name for a beautiful boy."

"My little Harold," Esme cooed. She beamed when the child made a very quiet gurgle.

James snorted and crossed his arms. "Well I'm not calling him Harold. It's a silly name. I'll call him James."

"No you won't," Jonathon said sternly.

He rolled his eyes in response and tapped his foot. "Is Harry acceptable?"

Esme looked up at him before tilting her head and looking back at her baby. "Do you like that, little Harry?"

The child gurgled again.

"Harry, it is," she laughed. Her eyes began to droop as she realized how much rest her body needed. "My Harry," she whispered before falling asleep, the baby still nestled in her arms.

"I'm so sorry, Charles," Jonathon said sorrowfully. "Esme has fallen very ill and her doctor recommended she went south for a special treatment. I believe he told her that… yes, he told her there was a wonderful doctor down there named Munroe and he was her only chance of living. There is also a chance that her disease may be contagious, so he advised us not to follow."

Mary was sobbing into a handkerchief as she thought of her poor daughter. "Oh my dear Esme! She said she sends you her love dear, but she simply wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she got you sick."

Charles upper-lip tightened as he looked around stiffly. "Yes, well… did Dr. Lassiter say how long this treatment will be? We're due back in New York in two weeks."

"We're not sure, dear," Mary answered uncertainly. "I'm so happy she had a wonderful doctor like Mr. Lassiter though. If he hadn't caught it as soon as he did, she could have died! My poor child!"

The man nodded, accepting the answer. "Does she have an address I can reach her at? I'd like her to know that I'm aware of her sickness and…will be eagerly waiting for her to recover."

Jonathon nodded. "Why of course. We could always send the letters for you, son. It's already so burdensome to know that she's suffering such a fatal-"Mary sobbed loudly and Jonathon cleared his throat. "We can do it for you, Charles. Let us relieve you of some sadness that you bear already."

The man gave them a deceiving smile that they easily recognized. "Thank you, Mr. Platt. Would you happen to have any stationary?" Mary led him to a desk and he quickly began writing. After a few more minutes, he stood straight and sealed the envelope he placed it in. "Be sure that my wife gets this. She must know that I'm worrying for her."

"We will make sure it reaches her hands, Charles," Mary promised. The man nodded.

"I shall not bother you any longer and take my leave. I'm sorry to say this, but I must go to New York in two weeks. I will send letters and come back occasionally for news."

They nodded. "Esme will be happy to know that you are taking care of the business in New York so that when she gets better her home will be prepared for her."

Charles cleared his throat and placed his hat back on his head. "Good day, Mr. and Mrs. Platt."

"Mother and father, please," Mary said kindly. The man nodded before walking out. They watched his chauffer drive him away in a fancy looking automobile. She held the letter out in the space around her. "Casket," she called. The house elf appeared immediately, waiting to do as she wished. "Burn it."


"Happy birthday, angel," Esme cooed as she ran her fingers through Harry's hair. The boy stirred, but instead of sitting up like he usually did, he turned over and hid his face in his pillows. Thanks to Uncle James, Harry didn't get enough sleep the night before. "Darling, it's your birthday! It's time to celebrate!"

"I don't want to, mummy," she heard him mumble in a high-pitched, yet adorable voice. "I wan- sleep more."

"We're going to go out with Uncle James and Auntie Lily today, poppet."

"They're sleepy too!" He complained, too tired to get up. Esme giggled as she watched the boy squirm and burrow himself underneath his covers. "They're always sleepy," she heard, although it was muffled and nearly a whisper.

"Oh dear," she sighed dramatically. "I guess mommy will have to eat Harry's Grand Breakfast all by herself."

"Harry's Grand Breakfast?" she heard, and the boy jumped up and fell against her. His arms wrapped around her neck as she supported him by his waist. "You made Harry's Grand Breakfast? With jam on toast and everything?"

"Of course I did!" She said with a smile. "Every holiday, and even grander on my baby's birthday."

A bright smile stretched across his face as he latched onto his mother. Esme picked him up and began walking out of the room. "Thank you, mommy! Harry's Grand Breakfast is my favorite, but we have to hurry before Uncle James eats it again."

"Oh I made sure your Uncle James won't eat any of it."


"Aunt Lily." The boy giggled at the mention of his godmother.

"Auntie Lily is really nice to me but Uncle James said she's scary!"

"Oh, did he?" A sardonic voice said behind them. The two turned and watched Lily walk out of her room, her arms crossed. Harry's eyes widened at the woman's disheveled hair and tired-looking face.

"Uncle James is right. You're scarier in the morning!" Lily smirked as they walked down the steps. "He told me not to tell you or else you'll make him build a shed to sleep in."

James ran out of the kitchen when he heard what Harry was saying. "Harry," he laughed nervously, taking the boy from his mother. "You are one big birthday boy who needs his breakfast! No need to say silly things that your old Uncle never, ever even said!"

Harry frowned and looked at his mother. "Mommy told me not to lie, Uncle James, and you told me not to lie too! Remember?" James remembered exactly when he had said that. He opened his mouth to stop his godson, but it was too late. "Remember?! You broke Auntie Lily's favorite vase and you told me to say that we found it like that and when I told you mommy said you can't lie you said you would tell Auntie Lily the truth."

"You broke my favorite vase?" Lily gritted. "James Potter, you are a very lucky man."

"Why's that, darling?" he said fearfully.

"Because today is Harry's birthday and I'm not ruining it for him."

"Mommy, are Auntie Lily and Uncle James gonna fight again?"

"Of course not, angel," Esme said, glaring at the two adults. She took Harry and sat him down at the table. "Eat your breakfast, sweetheart and then we'll go out to celebrate your birthday."

"Thank you, mommy!" the boy smiled as he bowed his head. "Thank you to God for telling mommy to make Harry's Grand Breakfast, amen," he said very quickly before grabbing his fork, sitting up on his knees, and digging into his plate.

"Slow down, Harold, or you'll choke," Esme commanded.

"But it tastes very good," the five year old answered with a food still in his mouth.

"Harold Platt, what have I told you about talking with your mouth full? If you don't slow down we won't buy you a new storybook."

"That's okay," the boy said with a shrug. "I don't want a gift, mommy. I like your breakfast most, today!" Esme raised a hand to her heart. Harry was always such a simple, unselfish boy. She took pride in knowing that her son didn't need many material things to make him happy. "…but we might need a new storybook, mommy. We've read all my books already." She laughed and kissed his forehead.

"Eat! We'll find you a new book later today, angel."

"Esme," James beckoned. The woman glanced up before dropping the napkin she had just picked up and walking towards him. "I didn't want to bring this up on his birthday but…"

"What is it?" she said, knowing exactly what was wrong.

"Jonathon sent me a letter. He doesn't believe the story anymore. He ransacked your parents' house for any information while they were out-"

Her eyes filled with worry. "He didn't see any of the-"

"The house elves were hiding," Lily told her calmly, but Esme could see that she was slightly panicked. "They took your letters and hid them as well but…"

"He got to your parents' room and found the picture of Harry and you in Mary's cabinet."

"What-" she gasped as tears sprung to her eyes. "He- he can't find us! There weren't any major monuments, nothing notable with that picture. He can't possibly know where we are!"

"And he doesn't," James told her, pulling her into a hug. "He's left a letter for your parents, threatening them for lying to him for so long. He's gone South by himself."

The South, Esme thought. Charles would be enranged when he found that they had never been anywhere near the South. "By himself?" she laughed bitterly. "Charles is rich, he has connections. Did he not acquire anything about us?"

"How embarrassing would it be to tell people that your wife ran away from you? What excuse would he have? He's been telling people for years that you've been getting treatment for a disease and he won't change that story if he wants to keep his pride."

"God's sake," she sobbed, bringing her hands up to her face. She was too distraught to hear Harry drop his fork on his plate when he heard her cry. "He can't find us! I don't understand, didn't they have wards on their house? I wouldn't have minded if it was just me, b-but my Harry…"

"Mommy?" Esme quickly wiped at the tears, hoping that Harry hadn't heard too much. The boy jumped into her arms and looked at her with concern and care in his eyes. "Mommy? What's wrong? Do you have a tummy ache?"

"No sweetie," Esme said softly, kissing his forehead. Harry hugged her tightly. "Mommy is okay."

"Are you sick, mommy? I can be like Dr. Terrance for you today."

"No angel, it's okay," she answered with a laugh. "We're going to go out and celebrate your birthday, and when we come back, you'll have the cake mommy baked for you."

"Are you sure, mommy? You look ill!"

"Harry, I feel a little ill, but that isn't going to stop me from having fun on your birthday."

"Mommy," Harry said with a roll of his eyes and a click of his tongue. "Uncle James, bring mommy upstairs and Auntie Lily and I will make her soup."

"Why don't you go up with mommy, little one?" Lily suggested. "Uncle James and I will make her some tea."

The boy nodded before shimmying out of her arms. He tugged on her hand and Esme blushed shamefully as he led her upstairs. "Harry, I promised that I would take you out and-"

"Mommy, you're sick and you said some sick people become hilarious."


"Yes, that's you." They got up to the top of the stairs and Harry took raced before her to open the door to her room. He stood next to the door and waited for her to enter. When she did, he closed the door and jumped onto her bed to pull the covers down. "Get under the blanket, mommy! You might be catching a cold so you need to become warm!" She smiled and lay down, pulling the covers back up over her legs. Harry sighed and finished the job by snuggling into her side and pulling it further up above her chest. The only part of Harry she could see was his ruffled black hair, the beautiful green eyes he inherited from his grandfather, and the tip of his nose. "Mommy?"

She nodded, showing that she was listening. "Yes, angel?"

"You promise that you'll get better? Not like John's mommy who had to go to heaven?"

Esme turned slightly and pulled him closer. John was the neighborhood boy who had become friends with her son. Sadly, his mother had passed away from a serious ailment. "Harold, I promise I'll get better and I won't go to heaven yet."

"No you can't ever go, mommy! John told me because his mommy went to heaven he never gets to see her anymore. I want to see you all the time, mommy."

Esme sighed. "Darling, when I go to heaven, I will be watching you from the clouds, protecting you from harm, and living with you in spirit. Even if I go to heaven, remember that I love you and I will always be in your heart."

Harry's nose scrunched up as he giggled. "That sounds silly, mommy. You can't fit in my heart!"

"Oh my dear, Harold. You have such a big heart, I think I just might."

The mother and son huddled even closer and their eyes slowly began to close. When James and Lily entered with Esme's tea, the two were already fast asleep. Unable to break the scene, they left and left them their peace. Afterall, if Charles ever found them, they deserved as much happiness they could have before that happened.

If you're confused, I wrote out a timeline that shows the little kinks and changes that I made to make this story fit.

1895- Esme, James and Lily are born.

1900- the Potters move to America, meet up with their old friends the Platts, and Esme and James become friends.

1906- James goes to a wizarding school in the States and meets Lily.

1913- James and Lily get married.

1915- Esme, 20 years old, marries Charles Evenson early in the year; Towards the end of the year, Esme finds out that she is pregnant with Harry. James, Lily and move to their new home.

1916- July: Harold James Platt is born. Mr. and Mrs. Platt trick Charles into believing that Esme has gone South for treatment of an illness.

1921- Harry's fifth birthday. Charles knows that he's been tricked and starts his search for Esme and his son.